• Statement on the Brexit Bill defeat in the House of Lords

    Arnott.jpgThe House of Lords has passed an amendment to the Brexit Bill, Amendment 9B, which states that the government must bring forward proposals to ensure that citizens of other EU and EEA countries and their family members who are legally resident in the UK must be allowed to remain in the UK and continue to be treated in the same way in respect of their EU-derived rights post-Brexit.

    The amendment was passed by 358 votes to 256, a majority of 102.

    Jonathan Arnott, UKIP Constitutional Affairs spokesman, said, “The idea that we shouldn’t kick out EU nationals currently in the UK is a good enough one, but for three reasons I have a huge problem with this amendment:

    “One - It is remarkably short-sighted. We need a reciprocal agreement between the EU and the UK: “We will allow EU nationals to remain in the UK post-Brexit, and in return UK nationals will be allowed to remain in the EU nations post-Brexit.

    ”It’s much harder to gain such a reciprocal agreement on behalf of British ex-pats currently living in other EU nations if we’ve conceded their half of the negotiation position first. Yes, we do care about EU citizens living in the UK – but we also care about British citizens living abroad, and this Amendment damages our ability to help them.

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  • Julia Reid welcomes plans by Sir James Dyson to open a new research centre in the South West

    To-use2.jpgUKIP’s Science spokesman, Dr Julia Reid MEP, has welcomed billionaire inventor and prominent Brexit campaigner, Sir James Dyson’s plans for a new multimillion-pound research and development centre in the South West of England.

    Dyson’s plans are part of a move to significantly expand the company and double its current workforce to around 7000 over the next five years.

    Consumer electrical giant Dyson will begin work on their second technology campus at the 517-acre former MOD site in Hullavington, North of Chippenham in Wiltshire, which is near its Malmesbury headquarters. Work on the new Dyson campus is expected to begin in May.

    Dyson also plan on investing £250 million on expanding its 56-acre HQ in Malmesbury, also in the South-West.

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  • Whoever ordered these ships should walk the plank

    bill2.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Bill Etheridge was furious as news emerged about further issues with the UK’s new generation ships.

    The new Type 26 Frigates are to be fitted with launchers that will not fire a British made missile. It means US Tomahawk missiles will have to be bought a massive extra cost. However, the Ministry of Defence’s £178billion ten-year equipment plan does not currently include any money which is allocated for their purchase.

    This news comes after revelations that the Type 45 destroyer has engines that are so noisy they can be heard by a Russian submarine 100 miles away and break down in warmer waters. The UK's own submarine fleet was recently revealed to be all in dock due to breakdowns and refits, with only one vessel out on sea trials.

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  • Margot Parker hits out at police over FGM Tweet storm

    MargotParker.jpgUKIP’s spokesman on Women and Equalities issues has called on West Midlands Police to explain a series of Tweets on the horrific crime of female genital mutilation.

    Margot Parker MEP said she was disgusted to read a West Midlands Police, (WMP,) Tweet on Sunday, which stated it would refrain from prosecuting those responsible for inflicting FGM, the implication being that it would be counter-productive in terms of community cohesion and family stability.

    Mrs Parker has written to the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Director of Public Prosecutions and Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

    The East Midlands MEP said: “The Tweet was deleted but further Tweets which attempted to clarify the position of WMP on this sickening crime just added to the confusion.

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  • Petition launched to stop the ‘demonising’ of diesel car drivers

    38qr96Hi.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has launched a petition calling on the Government to prevent councils from discriminating against drivers of diesel cars.

    She said: “There is a growing move to charge drivers of diesel cars extra for parking and travelling in city centres - even though the Government encouraged people to buy them by highlighting their efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

    “That’s why this complete policy U-turn is unfair. People with diesel cars should not now be suddenly discriminated against, charged more for parking or forced to pay additional costs to use their vehicles.

    “My petition is calling upon Prime Minister Theresa May to protect people who purchased diesel cars, which remain amongst the most efficient vehicles available.

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  • Our time will come, the Party is moving forward, says UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall

    Following UKIP's tremendous campaign in Stoke-on-Trent Central, Party Leader Paul Nuttall declared in the early hours this morning: "There's a lot more to come from us."

    "Our time will come," he told assembled a massive media throng.

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  • Government must get a grip as migration still spirals out of control

    Responding to today’s migration statistics UKIP Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said, “Almost 600 thousand migrants arrived in the UK last year according to figures released by the ONS this morning. After emigration is subtracted - including 228,000 UK citizens that is a city the size of Hull arriving to stay permanently.

    “Today’s migration figures show yet again that the Tories’ promise of reducing immigration to the tens of thousands is a hollow promise: are they misleading the British people or incompetent, most likely both.

    “Earlier this week the Brexit minister David Davis let the cat out of the bag by indicating that uncontrolled immigration from the EU may never be brought under control. What happened to Vote Leave to 'take back control'.

    “The Conservatives have no intention of controlling immigration: non-EU immigration is something that the Government have total control of and yet they have totally failed in bringing the numbers down in any meaningful way. They simply cannot be trusted to control immigration and our borders.

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  • What promise will the Tories keep on Immigration

    John Bickley, the UKIP Immigration Spokesman has slammed David Davis, the Brexit Minister for giving up before he has started on mass EU immigration.

    Bickley said, "David Davis has let the cat out of the bag by indicating that uncontrolled immigration from the EU will continue after Brexit. That's not what 17.4 million people voted for in last June's EU Referendum. Davis states that it will takes years to replace EU workers with British ones, despite the fact that UK unemployment is still around 1.5 million.

    "Frankly, the Tories can't be trusted to control our borders or immigration. They have singularly failed to reduce immigration to the 'tens of thousands' as set out by Prime Ministers Cameron & May. Are the Tories misleading the British people or are they incompetent? The immigration figures since 2010 suggest both

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  • Bill Etheridge slams do-gooders for “funding terrorism”

    bill5.jpgUKIP Defence spokesman Bill Etheridge has slammed the soft UK Government and “do-gooder” lawyers for funding terrorism.

    His comments come as news emerged that the Mosul suicide bomber was a former detainee of Guantanamo Bay. Islamic State group said two days ago that Abu-Zakariya al-Britani detonated a car bomb at an Iraqi army base in Tal Gaysum, south-west of Mosul.

    Al-Britani is believed to be Ronald Fiddler, 50 from Manchester, who was sent to Guantanamo Bay in 2002. He was released after two years of internment and the Daily Mail reported he was awarded a million pounds in compensation.

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  • Paul Nuttall announces a New Path for Britain: our direction of travel in key areas

    The Brexit referendum victory has put Britain on a new trajectory – an exciting new path that will allow our country much more freedom to tackle its problems and to seek out new opportunities in the wider world. We are a great country, but one with many problems and frustrations

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