• Trade with the Netherlands to remain good says Dutch PM

    speech.jpg"Another day and another country makes it clear that it is in their own vital interests to maintain and strengthen trading links with a post Brexit Britain", said William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP International Trade spokesman.

    Commenting after the Dutch PM Mark Rutte put his statement up on Facebook, Mr Dartmouth said:

    "The Dutch are of course right, our links, historical, cultural and trading go back hundreds of years and will continue into the future. It is likely they will improve as an independent UK will be able to act more quickly and more flexibly to world trading patterns, in a way that will encourage greater inward investment from Dutch firms. Access to the Single Market is in no way required to strengthen those links.

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  • Statement from group of members of the NEC

    The NEC consists of grass roots party activists elected by all the members of the party from among themselves. Our role is to oversee the party hierarchy on behalf of the members. We are not “party elites”. We are volunteers, we do not get paid, we put in our own time which we frequently have to take away from our paid employment. Our goal is always to try and represent what is right and fair for our fellow members in accordance with the Party’s Constitution and Party Rulebook. There are NEC elections every year.

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  • UKIP defence spokesman calls for "an end to the downgrading of the Armed Forces" with serious investment in defence

    MikeHookam.jpgUKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has today called for "an end to the downgrading of the Armed Forces" as latest government figures show a decrease in 2,350 regular personnel since last year despite the increased threat to the UK.

    Mr Hookem said the latest monthly service personnel statistics "showed structural problems in the morale of the Armed Forces with numbers of regular troops declining month on month."

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  • Welcome news that more armed police will be deployed on London’s streets

    Peter_3.jpgUKIP London Assembly Member Peter Whittle has welcomed today’s announcement that there will be more armed police on London’s streets to deter would-be attackers and reassure the public.

    Peter Whittle AM, who sits on the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee, said, “I was the only Mayoral candidate in the recent elections who consistently called for more armed police on our streets, particularly at places of heightened security risk such as Tube Stations.

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  • The government has no answer to our ever accelerating housing crisis

    Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgThe news that home ownership has plunged to the lowest level since 1986 is no surprise. The government has no answer to our ever accelerating housing crisis says UKIP Housing Spokesman Andrew Charalambous.

    Andrew Charalambous said, “UKIP has time and time again put forward firm proposals for a brownfield revolution which would have let us exploit our country's most unproductive land and building sites. Instead, the government along with the rest of the political elite continue to promote the need to build on our outstanding green belt and green spaces.

    “Two thirds of Brits now say that affordability is the key barrier to them owning their own home and the lack of affordability underlies the stark inequality in our nation. It is also evidence of a housing policy which simply does not produce enough housing to meet the needs of an ever growing population.”

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  • TfL announcement that the taxi and private hire compliance team will be quadrupled is welcome, but just the start

    DavidK.jpgTransport for London’s (TfL) announcement today that the taxi and private hire compliance team will be quadrupled has been welcomed by UKIP London Assembly member David Kurten, though he says it is "just the start".

    David Kurten AM, who sits on the London Assembly Transport Committee, said, "The Mayor committed to improving safety and supporting the black cab trade in response to questions I asked him at City Hall.

    "Whilst today's news is welcome, it is just the start as more needs to be done to deal with the surge in numbers of Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) that happened under both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson's watch.

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  • Brexit and the path to African economic freedom

    Margot_11_(1).jpgUKIP East Midlands MEP Margot Parker has said the focus over the next few months should be on re-building the country’s global brand. She said the UK should not only look at the financial windfall Brexit will bring the country in the coming decades – it should also look at the developing world and how our interactions with them could change many countries for the better.

    Margot said: “Trade not aid” has been a UKIP mantra for almost as long as the party has been looking at more than simply leaving the European Union.

    “Based on solid, traditional free-market principles the idea is if we remove trade barriers to products from the developing world it would empower economic development and stimulate self-sufficiency, removing reliance on so-called ‘structural aid’.”

    She said an example is the African situation, saying: “Africa is addicted to aid. For the past 60 years it has been fed aid. Like any addict it needs and depends on its regular fix, finding it hard, if not impossible, to contemplate existence in an aid-less world. In Africa, the West has found its perfect client to deal to.”

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  • Major victory for UKIP in Scotland as Supreme Court over-turns the Named Person Act

    David_Coburn.jpgReacting to news that the Supreme Court has over-turned the Named Person Act, Leader of UKIP in Scotland, David Coburn MEP said:

    “I am the only Scottish politician that has objected to this draconian, interfering, we-know-best piece of legislation and I am delighted the court has sided with the decent parents in Scotland.

    “While the public were outraged angry and worried by the proposals, the tories repeatedly abstained, offering their voters no voice whatsoever on this most damaging legislation.

    “This is a major victory for UKIP in Scotland, and it will be a huge relief to concerned parents across Scotland that the Supreme Court agrees with us and has sided with the people against the nanny state government headed by the SNP.

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  • Good news for UK economy post Brexit

    M.R._085_(1).jpgThe UK economy grew by 0.6% in the three months to the end of June, as economic growth accelerated in the run-up to the vote to leave the EU. Second-quarter gross domestic product grew faster than expected, up from 0.4% growth in the previous quarter, the Office for National Statistics said. Any uncertainty ahead of last month's referendum seemed "limited", ONS said.

    However, by far the strongest growth was in April, followed by a sharp easing off in May and June. On a yearly basis the economy grew by a healthy 2.2%. The pick-up in economic activity was boosted by the biggest upturn in industrial output since 1999, particularly from car factories and pharmaceutical firms.

    Responding to the news, UKIP Economics Spokesman Mark Reckless AM said, "Yes, firms are investing in Britain. Yes, growth has strengthened, Yes, the stock market is up again. But, why are all these reported as if they are shock surprises? Because, most people reporting the news voted 'Remain'."

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  • Plans to build Garden Bridge should be put to rest says UKIP's Peter Whittle


    Following news that the new Transport Secretary Chris Grayling MP is due to consider whether to extend a £15m government underwriting of the £175m Garden Bridge project until September, UKIP London Assembly member Peter Whittle has called for him and London Mayor Sadiq Khan to "lay to rest" plans to build the Garden Bridge.

    Peter Whittle AM said, "I have been campaigning against the Garden Bridge for many months now. It is emblematic of the vanity projects that our political elite become besotted with and it is superfluous at a time of hardship for many.

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