• Labour Housing Policy is 'blatant last minute electioneering'

    Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgUKIP Housing Spokesman, Andrew Charalambous, has slammed Labour's housing announcement today saying that it will create huge instability in the housing market

    "This is uncosted blatant last minute electioneering. Any help for first time buyers is of course welcome, but there is a significant risk that all this measure will do is lead to further house price inflation as it changes neither the number of would-be buyers nor the number of properties available for sale. That nobody is actually dealing with the demand element of housing shows that the political class want to simply coax voters with flawed short term sweeteners rather than address the overall problem of a housing crisis in the UK."

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  • Labour are now running scared of UKIP

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegUKIP Leader Nigel Farage: “The Labour Party is now running scared of UKIP. It has lost the big arguments on the impact of uncontrolled immigration on working class communities up and down the land.

    “Working people have experienced at first-hand the wage compression, high youth unemployment, long housing waiting lists, struggle for school places, pressure on health services and loss of community cohesion ushered in by Labour’s open door approach.

    “Labour is now haemorrhaging votes to UKIP as its traditional supporters come to realise how out of touch its privileged metropolitan leadership is from the lives of working people.

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  • Latest Ashcroft poll shows UKIP on course to make history in Thurrock

    11180186_10205257567091788_420910396_n.jpgToday’s latest Lord Ashcroft poll shows that UKIP is “on course to make history in Thurrock” according to UKIP candidate Tim Aker.

    The poll shows again that UKIP are leading in the constituency, by 7% before data weighting or 4% after. Labour are second and the Tories third as with the previous Ashcroft poll.

    Tim Aker said: “This latest poll shows yet again that UKIP is on course to make history in Thurrock. If you vote UKIP here, you will get a local UKIP MP here working for the whole community.

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  • Another ‘Cast Iron guarantee’ Mr Cameron?

    StevenWoolfe.jpeg“Cameron’s latest plea on immigration is the most disingenuous yet from a rattled Tory leader. With UKIP’s poll ratings back on the rise and the election only two weeks away to claim that the Tories can be trusted on immigration after 5 years of abject failure is taking the electorate for fools, and they are not fools” said Steven Woolfe MEP the UKIP Migration Spokesman.

    “Instead of the 10’s of thousands that Cameron promised to restrict net immigration to we have seen over half a million net in the past two years alone, 210,000 in 2013, 298,000 in 2014.

    “Cameron has failed and failed again, and yet he has the brass neck to think that people will believe him that he has a grip. The only thing he has a hold onto is the fantasy that he can do anything significant to control our borders.

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  • More investment in police would help fight crimes against the person

    Diane_James.jpg“The reported crime figures from the ONS today show that crime overall is down, but I would question whether this is a true reflection of reality” asks Diane James MEP, the UKIP Home Affairs spokesman.

    “Given that media coverage over the last year has highlighted falling crime statistics, voters will be left wondering how accurate these figures really are. In trying to see a silver lining it would appear to be good news that overall crime is down in today's crime survey, but the reduction is in fact marginal.

    “What is of far more concern and indeed is deeply shocking is the incredible increase in crimes against the person and in particular violence, especially against women.

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  • Happy St George's Day

  • Exhaustion hits the Tory Battle bus

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegAccording to Andrew Neil he was told by a Tory donor, "Tory campaign useless. Cameron's heart not in it. Not looking good". This was confirmed moments later by Tory commentator Tim Montgomerie who said that, “Cameron has wanted out for a while. He has just wanted to go out on some sort of high and hasn't been able to find that high.”

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “Reports that senior Tory donors are suggesting that the Conservative Party campaign is in disarray are of no surprise to me.

    "Mr Cameron has failed to capture the imagination of the electorate with his party’s empty promises, and he has focused almost entirely on negative, American-style campaigning.

    "In fact, on the back of Mr Cameron begging for UKIP voters to vote for his party, what we are seeing is quite the opposite. Voters appear to be increasingly impressed with UKIP's costed manifesto, including independently audited proposals on controlling immigration, increased funding for our NHS, and bringing forward a free and fair referendum on European Union membership.

    "As this election campaign draws to a close, I would be unsurprised to see UKIP's vote share increase, and I am increasingly bullish on the positive impact we can make on May 7th."

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  • British homeowners face higher mortgage costs because Cameron government again surrendered to the European Commission

    StevenWoolfe.jpegSteven Woolfe, UKIP MEP for the North West and spokesman on finance, said that British homeowners are today learning that they may be forced to pay thousands more for their mortgages "because the Cameron government has yet again capitulated to EU demands that more national control over regulation be handed to Brussels."

    "In March next year EU regulators will tighten their grip on the UK mortgage market, forcing homeowners to take out more expensive loans. The Cameron government did not warn homeowners about this when they supported the Directive in Brussels. However, following press reports today, existing borrowers are now realising the EU will now force them to pass stricter affordability tests if they want to change lenders to take advantage of a cheaper mortgages rate."

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  • UKIP stands up for us, small businesses say

    smallbusiness.jpgIn an open letter, published in today’s Daily Express, more than 100 small business bosses heap praise on UKIP’s willingness to stand up to big companies while trumpeting our plan to help small firms. Read the letter in full below:

    We note the extensive election coverage of the ideas of the various parties when it comes to creating a positive climate for business.

    It would seem to us that while Labour now risks being perceived as the anti-business party and the Conservatives can lay claim to being the big business party, UKIP has emerged as the party of small business.

    As people engaged in running some of the small enterprises that will create the bulk of new employment in this country in the years ahead, we are greatly encouraged to find a political champion in UKIP.

    In particular the party’s policy of facilitating a crackdown on late payments by big companies to small suppliers via a confidential channel to HMRC is a hugely welcome idea.

    Combined with proposals for business rates reduction; improved access to finance; the easing of town centre parking restrictions; exemptions for small businesses from some regulations; and opening up the public sector contract bidding process, we believe this leaves UKIP as the key political ally of small business people. We congratulate the party on its stance.

    Yours sincerely,

    David Armstrong - Centurion Fire and Security Ltd
    Dan Arnett - Power Solutions
    Martin Appleyard - North Coates Butt Gun Club
    Debbie Barwick  - Revivals
    Paul Batson - Highway Lighting
    Barrie Beardsmore -Canvas Repairs

    And 100-plus others. 

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  • UKIP is the Party of Small Business

    CDGr0-FWIAAUpFV.jpgUKIP is hailed as a champion of small businesses today with more than 100 small business bosses declaring their support for UKIP. In an open letter, published in today’s Daily Express, they heap praise on UKIP’s willingness to stand up to big companies while trumpeting its plan to help small firms.

    Our planned crackdown on late payments by big companies to small suppliers is a “hugely welcome idea”, they write. UKIP’s promise to slash business rates for small and medium-sized companies, improve access to finance and boost local trade are also praised.

    The authors add: "As people engaged in running some of the small enterprises that will create the bulk of new employment in this country in the years ahead, we are greatly encouraged to find a political champion in UKIP".

    UKIP's Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans: "The Conservatives are in the pockets of the multinational corporations, Labour has become the anti-business party and UKIP is the party for small business."

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