• Britain betrayed by Labour MEPs and their federalist cabal on Brexit vote

    In response to the European Parliament’s joint resolution from the main federalist groups UKIP proposed 14 separate amendments to protect British interests, from controlling immigration to protecting Gibraltar’s sovereignty. All of these amendments were voted down today with help from Labour MEPs.

    Paul Nuttall MEP and UKIP leader commented: “For once it would have been nice for British MEPs to put aside petty party political differences to ensure Britain’s best interests would be served. Needless to say Labour MEPs just couldn’t play nice and voted against protecting Gibraltar from an ever more antagonistic Spain, controlling EU immigration post-Brexit and even to actively disadvantage Britain by not allowing us to pursue free trade deals.

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  • A sensible deal in the spirit of good neighbourliness

    In his second contribution to the European Parliament debate on Brexit today, Nigel Farage said it must must make sense for the EU and UK to come to a sensible accommodation over Brexit 

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  • A solution to prevent Gibraltar being used as a pawn in Brexit talks - give them representation in Westminster

    Gibraltar is not a pawn to be used in Brexit talks, and she is not for sale. Speaking in the European Parliament's Brexit debate today, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall presented his solution to the Gibraltar issue - let them become part of the UK, and give them representation in Westminster if they wish.

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  • UKIP’s Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs spokesman condemns Spanish incursion into Gibraltar waters

    thumbnail_EP_pic_3.jpgJames Carver, UKIP’s Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs spokesman, today condemned the incursion of the Spanish warship the ‘Infanta Cristina’.

    "I find it incredible that shortly after the Spanish Foreign Minister has called for calm, the Spanish government order their warship to illegally enter British sovereign territory in an attempt to frighten and bully the people of Gibraltar” stated Mr Carver, continuing that “I am not surprised, however this is the 100th incursion since 2014, and follows a pattern of Spanish contempt for the Law of the Sea and more widely, international agreements that do not suit their narrow, self -serving agenda”.

    Carver agreed with Gibraltar Chief Minister Picardo that Spanish pressure on the European Council to make Gibraltar a pawn in the Brexit negotiations was a "disgraceful attempt to manipulate the European Council for its own narrow political interests and a clear manifestation of the predictably predatory attitude of Spain towards Gibraltar.

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  • Farage: We're being given a ransom note!

    Today in the European Parliament debate on Brexit, Nigel Farage pointed out that the UK has contributed around £200 Billion net since 1973 and is a large stakeholder of EU assets. He also accused the EU establishment of acting like the gangsters holding the UK to ransom, and presenting the nation with a ransom note. 

    You can watch his speech below:

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  • UKIP Fisheries Spokesman welcomes post Brexit expansion into North American markets by Hull based fish processor

    Screenshot_3.pngUKIP Fisheries Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has welcomed a move by Hull-based fish processors, Fillet Fish Limited, to further expand into the North American market, saying, “this is exactly the type of opportunity the UK fishing industry should be exploring in the wake of Brexit.”

    Mr Hookem’s comments after it was announced the 35-staff fish processing firm - which already has a client base in New York, San Diego and Miami - has secured funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial to increase its market footprint in North America – the world’s biggest food import market.

    Speaking of the deal, Hull based Mr Hookem - who sits on the European Parliament Fisheries (PECH) Committee - said; “deals like this to expand the market for ethically sourced British fish are encouraging and especially important in the current climate.

    With the EU threatening to try to close down markets inside Europe if the UK does not accept their demands for a continuation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), we must ensure we have alternative markets in place.”

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  • UKIP’s Foreign Affairs spokesman condemns yesterday’s devastating attack on innocent passengers of the St Petersburg Metro

    UKIP’s Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs spokesman James Carver MEP condemned yesterday’s devastating attack on innocent passengers of the St Petersburg Metro, which left 14 dead and dozens more injured.

    Mr Carver said: “My heartfelt sympathy goes to all those affected by this atrocity and to the Russian people. It was nothing less than an act of sheer barbarism.”

    “This is the fifth time Russia’s transport infrastructure has been attacked since 2007 - all of which have claimed serious loss of life.

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  • Disgraceful that Theresa May calls for closer UK ties with brutal Saudi Arabia

    MargotParker.jpgResponding to calls from Theresa May today for closer ties with Saudi Arabia, UKIP's Women's and Equalities spokeswoman, Margot Parker MEP said:

    "Whilst visiting Saudi Arabia, we call on the Prime Minister to raise the issue of horrific human rights abuse which takes place in that state every day.

    "Theresa May must convey to the Saudi authorities that women are not second class citizens.

    "To ignore brutal abuses on women and the flagrant discrimination against religious minorities in Saudi Arabia is to condone what is going on in this brutal regime.

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  • We need investment, not cuts, for the Armed Forces

    bill3.pngUKIP Defence Spokesman Bill Etheridge has slammed a decision by politicians to force the Army to cut £10bn from the defence budget over the next decade calling it "irresponsible and illogical."

    Mr Etheridge said the decision to make the Army and the Navy "scrap it out" for funding was "bad government" and "all of our Armed Forces should be properly funded."

    "This failed policy of pushing the 'soft power' of foreign aid rather than hard power of a properly defended country is an irresponsible and illogical policy which has not worked so far and will continue to fail.

    "Only this week there were rumours that our helicopter carrier HMS Ocean was being sold to Brazil: this is part of 3 Commando brigade which are one of our two brigades who can rapidly deploy to theatre. Are we only going to be left with one?

    "Instead of hiding behind this bureaucratic shield that the government are meeting the NATO targets of 2% of GDP we need urgent investment in the military, which the Army's own think tank concluded would be unable to withstand an attack from Russia for longer than an afternoon.

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  • EU negotiating guidelines show they have learned nothing from Brexit

    Paul.jpgThe statement put out today by the European Union setting out their guidelines for negotiating with the UK over the next two years is "bound to create more division amongst EU nations", said Paul Nuttall, the UKIP Leader today.

    "By wrapping the negotiations in a bureaucratic straitjacket all that they guarantee to do is highlight the already glaring differences of approach amongst the rump 27 nations in the bloc."

    "As we near March 2019 and the UK''s final days as a member, national politicians in national capitals will realise that the package approved by Brussels will not be in their own specific interests nor that of their citizens.

    "Brussels wishes to play hardball with the reciprocal rights of individual citizens. How will Poland, for example, react when 1 million plus Poles live in the UK and only about 30,000 UK citizens live in Poland and their rights are threatened? Those million citizens vote, so do their friends and families. Polish people will expect their own Government to do a deal to protect their own citizens. The EU’s rigid approach will be seen as the problem, not the UK.

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