• Hammond’s words show threadbare ambition

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegThe Foreign Secretary today has recognised that there will be no Treaty Change – a key Government promise, but instead he is looking for “legally binding promises”.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "A promissory note is simply not good enough. The government said they were going to demand Treaty change, we now know that they aren't going to get it. It exposes once again how this so-called renegotiation is a complete con.

    "As we've seen time and time again, the EU changes its mind and so promises of changes in the future cannot be trusted and are not credible. Just look at how the EU has flip-flopped during the migrant crisis, and yet this government want to entrust the EU to implement any pitiful changes that are agreed.”

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  • Loss of 900 jobs in Scunthorpe devastating for the workers and the local community

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment spokeswoman and the local Euro MP for Scunthorpe Jane Collins, has called the announcement by Tata Steel that it is cutting 1200 jobs, 900 of which are in Scunthorpe, "devastating for the workers and the local community."

    Speaking this morning on BBC Humberside Mrs Collins said that MPs had very little power to do anything to help because the European Commission controlled state aid spending and said David Cameron had failed to deliver on a 'northern powerhouse'.

    "This is a local issue for me, living over the river from Scunthorpe, and I'm devastated; we can't take these job losses in the North," she said. And instead of delivering growth and jobs Mrs Collins said the government had "delivered the reverse" of the Northern Powerhouse. "As unemployment figures drop in the South, they rise in the North."

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  • Today’s announcement confirms our worst fears and could be the end of steel production in Scotland

    David_Coburn.jpgFollowing the news that Tata Steel is to cut 1,200 jobs in Scunthorpe and Scotland, David Coburn MEP, Leader UKIP Scotland, said: “This announcement confirms our worst fears and could be the end of steel production in Scotland.

    “We must immediately put in place practical measures to ensure the future of Dalzell and Clydebridge, a good starting point would be mothballing the sites to maintain the infrastructure and provide short time work until a future can be secured for this most iconic and important of industries, the 400 workers and communities which rely on them deserve better than half-hearted words from a toothless task force.

    “The SNP’s slavish following of EU directives including the closure of Longannet Power station and covering the countryside in wind turbines has increased the price of power in Scotland and consequently made Scottish steel uncompetitive in world markets.

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  • This referendum is not about leaving "Europe" - it is about our EU membership

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegAhead of senior BBC executives, including Lord Hall, Director General and James Harding, Director of News and Current Affairs, appearing in front of the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has written an open letter to the BBC Trust and Ofcom to ensure that the debate surrounding the forthcoming EU referendum is framed accurately.

    Too often in recent months it has become normal for many political correspondents from the BBC and elsewhere to use to use 'Europe' as shorthand for 'the European Union'. Equally, it has been widely reported that those campaigning to remain in the European Union are deliberately replacing the name of the organisation with the term 'Europe'. To do so is inaccurate, given what Eurosceptics oppose is membership of a supranational political organisation, not fellow continental European nation states.

    The EU Referendum debate is therefore not about whether Britain should remain in Europe, a geographic reality, but the European Union, a political construction. Furthermore, the Electoral Commission has suggested that the question be 'Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’. As such, and as Nigel Farage's letter makes clear, reporting by the BBC and other broadcasters should reflect this deliberate selection of words.

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  • UKIP would phase in cuts to tax credits

    M.R._011.gifMaking Tax Credits fair is at the heart of UKIP’s position, says Mark Reckless, the UKIP economics spokesman. He said, “It is right to cut subsidies for employers who pay low wages. UKIP therefore supports plans to introduce a National Living Wage, rising to at least £9 by 2020, while cutting tax credits.

    “We also welcome the government’s adoption of our policy to lift people earning minimum wage out of tax by raising the annual personal allowance towards £13,000.

    “The problem is that George Osborne has got implementation of the policy wrong”.

