• Celebrate the family of nations on Commonwealth day

    James_Carver.jpegUKIP Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Spokesman James Carver MEP said, "Today, we celebrate the unique and historical bond which unites 53 nations that make up the Commonwealth.

    "However, on this special day we not only acknowledge one of the world’s oldest political associations of states, but look forward, playing a leading role, to sharing the advantages of membership with our Commonwealth partners post Brexit.

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  • UKIP still has so much to do

    Watch Margot Parker outlining why UKIP's job is far from done:

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  • UKIP accuses the Chancellor of attacking enterprise and betraying the self-employed

    MarkReckless.jpgResponding to the Budget UKIP Economy Spokesman Mark Reckless AM said:

    “The Conservatives have today lost any claim they may have had to represent either White Van Man or the many women who create businesses as a route to combining a continuing economic contribution with family life.

    “In this Budget, Philip Hammond has launched an unnecessary and foolish attack on enterprise. To claim to be making life better for the employed by making life worse for the self-employed is the worst kind of levelling down. It is an approach more befitting of big state socialism than of a party that claims to understand wealth creation.

    “Self-employed people create their own jobs. They have no paid holidays, sickness benefits or company pension schemes and in fact no guaranteed income at all.

    “They show guts and determination. And like the rest of the electorate they were promised that the Tories would not be whacking up national insurance rates in this parliament. In their case it is going to be a promise broken.”

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  • UKIP blasts Hollande's comments for UK to be involved in EU defence initiatives

    bill5.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Bill Etheridge MEP has blasted François Hollande for calling on the UK to take part in military missions in Africa.

    Speaking to five newspapers, the President said France will push for a more integrated European defence policy, something which the remain side in the referendum campaign said would not happen

    “In my mind, the UK, even outside the EU, should be associated with that,” he said in an interview ahead of a mini summit in Versailles.

    "The EU has the same response to the vote for Brexit as a toddler has to the word 'no'" said UKIP defence spokesman Bill Etheridge MEP.

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  • Green energy eating its own tail

    Roger_Helmer.jpegUKIP's energy spokesman Roger Helmer has spoken out against the latest EU energy policies.

    The party's MEP for the East Midlands spoke in an plenary session in Brussels last week on the EU's objectives for 'secure, affordable and sustainable energy.'

    He said: "For many years the EU has followed policies which directly militate against those objectives.

    "Germany, with the largest renewables investment, now uses increasing volumes of lignite. In the UK, we are planning to use diesel generation as back-up."

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  • Government should be awarded a B+ for Grammar School plans

    DavidKurtenWeb.jpgUKIP Education Spokesman David Kurten AM, "It is good to hear that the Chancellor Philip Hammond has followed where UKIP have been leading and is announcing 500 new schools to be opened by 2020, which is exactly what I said at the UKIP party conference in Bolton on 17th February.

    "It is vital that at least half of the new schools are grammar schools. The government must ensure that they are distributed all over the country, so that every town and city has a grammar school and all children have the opportunity of a highly academic education if it suits them.

    "The problem with opening free schools are that private investors can cherry pick locations, and the new schools may be concentrated in areas which already have enough school places. There must be some central planning of the locations of the new schools otherwise towns and cities which desperately need grammar schools like Blackpool, Hull and Middlesborough may lose out.

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  • Margot Parker backs International Women’s Day

    MargotParker.jpgMargot Parker, UKIP’s Women’s and Equality spokesperson has backed International Women’s Day which takes place this Wednesday.

    The party’s East Midlands MEP, who also sits on the EU’s FEMM committee, which fights on women’s issues, said the global day for celebrating the social, economic, political and cultural achievements of women across the globe can be used to accelerate gender parity.

    She said: “International Women’s Day is a day is to celebrate the achievements and steps we have made over the years.

    “But it is also a day to remember that many women across the world are not equal and there is much work to be done- both at home and abroad, not least in countries were women are oppressed. Education is the key and should play a big part in helping to end that oppression.”


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  • The rich are getting richer but the poor are still getting poorer

    Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgAccording to data published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies the UK is experiencing the weakest growth in living standards for sixty years. Reacting to this Andrew Charalambous UKIP's Work and Pensions Spokesman said, "We are probably the only significant global economy whose population are feeling the pain of contracting incomes even though the economy is expanding. Clear proof again that under the Tories the rich get richer and the poor poorer".

    UKIP have persistently argued that the uncontrolled immigration of the past decade and beyond has been a primary source of downward pressure on British incomes.

    Charalambous added, "The IFS has calculated that household incomes will be 18 percent less in 2021 than would have been reasonably projected in 2008. It's time this government took substantive measures to tackle rising poverty. It's a disgrace that so many Brits in 2017 are relying on foodbanks for their daily survival."

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  • Anger over EU Private Army costs

    Arnott.jpgA £230 million bill for UK taxpayers including helping fund a ‘private army’ to protect EU MPs has been slammed by MEP Jonathan Arnott.

    Estimates have shown the European Parliament’s budget is rising to £1.7 billion - an above inflation increase of 3.3 per cent.

    This includes funding of a private army, known as “Unit Protection” to protect MEPs and despite voting to leave the EU British taxpayers will have to contribute £230 million towards the Parliament’s costs.

    Mr Arnott, a member of the parliament’s budget committee, said: “The European parliament’s costs continue to spiral out of control, now including a private army.”

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  • UKIP highlight failures of EU's flagship Biodiversity program

    Stuartagnew.jpgIn response to the European Court of Auditors report that slammed the 'Natura 2000' program as needing "improvements" in "management, financing and monitoring". In an unusual move the ECA has criticised the delivery of a key EU policy, one that costs British taxpayers significant sums of money.

    Stuart Agnew MEP, UKIPs Agriculture spokesman said: "British taxpayers, who disproportionately fund these well-meaning environmental schemes will be intensely irritated to hear that yet again their money is not being spent effectively abroad. They will also be irritated to learn that Natura 2000 was erroneously used by Green lobbyists to persuade our Government that dredging rivers was inadvisable, resulting in very serious flooding damage a few years ago."

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