• UKIP response to the Autumn Statement

    untitled.pngFollowing the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement today, Mark Reckless AM said, 

    "Despite the fearsome predictions of Remain supporters, the overall prognosis for the economy is good, as we knew it would be. The official forecast is that unemployment in 2020 after we have left the EU will be just 860,000. This administers the last rites to the infamous claim that 3 million jobs would be lost if we left the EU.

    "We are borrowing too much, £68 billion this year, £59 billion next, and £122 billion more than planned across the forecast period. The government has talked tough on austerity but failed to match its words with deeds.

    "Every month the Government delays Brexit costs the exchequer over a billion pounds. UKIP says just get on with it.

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  • Clegg’s ‘dangerous fantasy’ of an EU army becomes frightening reality after new EU push for military integration

    Mike_Hookem.jpgToday the European Parliament in Strasbourg passed a detailed report by Urmas Paet calling for a far greater level of EU military integration. Within the proposals are calls for EU taxation to ‘foster defence cooperation’, calls for members to make ‘binding defence commitments’ to an EU army and also for the EU to ‘unleash the full potential’ of the Lisbon treaty in terms of defence integration.

    Mike Hookem MEP UKIP’s Defence Spokesman commented: “Clegg’s labelling of an EU army as a ‘dangerous fantasy’ is now as discredited as his party. By voting to ‘unleash the full potential’ of an EU army it has become a frightening reality and one that will have a direct cost to the UK taxpayer.”

    “The calls for the immediate acceleration of this level of integration are a clear threat to our sovereignty and ability to control our own armed forces. There is every chance this could be forced through before we leave the EU and that subversion of the British people’s will is disgraceful.”

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  • EU Military could end up costing British tax payers millions

    Mike_Hookem.jpgAn EU military could end up costing British tax payers millions of pounds despite the historic vote to leave the EU, a senior UKIP MEP has warned.

    Reports being voted on next week in the European Parliament demand up to half a billion pounds per year for one area of the EU Defence Union alone, with €90 million for 'preparatory action on EU defence research' starting in 2017.

    The timeline of progress in the development of the EU Military, which British officials have long denied would happen despite evidence to the contrary, would mean the UK could not only contribute financially but could be legally drawn into it as the government will not have tabled a vote on Brexit as demanded by the high court let alone invoked Article 50 by the time the EU strategy kicks into action.

    "The EU sees a military structure as necessary, particularly as it continues its dangerous and unnecessary provocation of Russia," warned UKIP Defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP.

    "These plans include reform of the EU battlegroups concept, aiming at the establishment of permanent units which would be independent of any lead nation and subject to systematic joint training and an EU-wide system for the coordination of the rapid movement of defence forces' personnel, equipment and supplies."

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  • Call for an inquiry into HS2 ‘snoopers’

    38qr96Hi.jpegUKIP’s Transport spokesman has called for an urgent investigation into the working methods of HS2 rail bosses after they were accused of snooping into the private lives of their opponents.

    A report in a national newspaper claims the HS2 team has been accessing ‘personal data’ including details of people’s sexual orientation, trade union affiliation, criminal records and information about their physical and mental health. As part of the company’s Privacy Notice, the Sunday Express said HS2 could collect this information on their own staff and suppliers – as well as those claiming compensation or objecting to the scheme. 

    UKIP’s Jill Seymour MEP said: “If these reports are true, serious questions need to be asked about the morals and the motives of the HS2 organisation.

    “The only reason they could possibly be trying to get hold of this information is to potentially smear the reputations of those who oppose to their plans.

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  • MEPs to vote on controversial report handing military power to Brussels

    Mike_Hookem.jpgMEPs are set to vote on a controversial report to pass swathes of power to an EU military structure which would see Brussels interfering militarily in political parties and UK policing.

