• EU roaming charge proposals mean domestic users will subsidise frequent travellers

    The European Parliament today voted through proposals on EU phone roaming charges. Speaking on the proposals in the Parliament, UKIP Industry spokesman Roger Helmer MEP said,

    "It will benefit well-heeled executives and business executives and it will result in higher costs for domestic users. The operators will have lost a major revenue stream, they will seek to recover it and the only place to recover it is from domestic prices."

    "We MEPs will get lower prices but ordinary people will pay more. Yet again we see European regulation delivering unintended consequences and perverse incentives. It is profoundly regressive.

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  • Family courts must 'let the sunlight in' to avoid outrageous injustices

    pru_cover_Family_Courts.jpgUKIP’s 2015 General Election Manifesto pledged to bring forward a full and open review of childcare and child protection services in Britain, with a view to initiating wholesale reform of a system that’s clearly failing. In particular, we singled out the need to investigate rising levels of ‘forced’ adoptions and the outrageous injustices that it entails. It’s this pledge that we’re fulfilling with the launch of Opening Up the Family Courts.

    The paper, the first to be published by the UKIP Parliamentary Resource Unit (UKIP PRU), was launched at a cross party event in the House of Commons. Speaking at the launch were UKIP MP Douglas Carswell, the former Liberal Democrat MP John Hemmings who has been a powerful advocate for greater transparency in the family courts as Chairman of Justice for Families and Suzanne Evans, UKIP Deputy Chairman. Amongst others, Sharon Hodgson, the Labour Shadow Children's Minister for adoption and fostering attended the event as did the Conservative MP Lucy Allan.

    Douglas Carswell said: “There is a scandal at the moment. Secrecy within the UK’s system of family courts is allowing social workers to ride roughshod over ordinary people and resulting in the unnecessary breakup of families and forced adoptions.

    “We feel very strongly that the secrecy in the family courts is leading to some outrageous injustices. It’s the big cartel courts and the legal profession and the social workers riding roughshod against ordinary people. We think common sense is needed to address this that means greater sensitivity and more openness in the family courts which this timely paper advocates.”

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  • UKIP slams EU's active participation in VW emissions scandal cover-up

    Roger_Helmer.jpgNot only was the EU's top Environmental official aware of the VW emissions scandal two years before it broke but also the EU was complicit in not cracking down on the practice immediately. Top ranking EU officials were made aware of the obvious discrepancies between laboratory and on-road emissions tests yet deliberately failed to act leading to millions of consumers being grossly misled and industry ethics being deeply questioned.

    UKIP Industry spokesman Roger Helmer MEP commented, "For top ranking EU officials to actively attempt to cover up this scandal is a flagrant misuse of the power they have so vigorously stripped from us. It appears that the European Commissioner in charge know about what was going on but did little, except write a letter.

    "By allowing these emission loopholes, exploited ruthlessly by VW, to remain until 2017 millions of British consumers have been betrayed and misled. It is little wonder the EU are so vigorously against transparency. When internal documents are leaked the EU is either accused of being ignorant, ethically suspect or just plain senseless. I often find it is all three.

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  • UKIP Defence Spokesman – “Children intrinsic in keeping alive the memory of the fallen”

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has described a decision by Biggleswade Royal British Legion to stop children parading on Remembrance Sunday as “disgraceful and disrespectful to both the fallen of the past, and to today’s armed forces.”

    Army veteran, Mr Hookem went on to say; “Having young people involved in Remembrance is more important than ever, because the two world wars are quickly slipping from living memory.”

    “Denying children the chance to pay their respects and learn about the sacrifices that allowed them their freedom today is disrespectful to the fallen. It’s a disgrace!”

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  • Brussels tries land grab on British Agriculture

    farmersforced_(1).pngTens of thousands of Farmers across the UK are being forced to put up EU propaganda, and to pay for the privilege. Under new guidance put out by the Government any farmer who receives more than £7,200 in Agricultural subsidies from the EU will have to pay to put up posters advertising this.

