• Paul Nuttall accuses Labour of betrayal on immigration

    PaulNuttall1.jpgUKIP leader Paul Nuttall said:"Labour has betrayed millions of British families on immigration. It was Labour that threw open our jobs market to millions of Eastern Europeans with no transitional controls at all.

    "What Jeremy Corbyn is committing himself to today is not even worthy of the term 'sticking plaster'. For him to think stopping a few online job ads is going to have any real impact on the movement of people from the low wage economies of Eastern Europe is a joke.

    "The British people - and working class communities in particular - want full control restored over our borders so the volume of immigration can be brought down sharply.

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  • Astonishment at Iran nuclear deal

    bill_etheridge.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, has revealed his shock and frustration at the Obama administration having agreed to 116 tonnes of uranium going to Iran to preserve its nuclear programme according to press reports.

    The shipment of natural uranium from Russia is to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant, say diplomats.

    The deal, in the dying days of the old presidency, will anger the incoming Republican administration who already feel that too many concessions have been given to Iran.

    The controversial arrangement also comes as reports came out about the destroyer USS Mahan, which fired three warning shots towards four of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps vessels on Sunday after they closed in at a high rate of speed.

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  • UKIP Tourism Spokesman wants seaside towns to benefit all year round from predicted tourism boom in 2017

    jcVjhVBq.jpgTourism in England hit a new record bringing in £45bn in 2016. This figure from Visit England, reflects an increase in the numbers of day trips and 'Staycations' taken by British families.

    Victoria Ayling UKIP Heritage and Tourism Spokesman finds this very encouraging and expects a large increase in 2017, particularly from foreign tourists.

    "I am pleased that there has been an increase throughout parts of the Country from Cornwall to the Lake District. The figures were taken from January to November 2016, so all year and not just in the summer. With the weak pound, I expect many more foreign tourists to visit as well as more British families to stay here for their holidays.

    "I would hope that there will be an increase in visitor numbers to seaside towns especially off season. It is easy to forget that our seaside towns also have interesting attractions all year round, other than being a great place for a beach holiday.

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  • 'Move along nothing to see here' seems to be the PM's strategy

    PaulNuttall1.jpgResponding to Theresa Mays first public pronouncement in 2017 on how she plans to approach negotiations with our European colleagues Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader said,

    "The Prime Minister has just thrown up a great opportunity to clarify her position on Brexit. Despite being asked a simple and clear question on at least three occasions she declined to answer. Will she prioritise taking back control of our borders over membership of the European Single Market? Her answers were vague, muddy and ultimately opaque. 'Move along nothing to see here' seems to be the PMs strategy

    "She gave herself more wriggle room than a snake in a barrel. It is just not good enough. It is clear what the people of the UK voted for in June, and it is clear that she will do anything she can to delay and prevaricate on this simple instruction from the electorate. There is no purpose in delay, no purpose in leaving the air thick with claim and counter claim. This merely leaves Britain's people and businesses with nothing to work with and little to base their planning on. It is not good enough. Enough already. She needs to make it clear that if we do not get what we want, decent trading relations with our continental friends and a clear decision to return full control of immigration to Westminster, then she should simply repeal the European Communities Act.

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  • 400 jobs are secured as the MOD signs £410m contract for maintenance of the RAF's new Atlas A400M aircraft

    To-use2.jpgDr Julia Reid MEP, who represents the South West Counties & Gibraltar, welcomes the news that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has finished negotiating the £410 million contract with Airbus to support production for the Atlas A400M aircraft. The contract has reportedly secured at least 400 highly-skilled British jobs.

    The Royal Air Force currently has 14 of the A400 aircraft in service and according to Defence officials, they plan to add an additional 8 to their fleet by the end of 2019. Defence officials say that the new contract secures a key part of the force’s fleet until 2026. The aircraft, which have can carry up to 37 tonnes of payload over a range of 2,000 nautical miles, will replace the existing fleet of C-130 Hercules.

    According to the Government website, the in-service support contract will sustain around 200 UK jobs with Airbus Defence and Space, focused around RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. More widely, the Atlas programme has a far-reaching UK supply chain, with around 200 additional jobs sustained at companies in: Gloucestershire, Somerset, and Sussex, including Messier Dowty in Gloucester, and Thales in Crawley and GKN and Rolls Royce in and around Bristol.

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  • UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall appoints Roger Bird as his Special Assistant

    RogerBirdrole.jpgUKIP Leader Paul Nuttall has announced the appointment of Roger Bird as Special Assistant to the Leader.

    He will be advising Paul on a number of political matters, including Constitutional Reform.

    Announcing the post, Paul said: "I am very happy that Roger has agreed to work with me on a voluntary basis and will be glad to call upon his political knowledge and experience to help in the exciting times ahead.”

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  • The introduction of ID cards for EU citizens post-Brexit is the thin end of the wedge

    Jane_PR_Img.jpgUKIP Home Affairs Spokeswoman, Jane Collins MEP, has blasted a call by Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to introduce ID cards for EU citizens saying; “This is a bad idea that would lead to the introduction of a national ID card for everyone.”

    Ms Collins comments come after Amber Rudd told MPs, EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit “will be a need to have some sort of documentation”.

    Speaking from her Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire constituency, Ms Collins said, “This is merely the thin end of the wedge to the introduction of a national ID card for everyone; something I am bitterly opposed to.”

    “Time and again we have heard politicians use arguments ranging from terrorism, to benefit fraud, in order to justify their pipe dream of introducing a national ID card.

    “The introduction of an ID card would be a draconian, ‘big brother’ move and there is simply no need for one, that’s why we have passports.

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  • Operation Atlantic Resolve highlights importance of commitment to NATO

    bill_etheridge.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, believes the show of force from the US in Operation Atlantic Resolve should act as a wake up call to the British government.

    Atlantic Resolve is a demonstration of US military commitment to its NATO allies to maintain peace and stability in the region in light of Russian intervention in Ukraine.*

    Troops, tanks and other equipment will arrive in Germany over January 6th - 9th as part of a nine month rotation of US army forces.

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  • Jane Collins MEP calls for an end to police cuts in West Yorkshire as research reveals county is number one in England and Wales for serious crime

    Jane_PR_Img.jpgUKIP’s Home Affairs Spokeswoman, Jane Collins MEP, has called for an “end to police cuts” and a more “visible and effective police presence”, as new research reveals West Yorkshire now has the highest rate of serious crime per head in England and Wales.

    Commenting on the findings from her Yorkshire constituency, Ms Collins blasted the Government for continuing cuts to police budgets saying, “while I am shocked at these findings, it comes as no surprise given that West Yorkshire Constabulary have lost 1,200 officers over the course of the last five years due to cuts.”

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  • Defence spokesman calls for “substantial investment” in armed forces

    bill_etheridge.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, has called for substantial investment in the UK’s armed forces. His call echoes that of General Sir Richard Barrons, who told the BBC yesterday that UK and NATO defences are not up to the current threat from Russia.

    Referring to Michael Fallon’s comments that the UK would be ready for a war with Russia in two years time, the former Commander of UK Joint Forces said that it would require "a massive escalation of planning and capability.” Sir Richard said NATO forces had been in a state of “progressive demobilisation” and were not ready to face “the kind of things Russia is now able to present".

    Mr Etheridge, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, said “One has to ask why a front line government minister is even talking about the prospect of going to war with Russia.

    “The best way to avoid war is to maintain a suitable deterrent, both conventional and nuclear, so that neither side feels it has an advantage over the other.

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