• We cannot afford to let cultural sensitivities, political correctness or community intransigence to turn us from fighting FGM

    Margot_11_(1).jpgResponding to research on male attitudes to female genital mutilation (FGM) undertaken by GAMS Belgium, Forward in the UK, the HIMILO Foundation and the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, UKIP’s spokesman for Women and Equalities Margot Parker MEP said: “This is important information and the findings make clear how important full engagement with both genders is necessary if we are to end the appalling and barbaric practice of FGM.

    “As the report states: 137,000 women and girls in the UK live with the consequences of FGM, almost all from the Middle East and Africa. There is no excuse for allowing this practice to continue – and it is happening every day. On average the NHS deals with 100 new cases every week.

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  • UKIP by-election success shows solid support as we humiliate Labour into fourth place

    UKIP leapfrogged Labour into second place in the Sleaford & North Hykeham by-election last night taking 13.5% of the vote and reinforcing the Party as the Opposition in waiting as the Conservatives held the seat abandoned by its former MP.

    A humiliated Labour Party were beaten into fourth place behind the Lib Dems.

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  • A&E waiting soars as the Government twiddles its thumbs

    WkQugaNu.jpegShocking figures released today show both a huge increase in pressure on Accident and Emergency services, and a massive disconnect between health and social care in England.

    A&E trolley waits are up 54% on last October, following a 6% increase in overall attendances. Meanwhile delayed transfers of care – where patients cannot leave hospital because care packages are not available to them - have seen a 50% year on year increase.

    Suzanne Evans, UKIP Health spokesman said: “The NHS is creaking under the triple whammy of a rapidly growing and aging population; severe cuts to social care budgets; and attrition of staff from A&E to overseas posts which are seen as being far less stressful. The Government should be looking to fully integrate health and social care to help prevent delayed transfers of care, as UKIP has advised, and seek to improve working conditions for emergency consultants. It is simply unacceptable that up to one third of A&E doctors are leaving to work overseas, when we desperately need their expertise here.

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  • Carrier Farce

    download.jpgBill Etheridge MEP, UKIP Defence Spokesman, has revealed his disappointment in the lack of thought put into the scrapping of HMS Illustrious.

    “Lusty” as she was known to her crew is en route to a Turkish scrapyard, where she will be broken up for scrap like her elder sister HMS Invincible before her. The light aircraft carrier, which served in the aftermath of the Falklands War, was sold for a derisory £2 million despite efforts to preserve her as a hotel of floating museum. It also leaves the UK without an aircraft carrier for some time. Its replacement, HMS Queen Elizabeth II is not due to carry out sea trials until the New Year and HMS Prince of Wales is still in construction. Aircraft for the vessels are expected to begin trials in 2018.

    Mr Etheridge said “It seems rather poor planning that we scrap this famous carrier when its replacements are not yet complete. It is yet another example of successive governments not caring about our naval power.


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  • Peter Jewell appointed Justice Spokesman

    PeterJewellRole.jpgPeter Jewell said, "Having previously served as Magistrate for twenty years and a Director and Trustee of the Magistrates Association I have seen at first hand the issues facing our Courts, Prison service and our wider system of justice. Court processes from charging to sentencing are a disorganised mess, we are seeing the closure of courts, the lowering of standards and the cutting of costs to court operations and allied organisations such as the National Probation Service and Citizens Advice Witness Service.

    "We have also seen detrimental changes to the Civil Courts and the Tribunal process as well as cutbacks in legal aid. So one of my major roles as UKIP's Justice Spokesman will be to highlight these issues and lay out ways to improve things. I believe that the court process has to be efficient but that justice should have no cost.

    "Furthermore, it is obvious that there are significant issues in our prisons, clearly the Prison Service needs to improve it's operations but also we need to take a look at the rehabilitation process and how we deal with hardened criminals.

