• Mark Reckless AM reappointed as UKIP’s Economics Spokesman

    MarkRecklessRole.jpgMark Reckless AM said, "I am delighted that Paul Nuttall has decided to keep me in the role of Economic spokesman. A nation's economy underpins everything else it does.

    "Brexit gives the country huge opportunities both at home and abroad, but it needs to operate on safe foundations.  In this role I can hold the Government to account and promote sensible, growth orientated policies fit for a free Britain".

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  • UKIP MEP Jill Seymour reappointed as Transport Spokesman

    JillSeymourRole.jpgJill Seymour said: “I would like to thank the new UKIP leader Paul Nuttall for renewing my Transport brief. I will continue to work tirelessly on raising media and political awareness of projects which our taxpayers either don’t need, or can’t afford.

    “HS2 is right at the top of my list, it doesn’t have a solid business case, and is costing tens of billions of pounds that we don’t have.

    “I will continue to lead UKIP’s fight against this vanity project – it will benefit a tiny minority, but will be paid for by the majority. It’s not too late to come to our senses, and scrap it.”

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  • James Carver appointed as UKIP’s Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs spokesman

    JimCarverRole.jpgJames Carver MEP said, "I'm honoured by the appointment to the extended role of UKIP's Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs spokesman, and am very conscious of the fact that our Foreign Affairs portfolio has been previously held by the party leader.

    "My priorities will be emphasising the importance - post Brexit - of Britain's re-emergence onto the world stage, as a genuinely independent actor, as demonstrated through our role as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

    "I will also be a champion for a more just and equitable foreign policy across the globe, and re-establishing our links with our Commonwealth cousins."

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  • Roger Helmer reappointed as UKIP’s Energy Spokesman

    RogerHelmerRole.jpgRoger Helmer MEP said, “I am very happy to have confidence of UKIP's new Leader. UKIP will continue to campaign for secure and affordable energy to promote industrial competitiveness and to minimise the problems of domestic fuel poverty

    “Brexit will give us the opportunity to revisit current perverse energy taxation policies. I'm looking forward to working with Paul and the new team to ensure that UKIP and its supporters’ voices are heard in the vital debate over energy in the UK.”

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  • Star Anderton reappointed as Disability Spokesman

    StarAndertonRole.jpgStar Anderton said: "I am humbled that Paul Nuttall has asked me to continue as Disability Spokesman. It is truly an honour to serve. UKIP will continue to be the voice of the people not just the establishment elite.

    "I will campaign for a fairer less stressful assessment procedure for disabled people. I want to spearhead common sense policy changes to ensure those who need the support, get it.


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  • David Kurten AM appointed as Education and Apprenticeships Spokesman

    DavidKurtenRole.jpgDavid Kurten AM said, "I am delighted to have been appointed as UKIP's Education and Apprenticeships Spokesman. 15 years in teaching and now a member of the London Assembly's Education Panel means I will be able to bring my experience, both practical and political to the role.

    "I am looking forward to developing our education policy which will ensure that there will be a diversity of education options for all pupils and students of all ages and abilities. This means a mixture a grammar, technical, specialist and comprehensive schools in all areas of the country, and further investment and development of apprenticeships to bridge the skills gap so that British young people have the skills needed to make the most of every opportunity.

    "I want to see an education system where not only will no child be left behind, but no child will be held back.

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  • UKIP Deputy Chairmen announced

    deputychairs_(1).jpgUKIP Leader Paul Nuttall is today delighted to announce that Suzanne Evans will occupy a key role in his top team.

    Miss Evans will be one of the Party’s two Deputy Chairmen and as part of that role she will chair the Party’s Policy Committee.

    Mr Nuttall said: “I am putting together a team of all the talents and am pleased that Suzanne has agreed to fulfil these functions.

    “I am going to be harnessing her expertise in the key area of policy development after her very successful spell as Head of Policy, which culminated with our widely admired General Election Manifesto in 2015.”

    Miss Evans said: “I am delighted to accept this position in Paul’s team and looking forward to getting cracking.

    “I am also looking forward to contributing to developing the ideas that will further advance Paul’s vision of making UKIP the party of patriotic communities in every part of the UK.”

    Mr Nuttall has also announced that the current Deputy Chairman William Dartmouth will remain in his post.

    Paul Nuttall said, "Throughout the recent turbulent times for the party, William has remained a Deputy Chairman of great stability. By continuing in this role he will be of great help in the vital task of unifying the party."

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  • UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge honoured by role of Defence spokesman

    BillEtheridgeRole.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, said he was honoured to have been given the role of Defence Spokesman for UKIP.

    Mr Etheridge said "I am honoured to have been given this exciting new role.

    "Our policy will be to increase spending in this area, reversing continued government cuts.

    "'Peace through strength' can only be achieved by having an impressive array of defence.

    "We are working on a whole raft of radical new policies that will increase the pride in our country’s armed forces and we will pledge to uphold the military covenant for veterans."

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  • Dr Julia Reid MEP appointed Environment Spokesman

    JuliaReidrole.jpgDr Julia Reid MEP said, "I am very happy that Paul has appointed me to this role. It is one that I believe I will be able to bring a rigorous scientific approach where policy is based on evidence, unlike much of environmental policy where evidence so often follows policy.

    "The earth on which we walk, the water that surrounds us and underpins all life and the air which we breathe cannot be more important and I look forward to working hard with Paul and the team to create the best outcomes for the country and its environment."

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  • Gerard Batten MEP appointed UKIP Spokesman on Brexit

    gerardbattenrole.jpgGerard Batten MEP said, "I am very happy that Paul Nuttall has announced my appointment as the Party Spokesman on Brexit.

    "In this role I will describe how Britain can and must leave the European Union as quickly and cleanly as possible.

    "I want UKIP to stop talking about Brexit and to start talking about Exit! We don't want a 'hard' or 'soft' Brexit but a democratic and speedy exit. The result of the Referendum must be respected and enacted without delay.

    "Theresa May and her Tory Government cannot be trusted to deliver our withdrawal from the EU. She was a Remainer who heads a predominantly Remain government.

    "If she were genuine about delivering Brexit she would have triggered Article 50 the moment she became Prime Minister. Instead nothing has been done in the last five months, and there are no plans for the next four. Then we will face at least another two years of protracted negotiations. Under Article 50 they could be extended for years to come.

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