• EU chooses nuclear option by ramming mandatory migrant quotas upon national governments

    JaneCollins.jpgSpeaking at the edges of the European Council Summit this afternoon in Brussels, UKIP MEP Jane Collins said: "EU ministers have chosen the nuclear option by ramming mandatory quotas upon national governments of the East against their will. This will cause deep resentment in these states and make the EU even more unpopular.

    "The UK is financial liable for part of this project but has no say. Regarding the migrant crisis, it's all pay and no say.

    "This is another unacceptable part of EU membership. We know that many migrants in France come across to the UK via Calais. So I would like to ask: What mechanism if any has the EU put in place to ensure that migrants distributed to EU Member States via the quota system will stay within the country allocated when that country is in the Schengen area?

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  • Reassurances sought over Volkswagen-owned Bentley motors

    LouiseBours.jpgUKIP MEP Louise Bours has asked for assurances from luxury car manufacturer Bentley that it is not embroiled in the emission test scandal engulfing its owner, Volkswagen.

    Ms Bours, who represents the north west of England, has written to the Crewe-based company seeking confirmation that it has never falsified its engine emission data.

    Her concern is the possibility of a knock-on effect to people working for marques owned by Volkswagen, which faces a multi-billion pound pay-out in recalls, fines and potential compensation claims by customers.

    The company has already set aside £4.7 billion to cover the cost of recalling 500,000 cars in the United States alone.

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  • EU ministers force through refugee quota plan

    JaneCollins.jpgResponding to the ministerial agreement on mandatory quotas, UKIP MEP Jane Collins said "there is now no escaping the fact that immigration will be decided by Brussels."

    "What we have witnessed today is four countries who wish to control who settles in their country being outvoted by foreign governments.

    "Brussels have taken another giant step into territory which should be the sole right of national governments to decide upon.

    "In the UK we know that politicians are out of sync with what the public want to happen about the migrant crisis and EU leaders are no different.

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  • Ruth Davidson's pro EU speech in Brussels shows that the only Eurosceptic party in Scotland is UKIP

    David_Coburn.jpgSpeaking in Brussels today, Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives said that she will support the UK remaining in the EU, come what may. In response David Coburn MEP, Leader of UKIP Scotland has said: "Scots opposed to the EU should vote for UKIP in the May Scottish Parliamentary elections regardless of party. All the other parties support rule from Brussels, including the Tories, to a greater or lesser extent.

    "Currently 80% of decisions are being made in Brussels and Frankfurt and not Holyrood and Westminster. UKIP is the ONLY party giving real independence to Scotland by bringing powers back to Holyrood and Westminster from the undemocratic remote European Union.

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  • Sorry Jeremy . . . the EU won't let us renationalise our railways!

    JS.jpegLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for the renationalisation of UK railways is derailed before it even gets out of the station, according to UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour.

    "As long as we remain members of the European Union, Britain is simply not allowed to do this," says the West Midlands MEP, who sits on the Transport committee in Brussels. "Ever since the First Railway Directive back in 1998, the EU has dictated that all member states must provide competition and allow independent companies to apply for non-discriminatory track access.

    "Mr Corbyn has only been in position for a week, but it is already clear that his policy ideas are off the rails. I suggest he should check his facts before making such sweeping statements - unless, of course, he is proposing to join UKIP in campaigning for a 'no' vote in the upcoming European Union referendum?"

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  • Juncker demands EU “tax harmonisation” to dodge allegations of state aid illegality

    christopher_mills.jpgIn an attempt to divert attention from his own possible involvement in Luxembourg's corporation tax affairs while he was the country’s Prime Minister, Jean Claude Juncker, the European Council President has demanded tax harmonisation across the EU.

    “We need to move towards tax harmonization.” he demanded while denying that he had anything to do with setting taxation rates while Prime Minister.

    Christopher Mills, the UKIP Business spokesman said, “It is typical of the inveterate Eurocrat that Mr Juncker is that he will try and avoid difficult questions about his own conduct by trying to force through greater European integration. To people like him, there isn't a problem there isn't a crisis, there isn't a question to which the answer is not “More European Union”.

    "Harmonisation of tax regimes will only have the impact of making European Countries less competitive in the global market and drive business our of the European Union, and therefore out of the UK into the wider world.

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  • Wales to see first UKIP stronghold in a domestic parliament

    nathangill.jpgOne of Britain’s leading psephologists has today released predictions reaffirming that UKIP could take 7 seats in the Welsh Assembly next year.

    The research done by Ian Warren, a noted election forecaster, echoes earlier calculations made by YouGov this year reported by ITV Wales.

    UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill MEP said that the more democratic seat allocation under the top up regional list system means that real public opinion can be mirrored with representation, giving thousands of people a voice, and leading to real change

    “For decades we have had a one party state under Labour in Wales, and have seen standards repeatedly decline in health, education and employment. There are so many voters out there who are switching to UKIP as the only party that really understands and represents them.

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  • Merkel's migrant offer was "a colossal, historic mistake"

    StevenWoolfe_(1).jpegSpeaking to a group of UKIP members in Chester Steven Woolfe, UKIP’s Migration Spokesman commented on the closure of borders within Europe fuelled by the decision of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to give an open-ended welcome to refugees:

    “If politicians in a democracy are servants of the people, then the question, ‘Just who are the people?’ is surely one of the most important questions of our time. Over generations the ebbs and flows of a democracy’s population grows and shrinks according to numerous factors – births, deaths, immigration, emigration and economic stability and growth. It is the job of politicians in a democracy to take account of demographic changes. The provision of the public services and the infrastructure projects at the heart of a civilised society depends on planners knowing just how many people they are providing and budgeting for. Politicians who actively attempt to transform the fortunes of their nation by manipulating population figures, have quite rightly been shunned by democrats everywhere because the effects are so unpredictable – China being an obvious case in point.

    “This is why Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel’s perceived opened-ended welcome to all migrants is a colossal, historic mistake for the European Union.

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  • UKIP votes to uphold Geneva Convention on Refugees to reduce draw factor towards Europe thus saving lives.

    In the European Parliament, Brussels today, UKIP MEPs voted to uphold Geneva Convention on Refugees to reduce the draw factor for migrants towards Europe thus saving lives. The party also voted  to stop the UK being financially liable for not agreeing to mandatory placement of migrants in the UK.

    The new emergency legislation which now goes to the next European Council meeting means that states in the Schengen Area can vote by qualified majority voting. Countries such as Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic which are opposed to taking in more migrants could be forced to do so by Germany, Italy and France.

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  • Small business owners are starting to realise that the EU affects their businesses in a profound way

    Margot_11_(1).jpgFollowing the publication of a Federation of Small Businesses survey conducted with 6,000 of its members, UKIP's spokesman for Small Businesses Margot Parker MEP commented on the findings.

    "The poll results show that small business owners are starting to realise that the EU affects their businesses in a profound way. I am not surprised that small business owners are more 'Eurosceptic' than big business - after all, the EU is designed to make the lives of large companies and corporations easier.

    "What is clear from the survey is that small business owners want more information about the EU and how leaving or staying might impact their businesses. UKIP, and no doubt other organisations campaigning on the 'leave' side, will be reaching out to small business owners and making a case for leaving the EU.

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