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  • The EU and UKIP agree on the Single Market

    S3u70E9A.jpgMichel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, has confirmed what UKIP has been saying all along: to remain in the Single Market we would have to keep open borders and unlimited mass immigration from the EU.

    He said that, "The Single Market and its four freedoms are indivisible. Cherry-picking is not an option."

    Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP Brexit spokesman responded, “This confirms what the then Prime Minister, David Cameron said in June, “the British public would be voting, if we Leave, to leave the EU and leave the Single Market”.

    “We in UKIP had made it plain during the Referendum that to control our borders and immigration we would have to leave the Single Market. But in doing so, like every other non-EU country in the world, we would retain access to the Single Market under WTO rules.

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  • Ray Finch MEP appointed UKIP's new Housing Spokesman

    RayFinchRole.jpgRay Finch MEP said, "Housing is one of the most critical issues facing the nation today.

    "Ordinary people are finding it impossible to either buy a home or get a council house. Both because of either increased demand through migration and the loss of council stock. It is particularly a problem for young people who cannot even get a foot on the housing ladder. We must break this deadlock.

    "First we must increase municipal building primarily on brownfield land. These properties must also be built well and of a sufficient size. The UK has the smallest average room size for new build properties in Western Europe. This is wrong and we must bring in legislation to resolve this.

    "Council waiting lists must prioritise locally born and resident people and ex-military. We look after our own first. Housing is one of the key factors in quality of life. Our duty is to help the people of our nation. Helping them to have a secure roof over their heads is a major part of this commitment."


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  • Controlling Immigration is key to promoting integration

    peterwhittle.jpgUKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle commenting on the Casey Report said, "What is surprising about the Casey Report into “Opportunity and Integration” published yesterday was that anybody was surprised at all.

    "In highlighting the increasing segregation which exists between some communities the report confirms my huge concerns about the public policy of multiculturalism which over past decades has highlighted separateness and division.

    "The report also highlights in disturbing detail how the impact of untrammelled mass immigration has reinforced this process. We have as she clearly points out become a society where immigration – something that has always happened, but at a manageable level – is something that hasn’t just happened, but has been done to us. Nobody was asked, nobody was consulted and nobody gave permission for the Government to sign up to a situation where, year on year over 300,000 people arrive, net.

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  • Tory MPs accused of Brexit Hijack

    S3u70E9A.jpgAfter reports that Tory backbenchers plan to join forces with Labour in a Brexit Commons vote tomorrow UKIP's Brexit Spokesman Gerard Batten MEP said, "The anti-Brexit majority in the Commons is clearly planning to use the drawn out Article 50 process to hijack Brexit. That is a total disgrace. More than 17 million Brexit voters are entitled to be disgusted. Only a surge of support for UKIP can get the establishment parties back into line, as it has done before.

    "If Tory MPs vote with Labour on this issue they will be putting themselves in opposition to the people.

    "The Referendum result was very clear: the British people voted to leave the European Union. This was not dependent on any ‘deal’, and the voters’ decision was not conditional in any way.

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  • Margot Parker speaks out on The Casey Review into opportunity and integration

    Margot_11_(1).jpgReacting to the publication of the Casey Review into opportunity and integration Margot Parker MEP, UKIP’s Women and Equalities spokesman, said there were some long-overdue truths finally being brought into general public discourse.

    Margot said: “This review should have been published months ago and I am happy to see that it has finally become public. The delay is down to an irrational fear of addressing issues which have been defined as controversial for far too long – it is far past time for them to be properly recognised and dealt with.

    “When it comes to specific issues relating to women there are some deeply concerning figures. In some immigrant communities as many as 57 per cent of women are economically inactive, leaving them completely dependent on men, particularly since levels of English proficiency are often very low in the same demographic.

    “This not only isolates women and girls in those communities, it leaves them vulnerable to a host of religious and cultural practices designed to keep them subservient. Beyond social pressures, we also see these women and girls left exposed to barbaric practices like female genital mutilation, forced marriage and 'honour'-based violence.

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