• Doing Better Outside the EU

    M.R._085.gifUKIP today welcomes the latest set of labour market data. The overall position remains healthy, despite so many negative projections from EU cheerleaders.

    UKIP Economy Spokesman Mark Reckless, responding to the jobs figures said: "Our jobs market remains in far better shape than elsewhere in the EU. Unemployment has continued to fall on the main measure and there has been a welcome increase in average wage growth to 2.5%. As we take back control from the EU, a greater proportion of future net employment growth may now benefit UK rather than EU workers.

    "Unemployment has overall continued to fall since the Brexit vote, employment is close to record highs, and average wage growth has now accelerated to 2.5%.

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  • The Democratic Revolution has just begun

    Speaking in the European Parliament, Strasbourg today in the presence of Jean Claude Juncker, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage wished participants of a debate about forthcoming European Council a Merry Christmas, saying that Brexit brought three great gifts for all.

    The three gifts he pinpointed were the Brexit vote, the Trump triumph and the Italian rebellion. He said that believers in nation state democracy are looking forward to an exciting New Year when the democratic revolution will continue.

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  • MEPs dangerously pushing legislation out of public view and hampering transparency

    PaulNuttall1_(1).jpgResponding to the passing of the Corbett Report in the European Parliament today in Strasbourg, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall said: “This is an explosively dangerous move by the big groups in the European Parliament because it reduces the public visibility of important legislative votes and transfers huge amounts of decision-making power to behind closed doors.

    "Though on the surface, a technical report, it will mean that more and more legislation will be fast-tracked without proper public deliberation onto so-called Trilogue meetings of the Commission, Council and Parliament.

    "There will be less votes in public view, and smaller political groups, most of which are Eurosceptic, will have less ability to make amendments to the laws that impact on peoples’ lives. Eurosceptic groups will thus be denied an even playing field and a fair book of rules. This shows Federalist contempt for the electorates of Europe."

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  • Hands off British ports – UKIP’s message to the EU

    38qr96Hi.jpegThe latest attempts by the European Union to regulate British ports are a perfect illustration of why the UK voted for Brexit, according to UKIP’s Transport spokesman.

    Jill Seymour was speaking in a debate on ‘market access to port services and financial transparency of ports’ where the EU’s Strasbourg chamber is seeking to push through a new directive.

    “This proposal for market access to port services and financial transparency does nothing for ports in the United Kingdom,” she said.

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  • Conservative Government passing the buck on Social Care Funding

    David_Sprason.jpgThe Government's proposal to forego its responsibility to fund Social Care and shift it on local taxpayers beggars belief. The government continues to increase foreign aid while rationing Social Care services to the elderly and most vulnerable.

    Cllr David Sprason UKIP Welfare spokesman said, "It is a national disgrace that the Conservative government is ignoring the call to have a fully funded Social Care system. It now wants to shift the responsibility through an underfunded burden onto local councils. It is expecting local councils with Social Care responsibilities to increases council tax to pay for it this will with out doubt create a post code lottery care system, it is a national disgrace.

    "I would like to see Social Care given the same priority as our NHS it's time for real change that protects people's savings and assets. It is a shame that the Westminster elite blindly stand by while hard working Brits have to sell their homes to pay for their care".

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  • Fair play for EU migrants say UKIP

    JohnBickleyPortrait.jpegJohn Bickley the UKIP Immigration Spokesman has called for clarity and fair play in the discussion of EU immigration rights.

    He said, "UKIP believes in the widely admired British value of 'fair play' and to that end will not be seeking the return of EU citizens legally settled in the UK before the June 23rd EU Referendum after we leave the EU.

    "The Prime Minister has made it clear that Article 50 will be triggered by March 2017. UKIP has no reason to believe that the number of EU migrants coming to the UK between the Referendum date (June 23rd 2016) and March 2017 will exceed historical averages, however UKIP reserves the right to review their right to stay here after we leave the EU because it's important that the UK government doesn't repeat the mistake made the German Chancellor, who gave the impression that 'all' migrants were welcome to Germany & the EU. By creating a March 2017 'sell by date' the government may unwittingly fuel unsustainable levels of EU migration to the UK.

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  • David Coburn reconfirmed as the UKIP Scotland Leader

    DavidCoburnRole.jpgFollowing the announcement David Coburn MEP, virtually the only Scottish politician who speaks for the 1 million plus (38% of Scots who voted for Leave during the EU referendum) said, "I will be working with Paul Nuttall to ensure UKIP in Scotland takes working class seats where people have been abandoned by the Scottish Labour Party in the same way Paul will be taking ex-Labour seats in the North of England".

    UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said  "David’s commitment to Scotland has been proven time and again through his busyness during campaign periods. His anger at the abandonment of the Scottish working class by the other parties is heartfelt and a great asset in our fight against the cosy Establishment across the UK, and in particular Scotland.”

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  • We cannot afford to let cultural sensitivities, political correctness or community intransigence to turn us from fighting FGM

    Margot_11_(1).jpgResponding to research on male attitudes to female genital mutilation (FGM) undertaken by GAMS Belgium, Forward in the UK, the HIMILO Foundation and the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, UKIP’s spokesman for Women and Equalities Margot Parker MEP said: “This is important information and the findings make clear how important full engagement with both genders is necessary if we are to end the appalling and barbaric practice of FGM.

    “As the report states: 137,000 women and girls in the UK live with the consequences of FGM, almost all from the Middle East and Africa. There is no excuse for allowing this practice to continue – and it is happening every day. On average the NHS deals with 100 new cases every week.

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  • UKIP by-election success shows solid support as we humiliate Labour into fourth place

    UKIP leapfrogged Labour into second place in the Sleaford & North Hykeham by-election last night taking 13.5% of the vote and reinforcing the Party as the Opposition in waiting as the Conservatives held the seat abandoned by its former MP.

    A humiliated Labour Party were beaten into fourth place behind the Lib Dems.

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  • A&E waiting soars as the Government twiddles its thumbs

    WkQugaNu.jpegShocking figures released today show both a huge increase in pressure on Accident and Emergency services, and a massive disconnect between health and social care in England.

    A&E trolley waits are up 54% on last October, following a 6% increase in overall attendances. Meanwhile delayed transfers of care – where patients cannot leave hospital because care packages are not available to them - have seen a 50% year on year increase.

    Suzanne Evans, UKIP Health spokesman said: “The NHS is creaking under the triple whammy of a rapidly growing and aging population; severe cuts to social care budgets; and attrition of staff from A&E to overseas posts which are seen as being far less stressful. The Government should be looking to fully integrate health and social care to help prevent delayed transfers of care, as UKIP has advised, and seek to improve working conditions for emergency consultants. It is simply unacceptable that up to one third of A&E doctors are leaving to work overseas, when we desperately need their expertise here.

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