• Heads must roll over 'child' migrants scandal

    pZCIEEd9.jpegUKIP Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said, "The revelation that a large percentage of child migrants are anything but, with many in their late 20's is a disgrace and demonstrates the shambolic nature of the government's child refugee policy. Genuine child refugees have been cheated out a safe haven by government and civil service incompetence.

    "Government ministers and senior civil servants are on six figure salaries and multi million pension pots, paid for by hard working taxpayers, yet are so incompetent that a large percentage of child refugees are in fact adults, with many in their late twenties. Did these government 'incompetents' not recognise the danger of putting adult men, many from a culture that treats women as second class citizens, with vulnerable school children & teenagers. Will any minister or civil servant be reprimanded or sacked - don't bet on it!

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  • New Year message from UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP

  • MBE for UKIP's Pete Reeve in recognition of services to Local Government

    Peter250px.jpgUKIP Local Government Spokesman Cllr Peter Reeve who represents Ramsey on Cambridgeshire County Council, Huntingdonshire District Council and Ramsey Town Council has received an MBE in the Queens New Years Honours List.

    Having served his community for seven years since 2009 and  being re-elected four times Cllr Reeve is best known for the community work that he undertakes and the local causes that he campaigns for.

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  • Government slammed for starving National Parks of funding

    jcVjhVBq.jpgVictoria Ayling UKIP Heritage and Tourism spokesman accused the Government of being irresponsible and short sighted over cuts in funding to our English National Parks.

    She said, "Our National Parks are being starved of cash by the Government which bring in an estimated £4bn attracting 90 million visitors per year. We are making a very good profit from them which will be put at risk because the funding has been cut by a quarter from 2011 to 2016 which is 40% in real terms once inflation has been taken into account. The Parks make their own money too and get grants from time to time from other sources, but rely heavily on direct Government funding.

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  • Cameron Unsuitable for NATO

    bill_etheridge.jpgAs news emerges that former Prime Minister David Cameron is being considered for the role of NATO Secretary General, UKIP Defence spokesman Bill Etheridge, took a swipe at his credentials for the job calling him “uniquely unsuitable” for the role.

    Mr Etheridge said his record of slashing expenditure on defence alone should be enough to prove the ex PM was not the right man for the job.

    Military intervention in both Libya and Syria has led to massive loss of lives and instability in the area.

    The UKIP MEP said "David Cameron is uniquely unsuitable for the role as Secretary General of NATO.

    “His savage cuts on Defence spending led to the UK budget falling below NATO’s target of 2% of GDP for the first time ever.

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  • Hospital parking charges are a tax on the sick

    WkQugaNu.jpegUKIP Health Spokeswoman Suzanne Evans said, "It comes as no surprise that NHS Trusts in England have made some £7 million more on parking charges this year, plus at least another £2 million in fines over the past four years. Hospital parking charges are a stealth tax on the sick and their carers, and UKIP agrees with the Patient Association: they are unfair and should be abolished.

    "In this day and age, it wouldn’t be difficult to ensure only those in need accessed free hospital parking to prevent misuse. If every other car park with a barrier in the country can manage it, using a token or other access system, then so can NHS trusts. A one-off visit may not affect one person all that much, but for those who need to make repeated visits, the sums can mount up, especially if you’re kept waiting before you’re seen.

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  • British motorsport could end due to EU ruling

    Patrick.jpgThe outcome of a government consultation on a piece of EU insurance legislation could end motorsport in the UK. The consultation document gives an option of implementing the European Court decision known as the ‘Vnuk judgment’. The ruling makes it compulsory for anyone using any form of motorised transport to have third party damage and injury insurance. This will affect all participants in all forms of motorsport.

    The insurance industry has made it clear to government that third party risks for motorsport activities are uninsurable, not least because of the sheer number of potential vehicle damage claims that would arise. Therefore, if implemented, the Vnuk judgment would wipe out all legal motor and motorcycle sport activity.

    UKIP sport spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP said: "Motor sport adds billions to the UK economy and is also a very popular spectator and participant activity in our country.

    "Participants in all kinds of motor sport acknowledge the risks involved and we have seen great advances in safety standards over the years. It is therefore totally disproportionate for the Government even to contemplate implementing measures originating in the EU that could insure motor sport out of existence.

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  • A Christmas message from UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP

    NuttallMessage.jpgA tumultuous year in politics is almost at an end. This year the British people decided to change the course their country was set on. They chose a new path, writes UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall MEP.
    By a narrow but decisive majority, they opted to take back control of key decision-making. They decided that European political integration and indeed the whole era of globalisation had gone too far, hollowing-out their democracy and leaving most of them worse off both financially and in terms of the cohesion of their communities.

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  • Anis Amri's ability to travel across Europe shows why Schengen must go

    download_(1).jpgJohn Bickley, the UKIP Immigration spokesman has called for the end of Schengen agreement for the safety and security of Europe's peoples.

    "It gives no one in UKIP any pleasure whatsoever to state 'we warned you'. Nigel Farage made it patently clear earlier this year that ISIS would use the refugee crisis and Merkel's 'open door invite' to the Middle East to smuggle hundreds of jihadists into Europe.

    "The slaughter of innocents in Paris and Nice was no coincidence and the latest atrocity in Berlin shows that ISIS is now at war with Europe. The EU's continued support of Schengen and uncontrolled immigration both within and from outside the EU is both costing innocent lives, leaving hundreds with life threatening or life changing injuries and undermining social cohesion and our Judeo-Christian culture.

    "That Anis Amri was able to enter the EU from Tunisia, be jailed in Italy, escape to Germany, kill and maim in Berlin, then flee back to Italy, through France, where he was shot dead is testament to the failure of the EU to protect its citizens and control its internal and external borders.

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  • Reducing prisoner numbers is not the answer – only more prison officers will help

    Jane_PR_Img.jpgUKIP Home Affairs Spokeswoman, Jane Collins MEP, has blasted a letter to the Times by Nick Clegg, Ken Clarke, and Jacqui Smith, calling for prisoner numbers to be reduced by half, saying, “public safety must be paramount, not more unworkable left-wing ideology.”

    Miss Collins spoke out as prisons in the UK face meltdown in a series of riots and disturbances that have seen prison officers injured and riot teams drafted in to retake control.

    Speaking of the state of British prisons, Ms Collins said, “The only thing that will solve this crisis is a vast increase in the number of prison officers.”

    “Reducing the number of prisoners is not the answer and is simply the slippery slope to further cuts. It would also damage the public’s confidence in the courts ability to effectively deliver justice.

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