• Economics Spokesman Mark Reckless - Conference Speech

    mark_conf.jpgIt has been an eventful year.

    One change for me from last year is that this time you have been kind enough to advertise me in the programme.

    As our new Economy Spokesman, I would first like to thank Patrick O’Flynn for the solid base of work he has left me, as well as for his hard work on the general election campaign.

    Second I would like to thank Nigel for all the support he has given me both before and since the general election. I could not have asked for more, from him or from you.


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  • Out of the EU, into the World, breaking out of the straitjacket - UKIP Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth MEP

    bigpic.jpgThe Labour Party has elected Tom Watson as Deputy Leader and Jeremy Corbyn Leader. When one thinks about it, they are cartoon characters come to life. They are even called "Tom and Jerry".

    You may recollect, at the time of the euro debate, all those BBC programmes that led with assertions that some international company, like Nissan, Toyota, or General Motors, would pull out of Britain unless we joined the euro [Source: Sunday Telegraph]. Well, we're not in the euro, and they're still here.


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  • The TTIP Threat - Louise Bours MEP Conference Speech

    changedBOURS.pngLadies and Gentlemen

    12 months ago, in this very hall I delivered my first national conference speech as your spokesman for health.

    After my speech some media commentators moaned because they found me a bit… shouty.

    Well, 12 months ago, the NHS was under threat from the Westminster bubble, but now the NHS is facing an even bigger threat from the European Union, and whilst that remains the case let me assure you… I will not stop being shouty!

    And I say to the media and anyone else that doesn’t like it - deal with it. This is about the NHS, it is about the people of this country for whom the NHS is a lifeline, and I’m not going to be quiet about it!

    There are many areas of the NHS that are affected by our full membership of the EU.

    There are reams of rules, regulations and directives that defy logic and leave clinicians and managers in a head-spin and the pending TTIP trade deal threatens the very fabric and principles that the NHS is built upon.

    There are also many unplanned, unintended consequences of wider EU policies that add pressure and confusion to the health service.

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  • Securing our borders - Mike Hookem MEP Conference Speech

    3278768777.jpgWe have all seen the images in the media, over the last few weeks, of desperate migrants making their way across Europe; of burning tires on French motorways and of migrants climbing into trucks, hoping to reach the UK.

    However, the media’s version of events in no way tells the whole story.

    My direct involvement in the Calais crisis began in June when I received an e-mail from a constituent who worked in the haulage industry.

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  • UKIP Northern Ireland welcomes Cllr Anderson

    DonnaAndersonlaunch.jpgUKIP Northern Ireland is delighted to announce that Ballymena Councillor Donna Anderson has left the Traditional Unionist Voice, TUV and joined UKIP.

    Cllr Anderson joins a growing band of UKIP councillors in Northern Ireland and builds on UKIP’s success in the recent general Election. She was welcomed into the fold today at Stormont by the UKIP Party Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA.

    David McNarry said: "I am delighted to welcome Councillor Donna Anderson to UKIP serving Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. Donna is committed and dedicated to her community and her country. A real people person who will fit well into the united UKIP team which is growing its connection with people across Northern Ireland.

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  • EU chooses nuclear option by ramming mandatory migrant quotas upon national governments

    JaneCollins.jpgSpeaking at the edges of the European Council Summit this afternoon in Brussels, UKIP MEP Jane Collins said: "EU ministers have chosen the nuclear option by ramming mandatory quotas upon national governments of the East against their will. This will cause deep resentment in these states and make the EU even more unpopular.

    "The UK is financial liable for part of this project but has no say. Regarding the migrant crisis, it's all pay and no say.

    "This is another unacceptable part of EU membership. We know that many migrants in France come across to the UK via Calais. So I would like to ask: What mechanism if any has the EU put in place to ensure that migrants distributed to EU Member States via the quota system will stay within the country allocated when that country is in the Schengen area?

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  • Reassurances sought over Volkswagen-owned Bentley motors

    LouiseBours.jpgUKIP MEP Louise Bours has asked for assurances from luxury car manufacturer Bentley that it is not embroiled in the emission test scandal engulfing its owner, Volkswagen.

    Ms Bours, who represents the north west of England, has written to the Crewe-based company seeking confirmation that it has never falsified its engine emission data.

    Her concern is the possibility of a knock-on effect to people working for marques owned by Volkswagen, which faces a multi-billion pound pay-out in recalls, fines and potential compensation claims by customers.

    The company has already set aside £4.7 billion to cover the cost of recalling 500,000 cars in the United States alone.

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  • EU ministers force through refugee quota plan

    JaneCollins.jpgResponding to the ministerial agreement on mandatory quotas, UKIP MEP Jane Collins said "there is now no escaping the fact that immigration will be decided by Brussels."

    "What we have witnessed today is four countries who wish to control who settles in their country being outvoted by foreign governments.

    "Brussels have taken another giant step into territory which should be the sole right of national governments to decide upon.

    "In the UK we know that politicians are out of sync with what the public want to happen about the migrant crisis and EU leaders are no different.

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  • Ruth Davidson's pro EU speech in Brussels shows that the only Eurosceptic party in Scotland is UKIP

    David_Coburn.jpgSpeaking in Brussels today, Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives said that she will support the UK remaining in the EU, come what may. In response David Coburn MEP, Leader of UKIP Scotland has said: "Scots opposed to the EU should vote for UKIP in the May Scottish Parliamentary elections regardless of party. All the other parties support rule from Brussels, including the Tories, to a greater or lesser extent.

    "Currently 80% of decisions are being made in Brussels and Frankfurt and not Holyrood and Westminster. UKIP is the ONLY party giving real independence to Scotland by bringing powers back to Holyrood and Westminster from the undemocratic remote European Union.

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  • Sorry Jeremy . . . the EU won't let us renationalise our railways!

    JS.jpegLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for the renationalisation of UK railways is derailed before it even gets out of the station, according to UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour.

    "As long as we remain members of the European Union, Britain is simply not allowed to do this," says the West Midlands MEP, who sits on the Transport committee in Brussels. "Ever since the First Railway Directive back in 1998, the EU has dictated that all member states must provide competition and allow independent companies to apply for non-discriminatory track access.

    "Mr Corbyn has only been in position for a week, but it is already clear that his policy ideas are off the rails. I suggest he should check his facts before making such sweeping statements - unless, of course, he is proposing to join UKIP in campaigning for a 'no' vote in the upcoming European Union referendum?"

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