• Brexit’s best-kept secret: UK is the world’s 8th largest manufacturer, and growing

    The fact that the UK is one of the world’s top 10 manufacturers, rising from No 9 to No 8 in latest figures, is the best-kept secret of the Brexit debate, according to UKIP – and completely vindicates the British people’s refusal to be cowed by ‘Project Fear’.

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  • UKIP response to Parson's Green terror attack

    UKIP home affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has said, "the time has come to ramp up our responses to dealing with extremism of all kinds."

    "We need more investment in our counter terrorism services just like we need more bobbies on the beat.  We need root and branch reform of statutory institutions where extremism is taking hold and the police need to concentrate on real threats not on people having twitter arguments.

    "One way we can deal with  extremists is by ridding this country of hate preachers and the kinds of institutions where extremist beliefs are taught.  This is where the government is so wrong to committ to remaining in the ECHR and under the jurisdiction of Europe.  We must have the power to kick out hate preachers just as we must have the power to deal with homegrown terrorists."

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  • To the biggest come the biggest rewards - and it must end

    Revelations on the commons Public Accounts Committee about the way in which online retail giants dodge tax payments have been slammed by UKIP.

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  • Pubs are under threat, we must act to save them

    The threat to our pubs is also a threat to an important part of our society and culture says Paul Nuttall MEP.

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  • FARAGE: The EU has learnt absolutely nothing

    Nigel Farage speaking in response to the State of the Union speech in the European Parliament today. 

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  • Brexit team in deep water.

    UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge has lambasted the latest press release from the UK Brexit team, which calls for a deep security partnership with the EU post-Brexit. Mr Etheridge said “yet again, the UK Government is ignoring the wishes of the people and looking to use Brexit as a method to deepen our security ties with the EU.”

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  • More US investment shows glowing future for UK business, Despite Brexit

    "Two new announcements about US investment in the UK highlight the breadth of confidence in the post-Brexit UK economy" says Christopher Mills, the UKIP Brexit spokesman. 
    Boeing announced the construction of a new engineering facility in Sheffield supplying parts for their main US construction facility in Oregon yesterday, and today First Eagle Investment Management have announced a new HQ in the City of London.

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  • UKIP welcomes Repeal Bill vote, calls for compassion for Labour and Lib Dems

    UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther said today: “I would like to congratulate the MPs who voted to pass the EU Withdrawal Bill through its second reading tonight, respecting the will of the British people. Particularly Caroline Flint, who managed to lead the charge from the back.


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  • BREAKING: EU Withdrawal Bill PASSES Second Reading

    The House of Commons have just voted on the second reading of the EU Withdrawal Bill. Results as follows:

    AYES: 326

    NOES: 290

    It seems we are now one step closer to achieving over two decades of hard work. 

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  • London retains title of Best City in which to do Business

    London has retained and increased its lead as the best place to do business according to the globally respected Z/Yen global financial centers index. This is of course 'Despite Brexit'.

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