• Tory Cuts Have Consequences: Policing in Pairs Makes Us All Safer

    A national survey from the Police Federation has reported that 73% of officers were "single-crewed" often or always.

    Richard Bingley, UKIP's Shadow Home Affairs spokesperson, said:

    "Single-crewing has the effect that police officers are isolated and exposed to unacceptable levels of personal risk in many potentially hazardous situations.

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  • UKIP denounce the ‘Invasion’ of Churchill themed ‘Blighty’ cafe in Finsbury Park, London

    Recently a British and Churchill themed cafe was overcome by protesters claiming Churchill was racist.

    Once again mob rule hits peaceful Small Business owners. An unruly mob of Corbyn aligned protesters led by a student equality ‘Leader’ who’s family were given asylum by this country, interrupted peaceful people trying to enjoy this novel and very British Business.

    SME Spokesman Ernie Warrender said: “I hope the attendant publicity caused by this attention seeking action will galvanise people to visit this novel Small Business and result in a chain of them across Britain. I would urge everyone to call in when in the area.”

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  • Enough is enough – we must stop treating drivers as cash cows

    Britain’s road policing chief today declared that ‘enough is enough’ as he urged a zero-tolerance policy on speeding motorists. 

    But UKIP’s transport spokesman Jill Seymour responded by saying that ‘enough is enough’ regarding the constant victimisation of road users, and determination to use them as revenue-raising cash cows.

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  • WARRENDER: Government plans to scrap MoT tests on 40 year old cars

    UKIP call for Last Minute rethink on Scrapping the MoT safety test on 40 year old cars. Small business will see £200 Million lost, to say nothing of the safety aspect.

    Against expert advice The Government is determined to press ahead with this dangerous policy.

    40 year old cars capable of speeds up to 150mph and as we all know, susceptible to structural rust, will be allowed on our roads with no MoT test. Why is this cash strapped Government forsaking a revenue source and  putting people’s lives at risk? What is behind it?

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  • The unelected Lords Should Not Meddle in Brexit

    UKIP Leader Henry Bolton has today called for the House of Lords to ‘keep to its scrutiny role and otherwise keep out of Brexit’

    The unelected House of Lords should not be meddling in the democratic mandate issued by 17.4 million people, demanding that we leave the European Union. UKIP is opposed to having a completely unelected chamber attempting to pervert democracy.

    Mr Bolton said: “It is quite frankly an affront to democracy for the unelected House of Lords to be meddling in the EU Withdrawal Bill in contradiction to the decision made on 23 June 2016. Who do these people think they are?

    “UKIP has always questioned the relevance of House of Lords in its present form and we believe that any attempt to halt or delay Brexit is wholly unacceptable. It places the House of Lords in opposition to the majority of the British People”.

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  • Margot Parker MEP calls for trade not aid

    MARGOT Parker has called for more trade, not aid, to help impoverished countries help themselves.

    The East Midlands UKIP MEP said despite the ongoing severe economic hardship being suffered by many people in this country, there is still a massive and increasing spend on foreign aid expenditure.

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  • Statement from Adam Richardson, UKIP Party Secretary

    UKIP has been added as a party to the Jane Collins defamation case as to costs only. This is because in 2014-2015 UKIP financially assisted Ms Collins MEP with her defamation case out of a moral obligation.

    This made UKIP a 'pure funder' and as such UKIP should not be found liable for any costs incurred as a result of Jane Collins' case, regardless of the amount.

    The 3 Labour MPs that sued Ms Collins are pursuing UKIP for these costs through the courts but UKIP denies all liability and is seeking to robustly defend this claim.

    The majority of NEC members have changed since this date, as has the leader, chairman, treasurer and party secretary. The current NEC are however conducting this robust defence.

    Adam Richardson, Party Secretary

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  • Brussels Faces Czechxit Vote

    Expansionist eurocrats were rocked today as Miloš Zeman was re-elected to the Czech presidency. 

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  • No ‘Ifs’ or ‘Buts’ … Racist Female Hate Crime Protestor Should Be Prosecuted

    A female protestor who waved a poster saying ‘No Country for Old WHITE MEN’ at a recent (supposed) anti-racism protest in London, should be prosecuted, says UKIP’s Shadow Cabinet Member for Home Affairs. 

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  • May's "Negligence" Over Law Enforcement Cuts

    According to data released this week, almost every area of reported crime has risen, in a large part due to taxpayers' money being diverted overseas, say UKIP.

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