• Housing crisis for the young, but nobody mentions Migration

    RayFinch.jpegResponding to the LGA report on the collapse in home ownership among young people in recent years, Ray Finch MEP, UKIP Housing Spokesman said, "The truth is that successive governments of all stripes have, by a combination of their policies of unlimited migration and the removal of ability of local authorities to build new homes for rent, blighted the future for young people in this country.

    "We need to give local authorities the funding to build homes for local residents so that people once again have a stake in our society. Moreover these homes must be fit to raise a family in. Local authorities must be given the right to build on brown field sites decent housing and these houses must be allocated fairly to local people who have been waiting in many cases for more than a decade on their housing waiting lists. Our governments have failed our people for decades and it has resulted not just in overcrowding and unhealthy substandard private accommodation but in a loss of faith in our nation to take care of its own and to give ordinary hardworking and disadvantaged people a chance to make their lives liveable."

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  • Victoria Ayling has been appointed Heritage and Tourism spokesman

    IMG_1772.JPGUKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, "Victoria has proven her dedication to getting the best for British people by her experience as a Councillor and position on the NEC.

    "Unafraid to argue her point, Victoria will get the best deal for both the UK tourism industry and British holiday maker."

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  • Cllr Lisa Duffy announced as Foreign Aid Spokesman

    IMG_1770.JPGCllr Lisa Duffy said, "I am delighted to have been chosen by Paul Nuttall to advance UKIP's case in this very important policy area.

    "I shall be seeking to show how Britain can be a true friend to people in developing countries while also sending far less of our taxpayers' money overseas -often to corrupt regimes - in outdated aid programmes.

    "Under my stewardship UKIP will remain the party that refuses to endorse politically correct and bloated aid programmes which fail to offer the best path to growing prosperity for poorer countries."

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  • Tim Aker announced as Key Seats Co-ordinator

    IMG_1769.JPGCllr Tim Aker MEP said, "I am delighted to be appointed Key Seats Co-ordinator by Paul Nuttall.

    "My focus will be to make sure we are ready to win our target seats at the next general election.

    "While the party will have teams focusing on local elections, by-elections and training our candidates, I will be making sure we build up a strong ground game in the target seats that we can win at the next General Election.

    "Experts rank over 200 parliamentary constituencies as more favourable for UKIP than Thurrock.

    "Despite this we have built up a fantastic operation here. Winning local elections the last three years on the bounce as well as coming within 900 votes of winning the parliamentary seat at my first attempt. This is my opportunity to export the Thurrock magic to other branches, to help them with canvassing, casework and constituency matters."

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  • Decision to deny bail for Sergeant Blackman is 'an absolute disgrace' says Mike Hookem

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Veterans Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has blasted a decision by judges not to release Sgt. Alex Blackman on bail saying, "its an absolute disgrace."

    Sgt. Alexander Blackman - known as Marine A - is currently serving a sentence for murder following the killing of a fatally wounded Taliban fighter in Afghanistan in 2011.

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  • No separate deal for Scotland, so let's get on with making Brexit a success


    Scotland is heading towards disaster if First Minister Nicola Sturgeon continues to believe that a separate Brexit deal is available to her, says UKIP Leader in Scotland David Coburn MEP.

    Following Nicola Sturgeon's speech outlining her wish list for a Brexit Scotland, Mr Coburn said: "Not content with giving Scotland a 'Dignitas' budget, her Brexit plans are so catastrophic that even Charles Grant, one her senior advisers on Brexit  has announced that Scotland cannot stay in the single market and her plans are unrealistic.

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  • New report warns Christmas lights could go out next winter thanks to climate policy

    Roger_Helmer.jpegThreats of power rationing and a future three day week revealed in a study by the British Infrastructure Group are due to Government and EU policy that has driven the UK into an unsustainable reliance on intermittent, so-called renewable energy sources, says UKIP Energy spokesman Roger Helmer.

    He applauded the Group for highlighting the issue: "Well done to Grant Shapps for saying something UKIP has been saying for many years.

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  • FIFA 'lost its moral compass' with decision to fine Home nations for wearing poppies

    Patrick.jpgFIFA's decision to fine the Home nations for wearing poppy armbands has been condemned by UKIP spokesman for Media and Sport Patrick O'Flynn MEP.

    "This is an atrocious and profoundly wrong-headed decision from an organisation that appears to have lost its moral compass," Mr O'Flynn said.

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  • Why we need to ratify legislation to stamp out honour killing, trafficking and other exploitation

    download.jpgUKIP spokesperson for Equality Margot Parker said the UK’s ratification of the Istanbul Convention was long overdue but while the government has yet to ratify it, UK legislation already covers most aspects of the agreement.

    Mrs Parker was speaking after the debate in Westminster regarding the second reading of the Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Ratification of Convention) Bill

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  • New faces on the National Executive Committee as record poll count is completed

    The count of UKIP member votes to determine which NEC candidates have been elected to the National Executive Committee was completed last night.

    Following the count, Party Chairman Paul Oakden said: "Congratulations to the seven successful candidates, I'm looking forward to working with them all on our NEC.

    "I'd like to thank Marion Mason, who has acted as Returning Officer and has overseen a thorough and transparent election. Thanks also to all of our magnificent members who turned out over two long days to help us conduct our count – your good spirits and hard work demonstrated the very best of our party."

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