• Stop fraud in the Aid budget? Simple, slash that budget and spend the money here

    The Public Accounts Committee report on fraud in the International Aid budget was scathing about the dismissive attitude to fraud displayed by both the Foreign and International Development departments which suggested that there was no significant problem with fraud.

    Lisa Duffy, UKIP's Foreign Aid spokesman said, "As the Committee made clear, it isn't good enough to wave a hand and claim not to be able to divulge who is committing the fraud, it is imperative that people are able to know who is stealing their hard earned taxes.

    "That the Committee itself seems to accept that there are both "legal and cultural sensitivities" in divulging the identities of the fraudsters is equally worrying.

    "We have our own cultural sensitivity here in the UK, the one in which tax payers money is accounted for and accountable.

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  • Labour have learnt nothing since the Referendum


    UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said: “Mrs May doesn’t have much of a Brexit plan to start with but Labour’s plans are even worse than hers.

    “Mrs May intends to fudge exit so we leave in name but not in reality, Labour’s plan is to not even pretend to have left. Under their plans, we might as well not even bother. This is as near as you can get to staying in without remaining within the EU.

    “Their fixation on going back and back to Parliament is merely cover for a desire to block Brexit and at best will hearten the EU to play the hardest ball possible during the next two years of negotiations.

    “UKIP is the only party with a policy for leaving the EU quickly, cleanly and completely. Brexit must mean Exit.”

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  • UKIP's new integration policy platform

    UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall, Deputy Leader Peter Whittle, Education Spokesman David Kurten and Women's and Equality Spokesman Margot Parker today launched the broad UKIP integration agenda.

    UKIP Deputy Leader and Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle has renewed calls for a total ban on face coverings in a public place:

    "UKIP are the only political party committed to passing a law against th­e wearing of face cov­erings in public plac­es. Face coverings ar­e a deliberate barrie­r to integration and,­ in many contexts, a ­security risk too. Th­e time has come to ou­tlaw them. People sho­uld show their face i­n a public place. This is a policy that is already enacted in France, Belgium, Holland and Austria, and in parts of Spain, Italy, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania in Europe alone. It is a normal, modern and reasonable response to a problem faced today.

    "We are also calling for postal voting on demand to be scrapped and a return­ to a higher threshol­d of demonstrable nee­d before a postal vot­e is granted. Postal ­votes on demand have ­led to a boom in elec­toral fraud and vote-­stealing, especially ­among minority commun­ities.

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  • Our bold new integration agenda aims to bring communities together

    TogetherPodium.gifUKIP's Integration Agenda was launched in London today. The policy document addresses a wide range of cultural issues that have worked against communities coming together. You can read it here:

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  • Corbyn would make the world more dangerous

    UKIP Defence Spokesman Cllr Bill Etheridge MEP has called Jeremy Corbyn's defence policy "an incoherent mess which would throw the UK into huge security difficulties."

    Cllr Etheridge was "shocked" that Mr Corbyn would not want to eliminate the leader of ISIS."

    "How can it be a tough decision not to kill al-Baghdadi when he leads an inhumane, murderous death cult? The people of Mosul might have a few words to say to Mr Corbyn about that."

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  • Putting our country first

    UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall writes, "What does a party leader go into a general election hoping for? That’s normally a pretty easy question to answer – as many votes as possible for his party at the expense of every other party and every other candidate in the field.

    "But at this general election it is a lot more complicated than that. Because UKIP was set up to restore Britain’s status as a self-governing democracy and this election comes with that ambition tantalisingly within reach.

    "Generations of UKIP activists campaigned and leafleted through wind and rain with the ambition of getting our country out of the EU. And some never lived to see the glorious day when our magnificent referendum victory was confirmed.

    "In memory of such people and to be true to the founding principles of my party I must ensure that we work at all times to advance the practical cause of Brexit in Parliament, in the country at large and in the negotiating chambers of the European Union.

    "That means, to put it in shorthand, adhering to the principle of country before party in the changed political circumstances that pertain today.

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  • Government's latest policy on Motability cars is a cynical attempt to buy votes from disabled people

    UKIP disability spokesman Cllr Star Anderton has described the latest policy on Motability cars as "a cynical attempt to buy votes from disabled people.

    The government have announced that people can now keep their specially-adapted cars for up to six months if they are denied Personal Independence Payments.

    "So many have already lost their motability vehicles and aren't getting them back," said Cllr Anderton, who uses an wheelchair adapted vehicle (VAWs).

    "Over 800 people every week have lost their enhanced rate PIP mobility component so punishing people then promising something they will never get is a disgrace," she said.

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  • Hang out the flags for St George’s Day this Sunday


    “We are on our way to freedom from the suffocating grip of the European Union and there has not been such a cause for celebration for many a year.

    “And it means that EU flags should no longer be flown at public buildings in England and instead the flag of St George should be fluttering in their place.

    “I have always believed that England’s patron saint should be properly honoured and I really do think St George’s Day should be declared a Bank Holiday.

    “It is something I have long mooted and how fantastic if it could be brought in to mark the end of our EU membership and the regaining of our independence,” said UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall.

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  • Action not Political correctness needed as new Welsh FGM figures revealed


    Political correctness or plain incompetence to deal with the problem is leading to a shocking number of girls suffering genital mutilation in Wales, says one of the country’s assembly members. The charge comes as new figures show a new case of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is discovered by maternity staff in Wales every week. The figures have been branded ‘the tip of the iceberg’ by the charity Welsh Women’s Aid, who estimate that 2,000 women in Wales are living with FGM and many more are at risk of suffer the abuse. Although the practice of carrying out FGM has been illegal since 1985, to date there has not been a single prosecution for carrying out the procedure in Wales.

    Michelle Brown, UKIP’s Assembly member for North Wales, has previously spoken in the Senedd out about the need for a better strategy for eradicating FGM, she said: “Since my election a year ago, I have raised concerns about the lack of action against this disgusting crime on numerous occasions.

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  • Patrick O'Flynn returns as economic spokesman

    Patrick.jpgUKIP Leader Paul Nuttall has appointed Patrick O'Flynn MEP as the party's economic spokesman.

    Mr O'Flynn, who served in the same role at the last general election said: "I am delighted and honoured to take charge of UKIP's economic portfolio again.

    "I am greatly looking forward to working with our manifesto team to produce the best economic policies for Britain and another robustly costed manifesto which bears down on public sector waste while finding more money for our priorities such as the NHS and defence.

    "I shall also be speaking up against tax rises on working people. It is obvious that Philip Hammond is 

    planning to use the election to free himself from promises made in 2015 not to raise tax.

    "I have little doubt that he is planning to bring back the national insurance increases for the self-employed t

    hat he was previously forced to abandon."

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