• The Union flag is about unity - UKIP Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle

    Top athletes Greg Rutherford and Dame Kelly Holmes have expressed their disappointment at the disappearance of the Union flag from the British kit for the upcoming World Championships in Bejiing.

    And with depressing predictability The Guardian has run an article in which it brands the flag 'ugly and divisive.'

    The author of the piece, Joanthan Jones, is the same critic who poured scorn over the immensely popular World War I poppies installation at the Tower of London last year.

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  • Proposed beer garden smoking ban is the work of "crackpot killjoys"

    Banning smoking in beer gardens because it looks “bad” would be an outrageous affront to millions of people acting perfectly within the law, says Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

    The Royal Society for Public Health says smoking should be seen as “abnormal” and wants even more controls over where people can or cannot light up.

    Mr Nuttall, MEP for the North West, said further controls on smoking would sound the death knell for the already under-pressure pub industry.

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  • Only 14% want further integration, public now understand EU politics

    News that only 14% of Brits want more integration with the EU is a sign the public have an increasing understanding of how Brussels negatively effects the UK – says UKIP's Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP.

    In a survey conducted by polling company Opinium, more than 7000 EU residents were asked if EU countries “should continue to progress towards ever closer union”.

    Over 1000 of those questioned were British. Whilst a majority of people from countries with struggling economies like Spain and Portugal favour the idea, most residents of more stable countries such as Holland and France would resist closer ties.


    At only 14%, Britain has the lowest level of support for further integration of all EU nations.

    Welcoming the news, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said: “For years Westminster bubble politicians have relied on a low level of public awareness to convince us all we had to further integrate with the EU to survive on the world stage.

    “Because UKIP have been successful in getting the EU on the domestic political agenda people have started to take more of an interest in the subject, and the more they see, the less they like.

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  • More than 2m EU migrants working in UK, figures show

    Woolfe.jpegResponding to today’s Office for National Statistics employment statistics showing that while the number of British-born workers has fallen over the last quarter while the number of EU-born workers has risen significantly, UKIP’s Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe commented:

    "On top of the hundreds of thousands or so illegal migrants working in Britain which the government seems only in this summer of Calais chaos to have woken up to, we have yet further evidence of the arrival of legal EU migrants displacing British born workers. Of course the trouble is that while the government is belatedly scrambling around trying to control illegal immigration, it has no rights to control the unstoppable flow of people from the EU who just up sticks and come here.

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  • Mark Reckless appointed UKIP economics spokesman

    appointments-reckless(1).pngUKIP has today completed a mini reshuffle, with Mark Reckless being confirmed as the Party's Economic Spokesman.

    The former MP was a City Economist, and his past publications include 'The Euro: Bad for Business', 'The Drivers of Regulation' and Euromoney 'Guide to the London financial markets'.

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  • Being in the EU means we cannot prioritise British citizens

    10962187_10152998763366140_388491009_n.jpgDespite election promises to crack down on migrant benefits, the Government is having to admit it can only do so by applying the same rules to UK citizens.

    Suzanne Evans, UKIP's Deputy Chairman said, "If this is the focus of Mr Cameron's negotiation strategy it appears that the white flag is being run up, before his ship has left the port. It is a simple fact of our membership of the EU that we cannot prioritise our own citizens in the benefit system."

    "UKIP pointed this out when the Prime Minister made these promises in November. Anybody with a cursory understanding of EU law would know that. It rather asks questions about the honesty of the Government's election strategy", she said.

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  • Comics for children extolling so-called virtues of the European Union should be banned, says UKIP Deputy Leader

    safe_image.jpgComics for children extolling so-called virtues of the European Union should be banned, says UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.

    He is now writing to the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan demanding any such publication be withdrawn from schools across England and Wales.

    It was revealed on Monday that the EU’s Publications Office has produced a series of cartoon strips, games and colouring books in the style of classics like the Beano or The Dandy. They include bizarre stories about the Common Agricultural Policy, the European Commission’s regional policy and spending across the continent in general.

    Mr Nuttall says the publications are “essentially EU propaganda” and as such should be banned under Article 406 of the Education Act 1996, which forbids the promotion of partisan political views in schools.

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  • UKIP Health Spokesman responds to outrageous EHIC card loophole

    11850986_10153553370694044_1480921525_n.jpgA loophole is allowing people who have never paid tax in Britain to bill the NHS for healthcare in their own countries, an investigation has found. Foreign nationals who claim they are living in the UK are obtaining free European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) to charge the UK for treatment in their home countries, the Daily Mail said.

    UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours MEP:  "If the Tories don’t stop this going on, it will show once and for all that they prioritise the EU more than they care about the NHS and the health of British people.

    "It is of course outrageous that this has been allowed to take place, but Cameron’s claim that the government didn’t know it was going on is equally unacceptable.

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  • Mike Hookem releases video on the danger UK truckers face in Calais

    UKIP MEP Mike Hookem was recently invited to Calais by a local haulage firm, in order to see for himself the gauntlet the drivers are forced to run each time they come through the port of Calais.

    What Mike found amazed him and he made this video of his and the truckers experience.

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  • Stop slapping fines on innocent lorry drivers

    38qr96Hi_(1).jpegThe UK Government is being urged to scrap the fines which have been imposed on innocent lorry drivers who are unwittingly bringing illegal immigrants into the UK.

    UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has called for penalties to be abandoned until Britain ‘gets its house in order’ to tighten up security breaches at the Channel Tunnel.

    And she said the current legislation needed permanently amending to ensure that, going forward, it was only targeting people-smugglers and not snaring innocent truck drivers.

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