• John Bickley will be UKIP's candidate in the Oldham West & Royton by-election

    johnbickley-ukipoldham_(2).pngWe are delighted to announce that John Bickley will be UKIP's candidate in the Oldham West & Royton by-election. 

    As John Bickley says: "As a Mancunian, I believe that the fight to get our country back should start here, in Oldham West & Royton. It’s time that someone stood up against the political class and addressed the genuine concerns that Westminster don’t want to talk about.

    "Together we can make a change.

    "That’s why I’m here standing for UKIP in this election and why I’m asking for your support."


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  • Lords migration report joins Juncker's Commission in confusion over faulty 'refugee' re-classification

    Steven_Woolfe.jpegThe House of Lord's report on 'EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling' says the great EU migration should be re-branded a 'refugee crisis' because most of the people crossing the Mediterranean are refugees. The report also suggests that migrants illegally entering Europe should effectively be decriminalised, that 'legal routes' should be opened up in eastern Europe to allow refugees in and that the UK should be part of a European relocation plan. UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe responds:

    "For the UK to reclassify all migrants as ‘refugees’ would be as big a mistake as Mrs Merkel's summer declaration that Germany is open to all refugees. The cost in one year alone in giving all migrant arrivals asylum status would bankrupt Britain. In fact, this is one reason why the UK government is legally obliged to deport any non-EU economic migrant who enters this country illegally.

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  • Living Wage Week: UKIP Mayoral Candidate says poverty in London is too high

    PRW_2015_Photo.jpgUKIP London Mayoral Candidate, Peter Whittle, has used National Living Wage Week to highlight the amount of work that still needs to be done to ensure workers in the capital are getting a fair wage

    "It's great that 724 businesses in London are now paying the living wage of £9.40 an hour, meaning that for their employees, they should at the very least have enough to get by living in London.

    "But before we listen to the likes of Boris Johnson and Sadiq Khan patting themselves on the back, let's put that into context. There are over a million businesses in London, while according to the Office of National Statistics, a quarter of jobs in London pay less than the living wage.

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  • PM not in tune with the public on adoption

    James_3ba8f93ef5c350a6ebb0b02f02a31266.jpgPlans announced today by the Prime Minister to streamline adoption services were attacked by UKIP's Home Affairs spokesman, Diane James MEP.

    "This is a real test of compassionate conservatism, and it looks like the Prime Minister is completely out of tune with public opinion on this subject.

    Cameron's intervention into this debate comes a mere week after the launch of the UKIP paper "Opening Up The Family Courts" which called for an expansion of Special Guardianship Orders – designed to place children in care with relatives like Grandparents as a first resort.

    Instead the Government say they want to accelerate the process, and set stricter targets for adoption.

    Ms James went on, "Show me evidence where a performance based target driven strategy has delivered? This is a desperately sensitive area where the child's needs must be paramount. Common sense says family links should predominate".

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  • Exposed: US Trade Representative's link to the European Commission

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegIt has today been revealed by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage that the US trade representative, who last week warned that the United States is not keen on pursuing a separate free trade deal with Britain if it leaves the European Union, failed to declare his interest in the subject before making his intervention in the ongoing EU Referendum debate as he formerly worked for the European Commission.

    Prior to his current role, the US trade representative, Michael Froman, worked for the European Commission President's own internal think tank, the “Forward Studies Unit”.

    Mr Farage revealed this fact speaking to Breitbart News Daily Radio following an appearance on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.

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  • UKIP demands action to prevent Chinese steel dumping

    Malmstrom_on_import_of_Chinese_steel_22_10_2015_(2)-page-001.jpgWilliam Dartmouth MEP and UKIP Trade spokesman has written to EU Trade Commissioner Malmström demanding that action must be taken to prevent further Chinese steel imports being sold at a lower price of production in the UK, which has already led to the loss of thousands of British jobs. Following this it has emerged that the UK government has requested an emergency EU meeting to discuss this crisis.

    In the letter William Dartmouth MEP stated, "I urge you as Trade Commissioner to effect anti-dumping duties on imports of steel from China entering the EU. These anti-dumping tariffs must be fully proportionate to be able to safeguard the UK steel industry (as well as the steel industry in other EU member states) from further damage occasioned by anticompetitive practices on the part of steel producers in China."

    (click the image to see the letter in full)

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  • UK population to surge over 70 million in coming years

    Steven_Woolfe.jpegOfficial projections by the National Audit Office (NAO)have said that the UK’s population is set to increase by 9.7 million over the next 25 years to nearly 75 million by 2039. These increases, say the NAO will be made up 51% immigration, and 49% natural increase (birth over death rates).

    Steven Woolfe the UKIP Migration spokesman said, “With the way in which it accounts for the number of people immigrating into the UK in these population figures, the Office for National Statistics joins the Office for Budget Responsibility in being a government funded organisation that is not fit for purpose in terms of helping relevant authorities plan future public services. How the ONS can use a figure of 185,000 for net migration for their projections after 5 years when the real number is currently 330,000 and on a rising trajectory needs explaining. This important number has a critical knock on effect on bands throughout the population age spectrum and can drastically alter birth rates.

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  • Late Night Farage on LBC this Sunday

    CSY6CeHWoAATbRP.jpgThis weekend UKIP Leader Nigel Farage will be hosting his own late-night show on LBC from 10pm on Sunday night. Nigel will be standing in for regular presenter Ian Collins to present the one-off programme which will run from 10pm to 1am. During the three hour programme Nigel will be taking calls from listeners and giving his straight talking opinions on the issues of the day.

    Speaking ahead of the show Nigel said: "Love me or hate me, I'll be talking about the big issues of the day. Call up and come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!"

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  • The Modern-Day Implementation of the Brezhnev Doctrine

    Speaking in the European Parliament today, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said that an increasingly authoritarian EU is crushing democratic rights and the UK's referendum on EU membership is a golden opportunity for those who wish to resuscitate democracy.

    "What we are seeing is an increasingly authoritarian European Union that crushes democratic rights and then actually crows about it" said Nigel Farage.

    After Italy and Greece had their prime ministers deposed, we now have the dismissal of democracy in Portugal, where the President of Portugal, Mr Silva, is refusing elected Left-wing Eurosceptics office on the grounds that they represent anti-European forces. What we are witnessing, says Nigel Farage, is "the modern day implementation of the Brezhnev doctrine. This is exactly what happened to states living inside the USSR".

    Watch his must watch speech in full below:


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  • UK lorry driver crisis threatens to cripple Christmas shopping

    Jill_Seymour.jpegRetailers could struggle to keep their shelves stocked during the crucial Christmas trading period because of an ‘alarming’ shortage of British lorry drivers, UKIP’s Transport spokesman warned today.

    Jill Seymour, the West Midlands MEP, has accused the Government of failing to recognise the scale of the crisis in the haulage sector, and doing next to nothing to encourage young people into the industry. Speaking at the start of the Road Haulage Association’s first ever National Lorry Week, she said: “I have been warning for months that we are lurching towards a massive crisis, and I take no satisfaction in saying that the evidence is now proving me right.

    “The Road Haulage Association (RHA) believes the UK is now short of between 45,000 and 50,000 drivers, and says the situation is getting worse by the week. It’s alarming.

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