• Defence spokesman calls for “substantial investment” in armed forces

    bill_etheridge.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, has called for substantial investment in the UK’s armed forces. His call echoes that of General Sir Richard Barrons, who told the BBC yesterday that UK and NATO defences are not up to the current threat from Russia.

    Referring to Michael Fallon’s comments that the UK would be ready for a war with Russia in two years time, the former Commander of UK Joint Forces said that it would require "a massive escalation of planning and capability.” Sir Richard said NATO forces had been in a state of “progressive demobilisation” and were not ready to face “the kind of things Russia is now able to present".

    Mr Etheridge, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, said “One has to ask why a front line government minister is even talking about the prospect of going to war with Russia.

    “The best way to avoid war is to maintain a suitable deterrent, both conventional and nuclear, so that neither side feels it has an advantage over the other.

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  • Women should not suffer because of naivety of politicians

    download.jpgReacting to reports of widespread sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve in a number of European countries, UKIP’s Women and Equalities spokesman Margot Parker MEP said:

    “It is not at all surprising we are again seeing attacks against women who are doing nothing more than celebrating the turn of the year in public. A brief look at the reports show hundreds of incidents across Europe.

    “While none are on the scale of the appalling attacks in Cologne a little over a year ago, it is clear the problem has not gone away. Indeed, with almost 300 complaints made so far, what happened in Dusseldorf is a perfect example of Germany’s failure to get to grips with the problem.

    “Given the massively increased security presence in most city centres following the awful events in Berlin one wonders how many more would have occurred with fewer police on the streets.

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  • May to confirm only to what degree she will ignore the will of the people

    thumbnail_PaulNuttall1.jpgThe Prime Minister's office are trailing what they describe as a major statement on the move towards Brexit, but in reality it will just confirm to what extent she will ignore the democratic will of the people, says UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall.

    "We are told that the Prime Minister is prepared to pull the UK out of the Single Market if the UK is not given full control of its borders and we are supposed to be impressed by this. Given that this is exactly what the 17 million voted for almost 7 months ago, given that it was clear throughout the campaign that this is what we were voting about it is extraordinary that it has taken her so long to say it.

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  • Without cutting immigration, integration plans bound to fail

    pZCIEEd9.jpegUKIP Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said, "Today's report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration looks like an attempt by the Westminster establishment to con working class communities in to thinking they're going to do something about controlling immigration, when we know that neither the Labour nor the Tory leadership has any such intent.

    "The report is also an admission that uncontrolled immigration is a problem but there is no apology to the British people from the liberal establishment for presiding over and encouraging it. Likewise, it’s a bit rich for that same political establishment, who have overseen and approved mass uncontrolled immigration to be attempting to close the gate after the horse has bolted.

    "As a relatively small island nation it's impractical and disingenuous to suggest immigration can be controlled via a region specific visa scheme

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  • Why 'Unexpectedly'? British business is doing well

    M.R._085.gifResponding to a slew of good news for British business including the latest Markit/CIPS UK Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) and good news both on inward investment and manufacturing growth, Mark Reckless, the UKIP Economic spokesman said,

    "The manufacturing purchasing managers index hitting a two and a half year high of 56.1 today is just the latest data showing the UK economy growing strongly.

    "Why do the media always preface such news with 'unexpectedly' or 'despite Brexit'?

    "Most people voted Leave because they thought we would be better off out of the EU, so their confidence increased when they won the vote.

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  • Political threat to Press Freedom is "astonishingly illiberal and illogical"

    patch.jpgThe UKIP Spokesman for the Media, Patrick O'Flynn MEP - and former Express Chief Political Commentator has issued a call to arms against the threat to Press Freedom contained in Article 40 of the Crime and Courts Act.

    Mr O'Flynn said, "As UKIP media spokesman, I strongly object to section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act. This astonishingly illiberal and illogical measure will mean that newspapers can be made to pay huge legal costs for the sin of telling the truth unless they agree to be regulated by the Government’s approved body. Any newspaper not signing up to the Impress body will have to pay legal costs for both sides in libel actions taken against it whether it wins or loses the case.

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  • Brexit Agriculture plans are "Slow, opaque and ill-considered"

    Stuart-Agnew-in-Plenary1.jpgStuart Agnew MEP, UKIP's Agriculture spokesman has responded to the Secretary of State for Agriculture's plans announced at today's key Oxford Farming Conference, describing them as slow, lacking in detail and ill-considered,

    "I feel that she is hiding behind "we are having consultations", he said, "That will work for now, but it certainly will not work going forward.

    "I was particularly incensed that the chairman wouldn't allow my question to the Mrs Leadsom, I am both a farmer as well as a politician and the question was both relevant and needs answering".

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  • Doctors Back UKIP’s A&E Policy

    gFrSqwQl.jpgA survey of more than 500 GPs and secondary care doctors has revealed they think pressure on Accident and Emergency units could be relived by a policy put forward by UKIP in it’s 2015 manifesto.

    UKIP pledged to introduce a pilot programme in English hospitals to put GPs on duty in A&E seven days a week and, if it succeeded in easing the burden on A&E staff by freeing them up to treat seriously ill patients more successfully, rolling it out across the country.

    “This policy isn’t rocket science; it’s common sense,” says Suzanne Evans, UKIP’s NHS Champion. “UKIP pledged in our last manifesto to train and deploy 8,000 more GPs, and promised to install around 1,000 of them in A&E departments. The government needs to put this idea in train now. At the very least it should be prioritised for as soon as we leave the EU, when vital funding for the NHS is released as we are freed from our membership fees.”

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  • Margot Parker calls for pressure to be put on Saudi government to stop shocking treatment of children

    SetHeight500-Margot-3.jpgMargot Parker, UKIP’s women and equalities spokesman, has called for pressure to be put on Saudi Arabia to stop its horrendous treatment of children.

    She said: “We have heard this week that the United Nations has called on the country to repeal laws which allow the stoning, amputation, flogging and execution of children.

    “It’s scarcely believable that, in 2017, we are even discussing such atrocities. Children older than 15 are still tried as adults and experts also said the Saudi government still does not recognise girls as full subjects, with male guardianship imposed on them.

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  • UKIP Defence spokesman calls for investment in UK defence industry

    download.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, believes the slide in the value of the pound is just the spur needed for the government to boost the UK Defence industry and Buy British. With value of sterling against the dollar down to just $1.22, from a previous level of $1.51, Mr Etheridge believes this gives the UK based producers a clear advantage.

    Robert Fox, someone so committed to the Remain campaign that he was signing a petition for a re-run of the Referendum a mere two days after the country had voted in June last year, has written in today’s edition of the London Standard that present contracts to buy fighters, helicopters and the Trident missile system have now reached an eye-watering £200m. Doubts about Boeing’s F-35 fighter have thrown the plans to equip Britain’s new aircraft carriers into disarray.

    Mr Etheridge, the UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, said “There has always been a strategic argument for self-sufficiency as regards our Defence industry. No clearer example can be found that the case of the new HMS Queen Elizabeth and the HMS Prince of Wales where we have not got the capacity to make the aircraft to equip our own ships.

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