• Steven Woolfe comments on Government announcement that migrants working illegally face jail

    StevenWoolfe_(1).jpegCommenting on the Government announcement that migrants working illegally face being sent to jail, UKIP Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said:

    "This must be the week that the net migration numbers come out since this announcement has to be one of the most stupid ideas yet from a Government utterly bereft of a clue on how to deal with the migration crisis. It’s an idea dreamed up the Conservative Party’s PR department to camouflage Thursday’s ONS immigration statistics which will show that yet gain the government has lost control of Britain’s borders.

    “Sending illegally working immigrants to gaol will cost a fortune, put huge pressure on the prison system, add treacle to the already gummed up courts system with the possibility of remand and appeals stretching into a Human Rights Act horizon and keep the immigrants on our shores. Instead the Government should deport them. If they are illegally working they have broken the law. It’s that simple.

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  • Nigel Farage in today's Telegraph

    Nigel Farage: Immigration will be the defining issue of this EU referendum campaign.

    "When the referendum comes, the British people will finally have their chance to reject these open borders by saying No to the European Union." Read Nigel Farage's article in today's Telegraph.

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  • UKIP calls for NATO Action to Stem Migrant Flow

    Responding to today’s ‘Gold Command’ declaration on the Calais migrant crisis by the French and British governments, UKIP’s Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe commented:

    “Throughout this crisis the response of both governments has been lamentable and knee jerk. This latest declaration is yet another of example of this. Over the summer lorry drivers and passengers suffered the consequences of the British and French government’s inability to develop cohesive long term solutions.  The UK government has finally woken up to the logistics and security threat that migrant flash mobs in the Port pose to a major transport artery to and from Britain. The French Authorities, as usual don't care about the British problem, are prioritising receiving EU money for rebuilding Calais port over the migrant camps. Neither government has the political will, ideas or care to address the cause of the problem in this declaration which is the extraordinary flow of illegal migrants into Europe."

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  • UKIP’s Mike Hookem MEP – “Afghan Interpreters MUST Get Fast track UK Entry”

    UKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has called for Afghan interpreters who worked with the British Army to be given priority to apply for asylum, saying they "should not be left to suffer at the hands of Islamic extremists”.

    Mr Hookem said there were "legal channels for those people who are in danger because of their work with British forces to get to a safe country and apply to live in the UK.”

    “At the very least, we should be extending the same rights to former Afghan interpreters as those already in place for their Iraqi colleagues. Surely the UK can also demand that other EU countries honour a fast track system for those who greatly aided NATO forces in a time of conflict.”

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  • British innovation being held back from reaching the stars says UKIP Science Spokesman Dr Julia Reid MEP

    To-use1.jpgUKIP’s national science spokesman Dr Julia Reid MEP says a six-month delay over a planned £50 million UK Government grant to fund advances in launching satellites shows how British innovation is being held back from reaching the stars.

    The MEP, who represents the South West and Gibraltar, says interference from the European Commission (EC) resulted in a six-month delay on the UK Government’s plan to grant £50m to the Reaction Engines’ SABRE space launcher engine programme.

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  • Not before time... UKIP welcomes rail ticket price controls

    jill.jpgUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour today welcomed the end of inflation-busting rail fare rises.

    But she questioned why the price of travelling by train should be increasing at all in the new year – with the cost of many tickets having already risen by 25 per cent since 2010.

    Her comments came as it was confirmed that regulated rail fares are to be kept in line with the cost of living from January, with any changes now tied to the Retail Price Index (RPI) level of inflation.

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  • Low inflation is no excuse to postpone rise in interest rates

    markreckless.pngUKIP Economy Spokesman, Mark Reckless, this morning welcomed the continued low level of Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) with prices on that measure up 0.1% on the year to July 2015.

    Mark expressed concern at policy makers dragging their feet on returning interest rates to more normal levels.

    Prices tend to fall in July with the summer sales, but this year the fall in the CPI index from 128.2 to 128.0 was less than the fall from 128.3 to 127.8 between June and July last year. We are also benefitting temporarily from falling petrol and diesel prices lowering the inflation rate by 0.7%.


    Mark Reckless said: "For over six years official interest rates have been at 0.5% with £375 billion of money printed. A modest rise in interest rates now may help forestall larger rises later, so ultimately could protect mortgage holdersMeanwhile, pensioners and those on fixed incomes have been squeezed for too long, while banks have failed to allocate capital to more productive uses. UKIP believes that low inflation at the moment is not a good excuse to keep interest rates continually at crisis levels"

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  • The Union flag is about unity - UKIP Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle

    Top athletes Greg Rutherford and Dame Kelly Holmes have expressed their disappointment at the disappearance of the Union flag from the British kit for the upcoming World Championships in Bejiing.

    And with depressing predictability The Guardian has run an article in which it brands the flag 'ugly and divisive.'

    The author of the piece, Joanthan Jones, is the same critic who poured scorn over the immensely popular World War I poppies installation at the Tower of London last year.

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  • Proposed beer garden smoking ban is the work of "crackpot killjoys"

    Banning smoking in beer gardens because it looks “bad” would be an outrageous affront to millions of people acting perfectly within the law, says Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

    The Royal Society for Public Health says smoking should be seen as “abnormal” and wants even more controls over where people can or cannot light up.

    Mr Nuttall, MEP for the North West, said further controls on smoking would sound the death knell for the already under-pressure pub industry.

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  • Only 14% want further integration, public now understand EU politics

    News that only 14% of Brits want more integration with the EU is a sign the public have an increasing understanding of how Brussels negatively effects the UK – says UKIP's Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP.

    In a survey conducted by polling company Opinium, more than 7000 EU residents were asked if EU countries “should continue to progress towards ever closer union”.

    Over 1000 of those questioned were British. Whilst a majority of people from countries with struggling economies like Spain and Portugal favour the idea, most residents of more stable countries such as Holland and France would resist closer ties.


    At only 14%, Britain has the lowest level of support for further integration of all EU nations.

    Welcoming the news, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said: “For years Westminster bubble politicians have relied on a low level of public awareness to convince us all we had to further integrate with the EU to survive on the world stage.

    “Because UKIP have been successful in getting the EU on the domestic political agenda people have started to take more of an interest in the subject, and the more they see, the less they like.

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