• UKIP Economics Spokesman invited to take part in the BBC Daily Politics Economy Debate

    PatrickOflynn.pngUKIP's Economics Spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP has been invited to take part in the BBC Daily Politics Economy Debate on April 22nd and will go head-to-head with representatives from the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the SNP.

    Patrick O'Flynn said: "I am delighted to to have been invited by the BBC to take part and I relish the prospect of a wide-ranging debate."

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  • Labour accused of 'Blatant Hypocrisy' over primary school places

    PaulNutall-new1.jpgTristram Hunt, Labour's education spokesman has blamed the appalling shortfall in primary school places on education policy and free schools, rather than his own government's throwing open the doors to uncontrolled immigration from Eastern Europe.

    The Local Government Association has admitted that two in five local councils will have a shortfall in places at primary schools by next year, and that there will be a shortfall of 880,000 places before 2025.

    Paul Nuttall MEP, the UKIP education spokesman said, "There is only one bit of truth to what Tristram Hunt says, and that is that there is a shameful shortage of primary school places, but it isn’t because of Free Schools as he says, it’s down to mass uncontrolled immigration, brought in by Labour and supported by the Tories and Lib Dems."

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  • Insult to injury EU forces Britain to increase aid spend

    abwJ9NwqIu8VsMDn-3a_yf7s0wg.pngBy causing the UK to change its accounting methods to suit an EU norm, the UK will be forced to spend an extra £1 billion on Aid if it is to keep to its commitment of spending 0.7% of GDP.

    Nathan Gill MEP, UKIP’s Development spokesman said, "Having the EU forcing the UK into paying an extra £1bn into Foreign Aid adds insult to injury. The real horror is that with the national debt spiralling out of control we will have to borrow this billion just in order to give it away.

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  • Only UKIP offers real, positive change


    Last night's debate was a resounding success for UKIP, with polls rating Farage one of the best performers.

    The debate underlined our central point that there is a simple choice in every part of the UK; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; UKIP or one of the others.

    Nigel Farage told the unvarnished truth about UKIP being the only choice. The only choice if you wish to see controls placed on unlimited EU immigration, the only choice for those who wish to see a referendum on our membership of the EU, the only choice for honesty about the national debt, the NHS, the housing crisis and the problems facing young people in Britain today.

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  • Watch Nigel Farage tonight in the ITV Leaders Debate

  • East Yorkshire Conservative Councillor, Michael Burchill defects to UKIP just prior to leaders debate

    East Yorkshire Councillor, Michael Burchill, has tonight defected from the Conservatives to UKIP saying the Conservative party “has been consumed with enforcing its will on the membership without consultation”.

    After handing his resignation to Angus West, Chairman of the Conservative Central Haltemprice Branch, Michael said, “The local Conservative Party have forgotten that councillors work for the Residents and Constituents not for the council. I was elected to represent my residents and monitor the council’s performance and whilst the council is very good in some areas it is appalling in others. If you disagree with anything in the Conservative group you are in trouble. Interception and redirection of emails is endemic and shouting down of members in council is common. Democracy is a process they do not understand.”

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  • UKIP's first 2015 General Election Broadcast

    You can now watch UKIP's first election broadcast here: 

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  • UKIP's stance on zero hour contracts


    Our party has been raising concerns about zero hours contracts for a long time. A year ago Nigel Farage recommended a tough new crackdown on them.

    Today UKIP Economics Spokesman Patrick O'Flynn said: "The spread of zero hours contracts is yet another symptom of the over-supply of labour for working class jobs because of open door immigration from the EU. Big corporate employers have been able to bid down both pay and conditions because they know that workers can be found from the low wage economies of southern and eastern Europe who will accept inferior terms.

    "Unless the established parties end freedom of movement across the EU, which they won’t, they cannot help British workers to higher wages or better conditions of employment. Only UKIP can do that."

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  • Only UKIP can be trusted to reduce immigration

  • Honda’s £200m investment is a massive vote of confidence in Britain

    6b62003be31b0424689108521314ffee.jpegFollowing the announcement that Honda is investing a further £200m in their plant in Swindon, Roger Helmer, the UKIP Industry spokesman said, "I'm delighted that Honda has shown this strong gesture of confidence in the UK motor industry, which goes from strength to strength.

    "The UK will continue to be a major hub for auto manufacture and exports, whether or not we remain in the European Union".

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