• Burnham finally recognises the obvious - Mass immigration does depress low wages

    jane-collins.jpgThe admission by Andy Burnham that mass low skilled immigration "has made life harder for people in our poorest communities, where wages have been undercut and job security lost." is a welcome recognition of the blindingly obvious.

    UKIP employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP said Mr Burnham's words were "the desperate attempts of a man who has ignored the plight of the working classes due to mass immigration for years."

    "It can hardly come as a surprise to Mr Burnham that uncontrolled immigration, which he and his party support, has led to wage compression particularly amongst the lower paid.

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  • UKIP Defence Spokesman – “Corbyn kidding himself on a nuclear free world”


    UKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has slammed new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn for his “dream world” view of global nuclear security, saying; “Corbyn needs to get real and realise that the UK faces a whole new range of global nuclear threats.”

    Commenting after the Labour leader told Radio 4 that he would not press the nuclear button and that he believed in a “nuclear free world”, Mr Hookem said, “I know there have been media reports of Corbyn being sympathetic to terrorists organisations in the West Bank, Ireland and Iran; but to commit himself to scrapping the UK’s nuclear deterrent and leaving this country defenceless in a world full of nuclear proliferation, is short sighted and nothing short of dangerous.”

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  • Redcar’s workers sacrificed to comply with EU rules

    UKIP MEPs have united in condemnation of the closure of the Redcar steel works and JJonathan-Arnott-photo-682x1024.jpgonathan Arnott, Redcar’s local UKIP Euro-MP, has called for transitional state aid to help the steel works survive the temporary down turn in the steel market.

    Jonathan Arnott MEP said: "This is a tremendously sad day for Redcar, the North East and the United Kingdom. Thousands of jobs will now be lost directly at SSI, and thousands more indirectly. Redcar will be hit particularly hard as it is already has high levels of unemployment. Our proud British manufacturing tradition deserves better than this, and the real tragedy is that it is so unnecessary: the industry will be viable in the long term.

    "The high pound, Chinese market dumping, high cost of raw materials and especially government-caused artificially-inflated energy prices in an energy-intensive industry have contributed to temporary unprofitability. Steel is trading at a fraction of the price it did in 2010, but is likely to recover. This may be a textbook example of the need for transitional state aid, because now much-needed skills will disappear from our economy."

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  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Jane Collins MEP conference speech

    jane-collins.jpgGood afternoon conference.

    As your final speaker of the conference I will make sure I don’t talk for too long so we can all get in front of a TV to watch England beat Wales at rugby.

    As Employment spokeswoman for UKIP I have the important job of ensuring that in the referendum campaign the message about jobs and growth thriving outside of the EU is understood by every voter.

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  • The Transport We Need - Jill Seymour MEP conference speech

    38qr96Hi.jpegI suspect most, if not all of you are sick and tired of the EU meddling in our affairs, when it is clearly none of their business.

    Are you fed up with the endless rules and regulations from the faceless bureaucrats, who do not understand our way of life?

    Have you had enough of this ridiculous notion that one-size-fits all? Well, you are not alone.

    This is precisely how the EU works. It just cannot stop MEDDLING.

    The Oxford English Dictionary describes people who ‘meddle’ as:

    * To interfere with something that is no-one’s concern.

    * Or, to touch or handle something without permission.

    I don’t know about you . . . but I reckon that just about sums up the European Union to a tee.

    It is their meddling that is dismantling and destroying our national transport network, whether it be road, rail, sea or air.

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  • ‘Seymour Shield’ launched to recognise young UKIP members

    seymour_shield.JPGUKIP MEP Jill Seymour has launched a new competition designed to reward and recognise rising stars of the party’s youth wing. The Seymour Shield is an annual competition for members of Young Independence who prove themselves to be powerful, and thought-provoking public speakers.

    The first three award winners were announced at UKIP’s national conference, held in Doncaster. Jill, who is the party’s national Transport spokesman, said: “Young Independence is the key to the future of our party – and of our country – and that’s why I’m keen to give them as much support as I possibly can. I hope that the Seymour Shield will, in some small way, encourage more people to come on board and show the true talents of our young people.”

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  • Britain After Brexit: Manufacturing Capital of Europe - Roger Helmer MEP conference speech

    helmer_roger-1_copy.jpgGood Morning Conference!

    I’d like to share with you something I’ve learned in my years in Brussels and Strasbourg, and it’s this: the EU’s apparatchiks harbour a huge contempt for public opinion.  Isolated in their ivory towers, they can mostly afford to ignore the voters.  They think that people like you and me are just too stupid and ignorant to understand the huge benefits of EU membership.

    But once in a while, reality strikes back and bites their ankles – for example, in 2005 when the French and Dutch voted down the European Constitution.  So did the bureaucrats see the error of their ways, and change course? The hell they did!  No.  They stood wringing their hands, and saying “Perhaps we haven’t explained it well enough”.

    My response is, that I have spent the last sixteen years explaining the European Union to the voters, and the more I explain it, the angrier they get.

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  • New UKIP Councillors Association committee elected

    A new full committee of 11 members has been elected at the AGM of the UKIP Councillors Association (UKIPCA) at UKIP’s Conference in Doncaster from the growing band of UKIP Councillors from across the United Kingdom.

    Cllr David Sprason (Leicestershire County Council) was re-elected as Chairman, with former Treasurer Cllr Paul Bullen (Cambridgeshire County Council) elected Vice Chairman, Cllr Debbie Lemay (Buntingford Town Council) was elected Secretary, and Cllr Kay Gray (Great Yarmouth Borough Council) was elected Treasurer.

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  • The EU's Bloated Budget - Jonathan Arnott MEP conference speech

    Jonathan-Arnott-photo-682x1024.jpgLadies and gentlemen, I’ve been in the European Parliament for just over a year. I work out there to hold them to account, pointing out when they’re breaking their own rules and working with my colleagues to provide some much-needed opposition in that place. Almost as soon as I was elected, my name was chosen at random to scrutinise the ballot for election of the Commission President. I stood up for the first time in the chamber, and said that I wouldn’t take part in an undemocratic sham where we had the choice of ONE candidate by a secret ballot so our constituents don’t know how we voted.

    We often vote hundreds of times in a single voting session. There’s a red button, which we press to vote NO to something. There’s a grey button, which we press to abstain. And there’s a green button. I’ve been there over a year, and still none of my colleagues have been able to tell me what that’s for.

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  • UKIP Conference discusses political reform

    UKIP's Director of Policy Development Mark Reckless said: "UKIP are delighted today to welcome Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society (ERS), to our Conference in Doncaster. I am privileged to chair the session on political reform at which she will speak and which will also star our MP, Douglas Carswell.  

    "UKIP winning 3.9 million votes, yet only one seat in Parliament, highlighted more than ever before the unfairness of our electoral system and the way it protects Westminsters' insiders from the popular will.

    "We promised in our manifesto that "UKIP will campaign for a new, proportional voting system that delivers a Parliament truly reflective of the number of votes cast, while retaining a constituency link, so every vote really does count". Our conference will have the opportunity later today to vote in support of a motion which includes a similar statement.

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