    The National Living Wage will rise to £7.20 in April 2016, and then gradually in annual steps to at least £9 by 2020. At the same time it is envisaged that the personal allowance will keep rising. However, the Chancellor says he wants to cut people’s tax credits largely in one go in April 2016. That is contradictory, given that he claims increases in the personal allowance and National Living Wage are meant to offset cuts in tax credits. UKIP therefore proposes to phase in the main cut to tax credits.

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  • TTIP deal hidden from view in windowless cell

    Stuart-Agnew-in-Plenary1.jpgUKIP's Stuart Agnew MEP said: "On Monday 12th October I was at a viewing of the recently published ‘Restricted’ Agricultural chapter of TTIP. I had to sign a document stating that I would not disclose what I would read and I had to hand over any electronic gadgets, cameras, etc. I was allowed a pen but no paper, and then led into a windowless cell where I was issued with special blank paper which cannot be photocopied.

    "If I publicly disclose what I have read, I will be subject to a minimum fine of £2233. I will also be at the mercy of Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, who dislikes UKIP and may impose further punishments. If the agricultural unions or media are willing to fully compensate me, then I may be tempted to break Parliament rules.

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  • London Labour Mayor hopeful writes off half the population as 'xenophobes'

    PRW_2015_Photo.jpgAppearing on the BBC comedy show, Have I Got News For You the Tooting MP, Sadiq Khan dismissed supporters of leaving the European Union as "xenophobes".

    Peter Whittle, UKIP's candidate for London Mayor said, "Writing off what may well be a majority of the population as xenophobes just shows how Khan isn't capable of leading our great city. He holds millions of Londoners in contempt.

    "Believing that Britain should be free and that London can and will thrive outside the European Union is a question of aspiration, and something that can engage all Londoners. It is not something that deserves the insults and incomprehension of people like Sadiq Khan."

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  • Job losses in steel industry and manufacturing will continue until we end environmental levies

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has said any 'crisis talks' to stop further job losses in the steel industry "will just be a talking shop until we can throw off the shackles of the EU's green levies."

    The Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire MEP told Unions that if they really wanted to help people at risk from losing their jobs, they needed to focus on the reasons behind companies losing money rather than just asking Government to spend more.

    "The EU directive on renewable energy has had a huge impact on power generation and the cost of electricity and gas as it bound Britain to a target of 15 per cent of energy demand to be met by renewable sources by 2020," she said.

    "Because power generation is expensive and inefficient huge subsidies are needed to keep these wind turbines and solar farms going - and that's been lumped on top of energy bills."

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  • UKIP Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe's statement on Turkey Migrant deal

    Steven_Woolfe.jpegCommenting on the known details of today's EU-Turkey migration deal, UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe said: "Today's rushed EU deal with Turkey rewards that country for doing things that they should be doing anyway, like controlling their sea and land borders with the European Union - a political bloc they are desperate to join. Agreeing to liberalise the visa requirements for Turkish nationals is EU madness, given that it is Turkey's lax visa rules for entry into their own country that is a significant cause of today’s great EU migration. Migrants with the intent of entering the EU illegally buy visas to gain easy entry into Turkey and then ‎head straight to the coast and make perilous boat trips to the Greek Islands to enter the EU."

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  • MEP to don running shoes in aid of Black Country charity

    Beacon_Centre.jpgUKIP MEP James Carver, who has completed a number of runs for various good causes, including the 2012 London Marathon, will be taking part in the Great Birmingham Run in aid of the Black Country-based charity The Beacon Centre for the Blind. Tens of thousands of runners are to compete in the annual event which descends on Birmingham this Sunday.

    Mr Carver, said: “I am very much looking forward to taking part in the Great Birmingham Run which I am doing in aid of the fantastic local charity The Beacon Centre for the Blind. The work of this charity raises awareness of sight loss, causes and how some of the serious eye conditions can be treated, or even prevented, if they are caught early enough.”

    Anyone wishing to sponsor James Carver can do so here. For further information on the work of The Beacon Centre for the Blind please click here

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