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  • Batten and Hookem attack "Brussels Napoleons" over EU military infrastructure plan

    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten and Deputy Leader Mike Hookem have attacked a new European Union plan to develop ‘military corridors’ within the EU, describing it as “a head-on charge towards PESCO and EU Military union.”

    The effort to update infrastructure for military movements will be part of an on-going plan to create nine east-west and north-south 'core network corridors' to be completed by 2030, at a cost of over €500 billion.

    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said:

    “This plan is just another aspect of the European Union’s intentions to create its own armed forces.

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  • UKIP Leader Calls on Amber Rudd to resign over Home Office losing track of over 600,000 foreign visitors

    The Home Office has revealed that it has lost track of over 600,000 foreign visitors to the UK; the same amount as the population of Belfast. UKIP Leader Gerard Batten is furious and calling on Home Secretary Amber Rudd to stand down over the debacle.

    The Conservative Government has spent £800 million on a borders system designed to log every entry into and departure from the country. However, the immigration watchdog has revealed gigantic failures in the system.

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  • Gerard Batten: “It’s twelve months until the day that we don’t really leave the EU”

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  • Blue Passports should be made in the UK, says Jonathan Bullock MEP

    East Midlands MEP Jonathan Bullock said he was disappointed the new post-Brexit passports may not be made in the UK.

    The British firm, which has made the UK’s passports for ten years, wants answers from the Government on reports it is set to award the contract for the new blue passports to a Franco-Dutch company.

    Mr Bullock said: "The new blue passport is one symbol of us voting to leave the EU. It is disappointing they look likely to be made abroad and they should be made in this country for security reasons.

    "Of course, this also means the loss of business to the current makers of the passports – a British company. I hope the Government will look at this again."

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  • UKIP Wales Leader files complaint against BBC programme for "anti-Brexit bias"

    UKIP Wales Leader Neil Hamilton has written a complaint to the BBC and Ofcom about a segment of the BBC Radio 4 programme The World at One. The UKIP Wales Leader criticised the “anti-Brexit bias” of the programme.

    The segment, broadcast on Monday 19 March involved BBC journalist Tomos Morgan asking children from Pontybrenin Primary School near Gorseinon about their views on Brexit.

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  • Gerard Batten - A Decisive Step towards Brexit ‘Betrayal’

    In a joint press conference, David Davies and Michel Barnier announced a “legal text which constitutes a decisive step towards a final agreement”. 

    What it actually constitutes is a decisive step towards a betrayal of Brexit and genuine Exit from the EU.

    Under the proposed Agreement we would see a transition period up to 2022 during which time we would be obliged to keep existing laws and implement new ones.


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  • David Coburn says NO to a Brexit Transition Period - LET’S BREXIT NOW

    As I predicted, the Tory Brexit deal, is destroying the Scottish Fishing industry, over this 2-year period. It seems that Lib Lab Con & the SNP all prefer the EU running our fishing grounds. 

    As the only pro-Brexit Scottish MEP, I will continue to fight, alone if necessary, for Scottish fishermen!

    All those involved in the Brexit deal, claim they don't want to see a hard border in Northern Ireland, so why is there any issue? If nobody wants it, then don't do it! 

    The EU are playing dangerous & disingenuous games!

    The continuation of free movement during the transition period due to the Brexit deal, not only ignores the voters of the UK, but it also smacks of a desire to flood the UK with migrants to change our voting demographic. 

    Just like Labour did in the not so distant past!

    If there are no British MEP’s, then there should be NO Transitional period! Our taxes pay for this nonsense and taxation without representation is a dictatorship!

    Britain cannot become a colony of Brussels, for 2 days, let alone 2 years, with Zero MEP’s or seats at the table!

    Our unity may intimidate them, but it's none of their business!

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    ”Keeping UK fishers tied to EU for another two years will kill the fishing industry” says UKIP fisheries spokesman.

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  • "Those People Will Do Everything They Can To Frustrate It" - William Dartmouth MEP on Brexit Negotiations & Westminster Politicians

    William Dartmouth MEP condemned the constant Brexit delays by Remain politicians, in both the House of Commons, and House of Lords, when interviewed on The Westcountry Debate, ITV's South West region politics programme last night [15th March 2018].

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