    The report, which is being debated in Strasbourg next week, aims to give more powers to the military components of the Common Security and Defence Policy including powers to rival NATO with a 'mutual defence clause' and a permanent Headquarters with permanent military and civilian staff. It also means UK tax payers will have to fork out millions for an EU Defence Research project and an EU defence minister despite the British public voting to leave the EU.

    UKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP said the report "has huge implications for the sovereignty of the UK and its ability to control its own military. What we have in black and white isn't the 'dangerous fantasy' that Nick Clegg tried to trick voters with in 2014 but the plans for an EU military and security structure to firmly push NATO out of the way," he said.

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  • Chagos Island decision by UK to deny residents a return is branded "disgrace"

    James_Carver.jpegUKIP MEP James Carver reacted angrily today to the government’s decision not to allow former residents of the Chagos Islands to return back.

    “It is an absolute disgrace and the government should hold their heads in shame for not righting this moral injustice,” said Mr Carver, UKIP’s Commonwealth spokesman.

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  • It’s not too late to call a halt to HS2

    Jill_Seymour.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour today renewed her calls for the HS2 rail project to be scrapped after a new survey revealed 85% of British people believe it is a complete waste of money.

    Her comments follow a survey by the ITV Tonight programme which showed that only 15% of people feel the project is worth the £56 billion-plus price tag.

    “There has never been a convincing business case made for HS2, so it is no surprise that support for this white elephant of a project is at an all-time low,” said Mrs Seymour, a West Midlands MEP.

    “People have had enough of the Government’s spin and hype, and can see the cost of this vanity project spiralling almost by the week. Who knows how eye-wateringly high the final cost will be?”

    The ITV survey found that more than three quarters of people believe the HS2 budget would be better spent in other areas, like the NHS.

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  • UKIP selects Victoria Ayling as candidate for Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election

    UKIP Chairman Paul Oaken said, "On 23rd June this year, an overwhelming number of voters in the Lincolnshire Constituency of Sleaford and North Hykeham voted to leave the European Union.

    "After fighting for our independence for twenty three years, UKIP stands alongside the 62% of voting residents who decided to take back control of our country. We are their voice in British politics.

    "With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce who will represent our party in the upcoming Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election, due to take place on Thursday 8th December.

    "At a hustings held in the constituency last night, local members voted to support Victoria Ayling in her bid to be our candidate.

    "This morning, a majority of our National Executive Committee voted to confirm that decision.

    "Victoria is a seasoned campaigner, having stood for the party at a variety of levels. As a Lincolnshire County Councillor, Victoria is already working hard to represent local people and will now use all of her experience to make sure that UKIP continues to speak up for the common sense voters in Sleaford and North Hykeham."

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  • Nigel Farage on the US election result

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegNigel Farage said, "Today, the establishment is in deep shock. Even more so than after Brexit.

    "What we are witnessing is the end of a period of big business and big politics controlling our lives.

    "Voters across the Western world want nation state democracy, proper border controls and to be in charge of their own lives.

    "I commend Donald Trump for the courage with which he has fought this campaign and I look forward to a closer relationship between the USA and the UK.

    "We now have a President who likes our country and understands our post-Brexit values.

    "Prepare for further political shocks in the years to come."

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  • A welcome change but is it too late, asks Margot Parker

    Margot_11_(1).jpgGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has made a number of abrupt changes to its apparent stance on mass migration in the last few days.

    Margot Parker, a UKIP MEP in the East Midlands has welcomed this change of stance but warned it may be too little, too late.

    “It is astonishing to look at what is finally being said in Berlin. Faced with repeated electoral embarrassments over the last few months, it seems as though the penny has finally dropped and Germany’s political elite is at least getting the message.

    “More than any other country, Germany has borne the brunt of migration from North Africa and the Middle East over the last couple of years, no doubt due to Mrs Merkel’s foolish invitation welcoming whoever wanted to come. Throwing open her country’s borders may have seemed to be a good idea at the time, although I can’t see how, but that illusions seems to have faded.

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