• Saudis reject Syrian refugees but offer to build 200 mosques in Germany

    German newspapers are reporting how oil rich Arab states are blocking visas for Syrian refugees but are simultaneously offering millions to build up to 200 mosques to cope with the refugee exodus into Germany.

    UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said: “It is about time the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation stepped up to the plate and helped. Some of the richest countries in the world are both nearer geographically and culturally to most members of this tragic exodus. But instead of adopting the obvious humanitarian response and taking in some of the desperate masses it appears that they are offering to build mosques in Germany instead. Hardly a humanitarian priority”

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  • UKIP slams ECJ's Working Time judgement as harmful to small businesses

    Margot Parker MEP, UKIP spokeswoman on small business has demanded that the ECJ stop interfering in British small business after they ruled today that time spent travelling to and from appointments by workers with no fixed office should be classed as working time.

    The East Midlands MEP said, "Anything the EU does that adds more red tape to small business simply just holds them back. It stifles innovation and entrepreneurship and they should just simply stay out of legislation for small business. It should be a British Parliament accountable to the British people making our laws, and interpreted by a British Supreme Court. While we are members of the EU, the ECJ is the final arbiter of our laws, and this is harmful to our lives and working culture.


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  • UKIP and McNarry speak on the current NI crisis


    UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA has said: “People should have listened to UKIP at the start of this crisis when we called for Sinn Fein to be suspended from the Northern Ireland Assembly, because no one could work with a party holding a terrorist army in the wings.

    It is up to the Secretary of State and the Government to convince our people that this Assembly – or the next Assembly – is free for all time from having terrorists in government. Direct rule will not remove the existence of the IRA or persuade society that we are rid of the Provos. When a Provo shoots a Provo, the last thing people expected was that unionists would be punished.

    Democrats need to go it alone - without Sinn Fein - until they believe that full democracy is restored here.”


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  • Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen, the greatest ambassador our nation has ever had

    congratulations-socialmedia.pngToday UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has congratulated Her Majesty the Queen for becoming our longest-reigning monarch: "Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen, the greatest ambassador our nation has ever had."

    UKIP Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle also added his congratulations saying: "We offer Her Majesty The Queen our loyal good wishings as she celebrates today the extraordinary milestone of becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history.

    "As she opens Parliament or stands before the Cenotaph for the 60th time, the Queen appears as permanent as those edifices, embodying in flesh and blood the history and traditions that they represent in brick and stone.

    "With her 90th birthday on the horizon next April, the Queen rightly inspires unequalled respect and affection, not just in Britain but throughout the world.

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  • Why are the oil-rich Gulf States not taking in refugees?

    Today in a speech in the European Parliament, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall, asked why the oil-rich Gulf States are not taking in refugees. Watch his speech in full below:  

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  • To protect genuine refugees and our culture, we must stop trafficking gangs and the boats coming to Europe

    Speaking today in the European Parliament, Strasbourg in response to a State of the Union speech by the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, UKIP leader Nigel Farage urged that Britain be given back control of its borders.

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  • New EU propaganda blitz will be counter-productive

    PaulNutall-new1.jpgEuropean Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to spend nearly €26 million on a massive new publicity campaign to promote the EU in 2016. The campaign would be the biggest-ever EU communications effort and is built around the theme of “A New Boost for Jobs, Growth and Investment.”

    Its budget of €25.75 million is slated to be spent on a full suite of communications ranging from billboards to web advertisements, and possibly exhibitions and TV and radio air time.

    Responding UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said: "This is a desperate attempt by the EU to paper over the cracks just as it is riven by disunity because of the Euro-induced poverty and migrant crisis. When the substance is bad, no amount of taxpayer-funded propaganda will convince people that the EU is either necessary or doing a good job.

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  • #SayNoEUTour kicks off in Margate

    Last night saw the #SayNoEUTour kick off in Margate with over 1000 in attendance and many more around the world tuning into the livestream to watch Nigel Farage make the case for voting to leave the European Union. If you weren't able to go or watch it live you can catch up here:


    If you'd like to see Nigel in person or find out where the nearest #SayNoEUTour event to you is then click here.

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  • Public deceived over bin plans

    PaulNutall-new1.jpgThe scrapping of plans for weekly bin collections was inevitable and it is outrageous that the public has been deceived, said UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.

    “It is also totally wrong that there has been a £250million investment in a failed scheme to encourage town halls to reverse the trend towards fortnightly collections. This was a complete waste of our money with not one council restoring weekly bin emptying and some actually scrapping them in favour of fortnightly collections.

    “The government is now saying that the scheme is to be dropped which flies in the face of Tory promises while in opposition to restore ‘the fundamental right’ of families to have their bins emptied very seven days. But what they never actually admit is that behind the change to alternative week collections lie two EU directives.

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  • EU referendum campaign: 300 meetings and counting

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage today launched UKIP's national campaign to fight for Britain to regain its ability to govern itself and by doing so regain control of its borders.

    At a packed Westminster meeting in front of the world's press Mr Farage said, "The campaign for Britain to leave the EU has started and is launching today. This is the largest outreach campaign in the history of Euroscepticism."

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