• Mike Hookem welcomes reduction in ‘Marine A’ Conviction

    thumbnail_Marine_A.jpgUKIP Veterans Spokesman Mike Hookem, has welcomed a decision by the Court Martial Appeal Court to reduce the sentence of jailed Royal Marine Sergeant, Alexander Blackman, saying; “the reduction in the severity of the charge against Al Blackman proves he should never have been jailed in the first place due to medical problems he was suffering from at the time of the incident.”

    Royal Marine Sergeant, Alex Blackman, was jailed after the killing of a mortally wounded Taliban fighter in Afghanistan was caught on the helmet camera of another soldier. A military court later found Blackman guilty of murder, despite evidence he was suffering from a range of mental health problems at the time of the killing.

    Former commando engineer, Mr Hookem, who has taken the campaign to free ‘Marine A' to the European Parliament said, “I echo the statement made by Claire Blackman – Alexander’s wife – that a conviction of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility better reflects the circumstances of the incident and I welcome the court’s decision.”

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  • EU fiddling whilst the Treaty of Rome burns

    Speaking today in the European Parliament plenary debate on the conclusions of the European Council meeting, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP urged caution in the midst of the Treaty of Rome celebrations and stressed that despite the motives behind the origins of the European Union being noble, it has evolved into a ‘political monster’ which wants to destroy the nation state.

    Paul Nuttall said: “What began as a noble economic plan has evolved into a political monster, egged on by successive eurocrats who are hungry for ever more power and determined to destroy the nation state and what continues to amaze me is that you never learn. You talk about an existential crisis but you say what is needed is even more EU, you are fiddling whilst the Treaty of Rome burns.”

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  • Statement from Party Leader Paul Nuttall regarding letter to Arron Banks

    UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said today: Following a meeting of the Party's NEC on Friday, it was decided a response to a letter written to me by Arron Banks in February was appropriate.

    Subsequently, the letter below was sent to Mr Banks early this morning and is copied here in full:

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  • Jeremy Hunt should not be threatening doctors with huge financial penalties before they’ve even qualified

    Suzanne.jpgIn response to the announcement by Health Secretary Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP today that new doctors could be forced to work in the NHS for at least five years, or pay back some of their training costs, UKIP’s NHS Champion Suzanne Evans said: "The UK is a net exporter of physicians compared to its English-speaking OECD counterparts, so yes, the government urgently needs to address the problem of doctors leaving the UK. But this isn’t the right way to go about it. Once again, the Tories have tried to rip off another UKIP policy, but in creating their own version have got it spectacularly wrong.

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  • France and Spain NATO failings show need for increase in UK defence spending "more important than ever"

    bill5.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Bill Etheridge MEP has said UK defence spending "is more important than ever" in light of France and Spain failing to meet their NATO targets.

    Mr Etheridge said it showed "defence security lay with a good relationship with the USA and not EU countries who have failed with their international commitments."

    He also called for a review of the Lancaster House Treaty saying "we should not be tied in military cooperation with a country which is not pulling its weight and has threatened us economically over Brexit."

    "European governments failing to meet their spending commitments which aren't just a pie in the sky figure but were calculated to ensure that military spending could keep forces in a well trained, well equipped state, need to shape up," he added.

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  • MEP backs NFU campaign on glyphosate

    Roger_helmer_NFU_visit_3.jpgEast Midlands MEP Roger Helmer has backed calls not to ban the vital herbicide glyphosate. The NFU is actively campaigning on the issue – fearing it could be banned by EU chiefs.

    It said the active substance glyphosate, used in gardens up and down the country as Round-Up, should be re-authorised by the European Commission by the end of the year.

    Germany has been made responsible for the evaluation and has recommended full re-authorisation for 15 years. This should have happened by the end of June 2016, but the whole process has become politicised and stalled.

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  • EU has perpetuated the profits of criminal gangs who exploit border free travel and non existent checks at the external border

    Jane_PR_Img.jpgUKIP home affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP said the EU "Had perpetuated the profits of criminal gangs who exploit the border free travel and non existent checks at the external border."

    Her comments come as Europol admit migrant smuggling "has emerged as one of the most profitable and widespread criminal activities for organised crime in the EU."

    “The migrant smuggling business is now a large, profitable and sophisticated criminal market, comparable to the European drug markets” said its director, Rob Wainwright.

    "The EU is a bonanza for criminal gangs with its policy of letting anyone stay in the EU who claims they are from Syria," Ms Collins said. "They basically told people how to get in the EU and stay here."

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  • Decision to stop e-blueys symptomatic of the lack of basic care the Ministry of Defence has towards troops

    thumbnail_bill4.jpgUKIP defence spokesman Bill Etheridge has called the decision to stop e-blueys "symptomatic of the lack of basic care the Ministry of Defence has towards troops."

    Mr Etheridge said the savings were "a paltry, false economy" which would "cost more in the long run as morale in the Armed Forces drops like a stone."

    "There are plenty of quick savings which could be made in the military, including the obsession with diversity targets and notice boards festooning bases but fundamentally there needs to be a serious injection of cash into our military.

    "We are only making the 2% NATO commitment by fudging the figures yet the mindset of this government is that foreign aid spending is a better defence than a properly funded Armed Forces.

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  • The SNP do not want real independence, they want 'plastic indy'

    David_Coburn.jpgUKIP's Scottish MEP David Coburn: "The prospect of a second independence referendum between the Autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019 is utterly preposterous.

    "The UK will still be in negotiations with the EU at this time – the SNP seem to wish to cause maximum disruption, uncertainty and overall mayhem.

    "In 2014 the Scottish people decided decisively to remain British, in 2016 less people voted to remain in the EU than voted to be British in 2014.

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  • Advertising virtue by squandering taxpayers cash is unacceptable

    Lisa_Duffy.jpgUKIP's Foreign Aid Spokesman Cllr Lisa Duffy said, " I am very pleased that organisations and politicians are coming around to UKIP’s long standing policy of cutting the waste that is inherent in the Foreign Aid budget.

    "For more than a decade UKIP have demanded tough action on cutting this waste and yet the Conservative Prime Minister continues on the erroneous path of tying foreign aid to 0.7% of GDP which currently equates to £12.2 billion per year. Advertising her virtue by squandering taxpayers cash is unacceptable.

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