• Farage welcomes Blair intervention on the European Union

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegNigel Farage, the UKIP leader, has welcomed Tony Blair’s intervention on the EU referendum. Mr Blair is to speak in Sedgefield about why he feels the British people should not get a choice on their future.

    Nigel Farage said, “Finally a chance to have a proper debate about the impact of the EU on British national life during this general election campaign.

    "Blair was PM when the government promised a referendum on the EU constitution before the name of that was changed to the “Lisbon Treaty” and he cynically withdrew his offer.

    "Blair was also an enthusiast for British membership of the Eurozone and had personal ambitions to become “President of Europe”, and how has that worked out for Europe and him?”

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  • UKIP mocks the arrogance of David Cameron's absurd "come home" message to our supporters

    PatrickOflynn.jpgDavid Cameron has appealed to UKIP supporters to "come home" to the Tories to help stop a Labour government. In response UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn said: "It was David Cameron who called UKIP voters "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists mostly". He has never fully apologised for or retracted that disgraceful slur.

    "For the most part Cameron and his party are just one head of a multi-headed hydra, the LibLabCon. UKIP supporters oppose the LibLabCon on a whole range of policies from the overarching issue of EU membership, to open-door immigration, foreign aid giveaways, defence cuts, the ban on new grammar schools, the Climate Change Act that puts up our energy bills, Inheritance Tax, the HS2 vanity project and the Barnett Formula excess spending in Scotland.

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  • Yorkshire Conservative PPC and sitting Councillor Defects to UKIP

    2.jpgTory Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hull West & Hessle, and Councillor for the Willerby & Kirkella Ward on East Riding Council, Mike Whitehead has defected to UKIP saying he is “disgusted” with the behaviour of the ruling Tory group in East Yorkshire, and the “wilful refusal” of the Conservative Party nationally to intervene and control them.

    Commenting on his reasons for deciding to join UKIP, Mike said, “I believe as a member of UKIP, I will be able to speak up for the residents and represent their views on the Council. I also hope that with the election of other UKIP Councillors, I can help open this secretive Council up and make it more transparent and work better for the residents rather than to the benefit of the few.”

    “I also want to ensure that the Council works more closely in a strategic capacity with other agencies including, Hull City Council and Humberside Police amongst others. It is important that we remove ‘petty fiefdoms’ and ensure this region is not left behind when greater resources are devolved by the next Government.”

    Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader said, "I am delighted to be welcoming Mike to the party at this exciting time. His move to UKIP just underlines that today, the real party of opposition to Labour in the North is UKIP. It is another hammer blow to Tory pretensions in the north of England".

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  • 50% of people support Nigel Farage on HIV treatment

    CB1ci0SWYAA58o-.pngA YouGov poll for the Sunday Times shows that 50% of people support UKIP Leader Nigel Farage's stance that there should not be free treatment on the NHS for immigrants coming to the UK with HIV.

    Mr Farage highlighted the issue in the ITV's Leaders' Debate on Thursday and was roundly criticised by the political establishment but today's poll shows that his stance has the backing of the British people.

    A UKIP spokesman said: "This poll finding shows yet again the disconnect that exists between the Westminster bubble and much of the population. Nigel Farage is the one leader who has the political courage to raise difficult issues and clearly millions of voters agree with that stance."

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  • UKIP Economics Spokesman invited to take part in the BBC Daily Politics Economy Debate

    PatrickOflynn.pngUKIP's Economics Spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP has been invited to take part in the BBC Daily Politics Economy Debate on April 22nd and will go head-to-head with representatives from the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the SNP.

    Patrick O'Flynn said: "I am delighted to to have been invited by the BBC to take part and I relish the prospect of a wide-ranging debate."

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  • Labour accused of 'Blatant Hypocrisy' over primary school places

    PaulNutall-new1.jpgTristram Hunt, Labour's education spokesman has blamed the appalling shortfall in primary school places on education policy and free schools, rather than his own government's throwing open the doors to uncontrolled immigration from Eastern Europe.

    The Local Government Association has admitted that two in five local councils will have a shortfall in places at primary schools by next year, and that there will be a shortfall of 880,000 places before 2025.

    Paul Nuttall MEP, the UKIP education spokesman said, "There is only one bit of truth to what Tristram Hunt says, and that is that there is a shameful shortage of primary school places, but it isn’t because of Free Schools as he says, it’s down to mass uncontrolled immigration, brought in by Labour and supported by the Tories and Lib Dems."

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  • Insult to injury EU forces Britain to increase aid spend

    abwJ9NwqIu8VsMDn-3a_yf7s0wg.pngBy causing the UK to change its accounting methods to suit an EU norm, the UK will be forced to spend an extra £1 billion on Aid if it is to keep to its commitment of spending 0.7% of GDP.

    Nathan Gill MEP, UKIP’s Development spokesman said, "Having the EU forcing the UK into paying an extra £1bn into Foreign Aid adds insult to injury. The real horror is that with the national debt spiralling out of control we will have to borrow this billion just in order to give it away.

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  • Only UKIP offers real, positive change


    Last night's debate was a resounding success for UKIP, with polls rating Farage one of the best performers.

    The debate underlined our central point that there is a simple choice in every part of the UK; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; UKIP or one of the others.

    Nigel Farage told the unvarnished truth about UKIP being the only choice. The only choice if you wish to see controls placed on unlimited EU immigration, the only choice for those who wish to see a referendum on our membership of the EU, the only choice for honesty about the national debt, the NHS, the housing crisis and the problems facing young people in Britain today.

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  • Watch Nigel Farage tonight in the ITV Leaders Debate

  • East Yorkshire Conservative Councillor, Michael Burchill defects to UKIP just prior to leaders debate

    East Yorkshire Councillor, Michael Burchill, has tonight defected from the Conservatives to UKIP saying the Conservative party “has been consumed with enforcing its will on the membership without consultation”.

    After handing his resignation to Angus West, Chairman of the Conservative Central Haltemprice Branch, Michael said, “The local Conservative Party have forgotten that councillors work for the Residents and Constituents not for the council. I was elected to represent my residents and monitor the council’s performance and whilst the council is very good in some areas it is appalling in others. If you disagree with anything in the Conservative group you are in trouble. Interception and redirection of emails is endemic and shouting down of members in council is common. Democracy is a process they do not understand.”

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