    UKIP Agricultural spokesman, Stuart Agnew MEP said: "It is outrageous that farmers are obliged to get involved in the EU propaganda machine when this money came from the British taxpayer.

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  • UKIP supports proportional representation voting system for Welsh local elections

    sign_the_petition.pngUKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill MEP and Mark Reckless, UKIP Head of Policy Development, have today announced that UKIP supports and will be campaigning for a proportional voting system which retains a constituency link being used for Welsh local elections.

    A new petition has been launched which calls for the National Assembly for Wales to establish a proportional representation voting system for all 22 Welsh council elections, which UKIP will be supporting.

    Also announced today is that UKIP supports using the PR Single Transferable Vote (STV) system to elect non-executive members, including Chairs of Local Health Boards in Wales. We would want the first vote for these to take place at the same time as Welsh Council elections in May 2017.

    The Leader of UKIP in Wales Nathan Gill MEP said, "In the general election, UKIP got 4 million votes and only 1 elected MP. This is obviously untenable and things cannot go on like this. The first past the post electoral system is clearly bankrupt.

    "We believe that it is incredibly important that votes match seats and introducing a proportional system for local elections in Wales would be a great step in the right direction. I would strongly urge those who agree with me to sign the petition for fairer votes at local elections in Wales and help make it happen.”

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  • Theresa May's turf battles with the police are getting in the way of operational efficiency

    Diane_James.jpgUKIP Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James MEP: "Theresa May's turf battles with the police and specifically Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe are getting in the way of operational efficiency. This constant war of words is unhelpful, unnecessary and unwarranted.

    "Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and his officers work at the 'coal face' of the issues facing officers whilst Mrs May sits in her ivory Westminster tower.

    "Yes there are issues with extending diversity representation across all UK police forces but this needs to happen in a measured and effective way not just so Mrs May can satisfy political correctness on meeting targets.

    "Instead of more mealy mouthed words and unpleasant and unnecessary attacks on our police forces, she should stop sapping morale further and fund the police men and women properly.


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  • UKIP calls for emergency anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel

    william_d.jpgThe Appellate Body of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled against China largely upholding the February 2015 Panel’s decision that found that anti-dumping duties imposed by China on imports of European and Japanese high-performance stainless steel tubes were in breach of international trade rules. The European Commission said the verdict was of “systemic importance” as it highlighted “again the shortcomings of Chinese trade defence investigations.”

    Responding to this and news of steel plant closures in the UK this week, William Dartmouth MEP, UKIP’s Trade Spokesman and member of the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee said: "I am calling for the introduction of emergency anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel. If the UK re-activated its full membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with full voting and speaking rights, we could make our voices heard right away. Sadly, because we are members of the EU, we must go cap in hand to the European Commissioner on Trade, in a lengthy process necessitating the agreement of 27 other EU states

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  • On the Carlyle report: "We cannot have in Government a party controlled by an Army Council" says UKIP Northern Ireland's David McNarry

    mcnarry-ukip.jpgUKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA says: "The Carlyle Report is everything UKIP predicted it would be. A sop to Sinn Fein and the Provo’s letting the DUP off the hook. This report allows both parties to cobble together their existence on the back of clever words, but without real substance”.

    “Let me say paramilitarism has no place in a resurgent Northern Ireland. The IRA cannot exist in any shape or form nor can it be legalised. Loyalist groups have at least openly declared their intentions, but it remains to be seen how effective their actions will be.

    “As with the Loyalists, so too must the IRA declare their intentions openly. Their reluctance to do so suggests a hidden agenda.

    “Politically the DUP and Sinn Fein deserve each other in Government, contriving to pass orders down to the Alliance and the SDLP. The UUP are now a spent outfit, impotent as an opposition. None of these parties inspire the voters or give them confidence.

    “People are crying out for a fresh approach in politics in Northern Ireland and can see in UKIP a party delivering Leadership through real principles and integrity. UKIP are winning broad support because we say what many ordinary people are thinking. 

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  • Government still support EU open borders with Turkey

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