• The army is not the enemy Mr Corbyn

    thumbnail_bill4.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, has slated claims by a spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn that British troops in Eastern Europe are escalating tensions between NATO and Russia.

    Nia Griffith, the Labour Shadow Defence secretary, said she was not considering her position over the issue but that support for Nato was a “red line” but suggested that Mr Corbyn would not back a military response from NATO if Russia invaded Estonia - despite hundreds of UK troops due to be stationed there.

    Mr Etheridge, said “Once again we have the official opposition in complete and utter disarray. Accusing the army of destabilising the international situation is stabbing brave soldiers in the back. Men and women who cannot speak out in their own defence.

    “The left arm does not know what the even further left arm is doing.

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  • Tories and Labour thrash around to find a coherent Immigration policy

    pZCIEEd9.jpegTories and Labour thrash around to find a coherent Immigration policy, with David Lammy and a crowd of senior Union and NGO figures calling for continued unlimited immigration, and Robert Goodwill, the Immigration Minister coming up with a scheme that will penalise business, restrict talent, yet do little to control our borders.

    John Bickley, the UKIP Immigration spokesman commented, "Yet again we see a Labour MP throwing stones in a glass house. On June 23rd the British people made it clear that they wanted to Leave the EU. Now one of their senior MPs, David Lammy tells us that politicians are “detached” from mass swathes of the public, yet his own actions confirm that he is one of those 'detached' politicians. He wants the referendum to be rerun and he voted against the triggering of Article 50, so both the words hypocrite and sore loser come to mind.

    "The Labour Party is led by a man who for the last forty years has been been anti EU but bizarrely claims he now wants to remain in the Single Market, which means the UK effectively doesn't leave the EU. Let me help the poor deluded Labour Party: we voted to leave the EU, no if's, no but's. If I serve out a prison sentence I don't expect, as I walk out the the main gate to be tapped on the shoulder by the governor & told I might be free but have to return each day to the prison for my meals. Leave means Leave!

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  • German efforts to clamp down on migrants wasted while Schengen remains

    download_(1).jpgUKIP’s Home Affairs Spokeswoman, Jane Collins MEP, has welcomed German moves to clamp down on migrants who lie about their identity or who are violent, saying, “tighter security in Germany can only be a good thing for the rest of Europe and the UK.”

    Miss Collins comments come after Germany’s interior and justice ministers worked together in the wake of the Berlin terror attack to strengthen security rules on those migrants who could harm Germans or who have “been deceptive about their identities.”

    Speaking from Brussels, Ms Collins said, “Only in the wake of yet another terror attack have some members of Angela Merkel’s coalition government woken up to the threat posed by a minority of the migrants who rushed to Germany after the Chancellor threw the doors wide open.”

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  • Government need to revisit their policy of non engagement towards Le Pen

    James_Carver.jpegJames Carver MEP, UKIP's Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs spokesman, has criticised the government's decision not to engage with French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, after it was revealed by the British Ambassador to France, that they had established contact with all other leading candidates.

    Mr Carver said "It's bad diplomacy not to consider all eventualities in the next French presidential election, and with Mme. Le Pen expected to, at the least, reach the final round run-off in May, our government are refusing to engage with a politician who could become the President of a country just 21 miles away.

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  • Jockey Club wrong to sell Kempton Park

    Patrick.jpgUKIP sport spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP has called for plans to sell Kempton Park racecourse and turn it into a giant housing estate to be scrapped.

    Mr O'Flynn said: "Britain's racecourses are not merely much-loved sporting venues but also vital 'green lungs' that enhance the quality of life for local communities.

    "This is particularly true of courses located at the edge of major conurbations and cities.

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  • More women MPs are needed – but we shouldn’t force through new legislation

    SetHeight500-Margot-3.jpgMargot Parker MEP, UKIP’s women and equalities spokesman, has said more must be done to encourage women into politics.

    But she said Government legislation to force the issue is not the way forward.

    She was reacting to news from the Women and Equalities Committee, chaired by former Culture Secretary Maria Miller, which called on political parties to be held to account to reducing the deficit in women MPs.

    It said those which fail to take steps to ensure at least 45 per cent of all representatives in Parliament are women should be forced to do so by new legislation.

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  • Paul Nuttall accuses Labour of betrayal on immigration

    PaulNuttall1.jpgUKIP leader Paul Nuttall said:"Labour has betrayed millions of British families on immigration. It was Labour that threw open our jobs market to millions of Eastern Europeans with no transitional controls at all.

    "What Jeremy Corbyn is committing himself to today is not even worthy of the term 'sticking plaster'. For him to think stopping a few online job ads is going to have any real impact on the movement of people from the low wage economies of Eastern Europe is a joke.

    "The British people - and working class communities in particular - want full control restored over our borders so the volume of immigration can be brought down sharply.

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  • Astonishment at Iran nuclear deal

    bill_etheridge.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, has revealed his shock and frustration at the Obama administration having agreed to 116 tonnes of uranium going to Iran to preserve its nuclear programme according to press reports.

    The shipment of natural uranium from Russia is to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant, say diplomats.

    The deal, in the dying days of the old presidency, will anger the incoming Republican administration who already feel that too many concessions have been given to Iran.

    The controversial arrangement also comes as reports came out about the destroyer USS Mahan, which fired three warning shots towards four of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps vessels on Sunday after they closed in at a high rate of speed.

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  • UKIP Tourism Spokesman wants seaside towns to benefit all year round from predicted tourism boom in 2017

    jcVjhVBq.jpgTourism in England hit a new record bringing in £45bn in 2016. This figure from Visit England, reflects an increase in the numbers of day trips and 'Staycations' taken by British families.

    Victoria Ayling UKIP Heritage and Tourism Spokesman finds this very encouraging and expects a large increase in 2017, particularly from foreign tourists.

    "I am pleased that there has been an increase throughout parts of the Country from Cornwall to the Lake District. The figures were taken from January to November 2016, so all year and not just in the summer. With the weak pound, I expect many more foreign tourists to visit as well as more British families to stay here for their holidays.

    "I would hope that there will be an increase in visitor numbers to seaside towns especially off season. It is easy to forget that our seaside towns also have interesting attractions all year round, other than being a great place for a beach holiday.

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  • 'Move along nothing to see here' seems to be the PM's strategy

    PaulNuttall1.jpgResponding to Theresa Mays first public pronouncement in 2017 on how she plans to approach negotiations with our European colleagues Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader said,

    "The Prime Minister has just thrown up a great opportunity to clarify her position on Brexit. Despite being asked a simple and clear question on at least three occasions she declined to answer. Will she prioritise taking back control of our borders over membership of the European Single Market? Her answers were vague, muddy and ultimately opaque. 'Move along nothing to see here' seems to be the PMs strategy

    "She gave herself more wriggle room than a snake in a barrel. It is just not good enough. It is clear what the people of the UK voted for in June, and it is clear that she will do anything she can to delay and prevaricate on this simple instruction from the electorate. There is no purpose in delay, no purpose in leaving the air thick with claim and counter claim. This merely leaves Britain's people and businesses with nothing to work with and little to base their planning on. It is not good enough. Enough already. She needs to make it clear that if we do not get what we want, decent trading relations with our continental friends and a clear decision to return full control of immigration to Westminster, then she should simply repeal the European Communities Act.

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