• The EU's Bloated Budget - Jonathan Arnott MEP conference speech

    Jonathan-Arnott-photo-682x1024.jpgLadies and gentlemen, I’ve been in the European Parliament for just over a year. I work out there to hold them to account, pointing out when they’re breaking their own rules and working with my colleagues to provide some much-needed opposition in that place. Almost as soon as I was elected, my name was chosen at random to scrutinise the ballot for election of the Commission President. I stood up for the first time in the chamber, and said that I wouldn’t take part in an undemocratic sham where we had the choice of ONE candidate by a secret ballot so our constituents don’t know how we voted.

    We often vote hundreds of times in a single voting session. There’s a red button, which we press to vote NO to something. There’s a grey button, which we press to abstain. And there’s a green button. I’ve been there over a year, and still none of my colleagues have been able to tell me what that’s for.

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  • UKIP Conference discusses political reform

    UKIP's Director of Policy Development Mark Reckless said: "UKIP are delighted today to welcome Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society (ERS), to our Conference in Doncaster. I am privileged to chair the session on political reform at which she will speak and which will also star our MP, Douglas Carswell.  

    "UKIP winning 3.9 million votes, yet only one seat in Parliament, highlighted more than ever before the unfairness of our electoral system and the way it protects Westminsters' insiders from the popular will.

    "We promised in our manifesto that "UKIP will campaign for a new, proportional voting system that delivers a Parliament truly reflective of the number of votes cast, while retaining a constituency link, so every vote really does count". Our conference will have the opportunity later today to vote in support of a motion which includes a similar statement.

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  • The Commonwealth Dividend - James Carver MEP

    carver.jpgAfter 19 years UKIP membership, I’m delighted to stand in front of you today for my maiden conference speech.

    I want to say thank you to all of the activists who have campaigned so hard, over years and have got us to the vital point of an in/out referendum.  I also want to pay tribute to some of my UKIP colleagues who, regrettably are no longer with us, people such as Graham Booth, Don Hulston, Malcolm Wood, Brian Kemp and Reg Simmerson, to name just a few, who I know, would relish this, once in  a generation, opportunity that we now have to get our country back.  We’ve waited since 1975 for this referendum, and accordingly, we must make every effort, together to win the day.

    Already the ‘STAY’ campaign have given their misguided opinion that the UK is somehow unable to, not only survive, but also prosper independently, free from the shackles placed upon us by our European Union membership.

    Such an opinion completely, and deliberately neglects the many strong advantages that we have on the wider global stage, be it as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, or alongside our position as a leading member of the many other important international organisations.

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  • UKIP Leader Nigel Farage - Conference Speech

    Watch UKIP Leader Nigel Farage speak to UKIP's Annual Conference in Doncaster:

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  • UKIP to fund public sector pay rise from Brexit dividend

    CEFF-3KWoAAou8p.jpgUKIP is to reverse its policy on the abolition of inheritance tax in order to address a more urgent priority for the economy, public sector pay.

    £5.2 billion of the Brexit dividend UKIP had earmarked to abolish inheritance tax would now be used to end the decade long near-freeze on public sector pay. UKIP would lift the 1% cap the Conservative Government is now imposing for a further four years following George Osborne’s budget.

    UKIP's policy would mean that over five million teachers, nurses and other public sector workers in the UK, many of whom are taking home less pay than in 2010, would find themselves better off.

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  • Economics Spokesman Mark Reckless - Conference Speech

    mark_conf.jpgIt has been an eventful year.

    One change for me from last year is that this time you have been kind enough to advertise me in the programme.

    As our new Economy Spokesman, I would first like to thank Patrick O’Flynn for the solid base of work he has left me, as well as for his hard work on the general election campaign.

    Second I would like to thank Nigel for all the support he has given me both before and since the general election. I could not have asked for more, from him or from you.


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  • Out of the EU, into the World, breaking out of the straitjacket - UKIP Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth MEP

    bigpic.jpgThe Labour Party has elected Tom Watson as Deputy Leader and Jeremy Corbyn Leader. When one thinks about it, they are cartoon characters come to life. They are even called "Tom and Jerry".

    You may recollect, at the time of the euro debate, all those BBC programmes that led with assertions that some international company, like Nissan, Toyota, or General Motors, would pull out of Britain unless we joined the euro [Source: Sunday Telegraph]. Well, we're not in the euro, and they're still here.


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  • The TTIP Threat - Louise Bours MEP Conference Speech

    changedBOURS.pngLadies and Gentlemen

    12 months ago, in this very hall I delivered my first national conference speech as your spokesman for health.

    After my speech some media commentators moaned because they found me a bit… shouty.

    Well, 12 months ago, the NHS was under threat from the Westminster bubble, but now the NHS is facing an even bigger threat from the European Union, and whilst that remains the case let me assure you… I will not stop being shouty!

    And I say to the media and anyone else that doesn’t like it - deal with it. This is about the NHS, it is about the people of this country for whom the NHS is a lifeline, and I’m not going to be quiet about it!

    There are many areas of the NHS that are affected by our full membership of the EU.

    There are reams of rules, regulations and directives that defy logic and leave clinicians and managers in a head-spin and the pending TTIP trade deal threatens the very fabric and principles that the NHS is built upon.

    There are also many unplanned, unintended consequences of wider EU policies that add pressure and confusion to the health service.

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  • Securing our borders - Mike Hookem MEP Conference Speech

    3278768777.jpgWe have all seen the images in the media, over the last few weeks, of desperate migrants making their way across Europe; of burning tires on French motorways and of migrants climbing into trucks, hoping to reach the UK.

    However, the media’s version of events in no way tells the whole story.

    My direct involvement in the Calais crisis began in June when I received an e-mail from a constituent who worked in the haulage industry.

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  • UKIP Northern Ireland welcomes Cllr Anderson

    DonnaAndersonlaunch.jpgUKIP Northern Ireland is delighted to announce that Ballymena Councillor Donna Anderson has left the Traditional Unionist Voice, TUV and joined UKIP.

    Cllr Anderson joins a growing band of UKIP councillors in Northern Ireland and builds on UKIP’s success in the recent general Election. She was welcomed into the fold today at Stormont by the UKIP Party Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA.

    David McNarry said: "I am delighted to welcome Councillor Donna Anderson to UKIP serving Mid & East Antrim Borough Council. Donna is committed and dedicated to her community and her country. A real people person who will fit well into the united UKIP team which is growing its connection with people across Northern Ireland.

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