• Today is the Tenth anniversary of the Dutch No vote to the EU Constitution – The EU has learned nothing since

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegUKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP said: “Today is the 10th anniversary of the Dutch people categorically rejecting the EU constitution in 2005. It is fair to ask, has the EU learned anything in the meantime? Obviously not, for not only were the Dutch and French voters ignored, but the Irish No vote to Lisbon was also dismissed.

    "By chance, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras last night accused the Eurozone’s dominant players of incrementally bringing the ‘complete abolition of democracy in Europe’ and ushering in a technocratic monstrosity. How right he is.

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  • This referendum is about who governs Britain

    David Cameron is trying to make the UK’s relationship with the European Union simply a question of migrant access to benefits.

    This referendum isn’t about the details of benefits policy, but about who governs Britain.


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  • Jonathan Arnott MEP's top 5 reasons to leave the European Union

  • Cameron tells us he still believes in Free Movement of people from the EU

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegTalking in Berlin today the Prime Minister made it clear that he believes whole heartedly both in the European Union’s doctrine of the Free Movement of People and that Britain should remain within the European Union.

    In response UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, “What this Referendum is really about isn't the details of benefits policy, but about who governs Britain.

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  • Bill does not guarantee a free and fair referendum, says UKIP Chairman

    steve-crowther.jpgThe Draft European Union (Referendum) Bill that has been published does not guarantee a fair referendum, says UKIP Chairman Steve Crowther.

    “While we strongly welcome the Government’s commitment in the Queen’s Speech to an In-Out referendum, the Bill outlines the question to be asked, which skews the referendum in favour of a ‘stay-in’ position by giving the Europhiles the ‘Yes’ answer – regardless of what concessions the Prime Minister manages to negotiate.

    “But more importantly, it fails to mandate a period of ‘purdah’, normal in elections, to prevent the government from making announcements in the run-up which might affect the result.

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  • William Dartmouth MEP slams Labour for failing to protect the NHS against TTIP in the European Parliament

    william_d.jpgThe European Parliament's trade committee backed away from a confrontation with the bloc's trade commissioner on Thursday, supporting proposals by the EU commission to continue ongoing EU-US trade talks. MEPs backed the continuation of negotiations by 28 to 13. 

    Following the vote UKIP MEP William Dartmouth attacked the Labour Party for using underhand parliamentary manoeuvring to ensure UKIP amendments calling for the exclusion of the NHS from TTIP were not voted on.

    Three Labour MEPs allowed through compromise amendment 22. This did not specifically include the NHS. In consequence, the UKIP amendments that gave the proper and necessary protections to the NHS were dismissed.

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  • Trafficking not taken seriously enough by the British Courts says Louise Bours

    Prison sentences handed down for the trafficking of young girls into the UK for forced marriage and exploitation are not strong enough to act as a deterrent, says UKIP’s Louise Bours.

    A National Crime Agency report has indicated that in 2013 alone, 600 children had been identified as having been trafficked into the UK.*

    Speaking to the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, Ms Bours pointed out that individuals convicted of such crimes faced a maximum sentence of just seven years.

    Ms Bours, MEP for the North West, told the parliament that this "is simply not a strong enough deterrent."

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  • Reputation of football can only be rescued with the removal of Sepp Blatter as FIFA president

    PaulNuttall1.jpgThe reputation of football can only be rescued with the removal of Sepp Blatter as FIFA president and a rerun of the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments, says UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.

    The North West MEP was speaking as US officials indicated there were more arrests to come from their wide-ranging investigation into fraud, bribery and corruption within the game.

    Mr Nuttall, a lifelong Liverpool supporter and season ticket holder, said: “Sepp Blatter’s position as FIFA president was already on shaky ground but now surely no one will argue that it is in any way tenable.

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  • EU Referendum question announced

    1017739_753280291386243_8538108291027881607_n.jpgVoters will be asked ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union? when they go to the polls for the in/out referendum, it has been confirmed.

    In response UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "It is a simple straightforward, unambiguous question. That much is clear.

    "However that Cameron is opting to give the pro-EU side the positive 'Yes' suggests strongly that his negotiations are so much fudge. He has already decided which way he wants the answer to be given, without a single power repatriated"

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  • Douglas Carswell MP on the Queen's Speech