• New North East Devolution Plan a 'political hotchpotch' says MEP

    jonathan_arnott_1.jpgNews that three North East councils are believed to be going it alone on a devolution deal has been described as a “political hotchpotch” by local MEP Jonathan Arnott. The government had declared a devolution deal was off the table when the proposal involving all seven local authorities collapsed earlier this month.

    But ITV Tyne Tees has reported that Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland - the three areas that voted for a devolution deal - have got together and now negotiations are taking place with the government over forming their own separate deal.

    “This is just bizarre,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP.

    “It would be crazy to have Newcastle and Gateshead having separate arrangements and we would end up with a political hotchpotch in the region and no actual North East plan.

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  • UKIP select Oxfordshire man Dickie Bird as Witney Candidate

    Dickie_2.pngFormer Soldier and Oxford College porter Dickie Bird has been selected to fight the Witney Constituency vacated by David Cameron.

    Mr Bird, whose nomination was accepted this morning said,

    "I’m excited to have the opportunity to fight this seat on behalf of UKIP and local residents. I live in, and love, Oxfordshire. For twenty years I served in the army as part of Oxfordshire's, local Regiment, The Royal Green Jackets, now called The Rifles.

    "However, on leaving, I found the local Council very unhelpful. This made me realise that in order to change things for people it is no good railing at the radio and TV and sitting back, instead I felt that I had to get involved and do something to make things better.”

    "We need to do more to look after all those who have lived and paid tax here for years.

    "I joined UKIP in 2009 and was a candidate for them soon after, they are the only Party standing up for our Country and fully behind all those who voted for Brexit.”

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  • Farewell Dr Raj Chandran, a loyal UKIP member, from the Chairman


    It was with great sadness last week that we received confirmation of the death of Dr Raj Chandran, a loyal member of our party who held a position on our National Executive Committee at the time of his passing, writes UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden.

    I had known Dr Chandran personally since he joined UKIP in my home region of the East Midlands a few years ago. Since that time, Raj never failed to demonstrate his commitment and dedication to serving our members, whether it be by sponsoring meetings or hosting fund raising events at his own home. His experience of being a former Mayor and candidate both in Parliamentary and Police & Crime Commissioner elections was invaluable and he was always happy to pass that experience on. 

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  • Corbyn turns his nose up at traditional Labour supporters

    Image-1.pngResponding to Jeremy Corbyn's appearance on the Andrew Marr Show this morning, UKIP Leader Diane James MEP said: "Jeremy Corbyn just can't help himself. A personal position of hardline socialist rhetoric continues after a fruitless and ineffective leadership challenge. The future of the Labour party is now dismal given the policy making foundation he is bequeathing to his party. Possibly a real personal achievement for him and his entryist friends in Momentum but an absolute tragedy for the effectiveness of the Official UK Opposition party and for the United Kingdom.

    "Corbyn's solution to the uncontrolled wage reducing EU migration which even he admits depresses the wages of UK unskilled workers is some sort of mysterious ‘migrant fund’. He wants to underfund our armed forces and turn them into the social workers of armed conflict. His solution to the perils facing our economy of too much personal and government debt is to spend an eye watering £500 billion more of borrowed public money on Labour’s pet projects. To top it off his answer to making Britain successful after Brexit is to call a meeting of socialist parties from across the continent to find some answers. These are the same parties which preside over unparalleled levels of youth unemployment and policies which have bankrupted many of the smaller economies in the bloc.

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  • Dr Julia Reid MEP expresses her optimism for life-sciences in a Post-Brexit Britain

    Portrait-of-Julia.jpgUKIP MEP Dr Julia Reid, a research biochemist by profession, is delighted to hear that earlier this month, Europe’s largest biomedical laboratory, known as the Francis Crick Institute, opened in London.

    The biomedical research institute aims to determine how certain illnesses develop, and then with this knowledge, scientists aim to prevent, diagnose and also treat conditions such as: cancer, heart disease, stroke, infections and diseases of the brain.

    The Francis Crick institute, which boasts a total floor space of 93,000m2, has been made possible by the innovative partnership between the Medical Research Council (which is a UK government funding agency that invests in research on behalf of the tax payer), two charities and three universities based in London.

    Combined, these six leading medical research organisations have spent a total of around £700 million on the Crick’s institute; by pooling their resources into what is now the largest biomedical research institute under one roof, they hope to attract some of the best and brightest young scientists from all across the UK and the rest of the world, in order to take the UK to the forefront of biomedical sciences.

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  • Dr Julia Reid MEP supports Gibraltar’s right to sovereignty & self determination

    Portrait-of-Julia.jpgAs a Member of the European Parliament, who represents both the South West Counties & Gibraltar, Dr Julia Reid was invited by the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, to help celebrate Gibraltar National Day, which took place on the 10th of September.

    The following week, during the opening speech at the UKIP National Conference in Bournemouth, Dr Reid told the audience that: “the prospect of a Brexit has come as an unwelcome shock to the majority of Gibraltarians”.

    Dr Reid described their concerns as being “understandable”, given that in the wake of the UK's vote to exit the European Union, Spain renewed calls for joint sovereignty of Gibraltar; with Spain’s acting foreign minister, José Manuel García-Margallo, saying that the referendum result has significantly advanced the prospect of a Spanish flag flying on the rock of Gibraltar.

    However, despite the people of Gibraltar voting overwhelmingly in favour to remain part of the European Union, the results of the EU referendum haven’t changed the way the Gibraltarian people feel about their British identity.

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  • Young speaker Chris wins the ‘Seymour Shield’

    jill_shield_1.JPGRising stars of UKIP’s youth wing have been recognised and rewarded in the return of an annual public speaking competition.

    The Seymour Shield, created by the party’s Transport spokesman Jill Seymour, gives members of Young Independence the chance to deliver a three-minute speech on a topic of their choice.

    This year’s winner was 23-year-old Chris Vaughan from Portsmouth – who went one better than last year, when he finished as runner-up.

    Chris, originally from Rotherham, spoke on his vision for the future of UKIP in the competition, which was held on the second day of the party’s Bournemouth conference.

    In addition to the shield and £100 prize money, Chris got the chance to deliver a closing conference speech to delegates in the main UKIP hall.

    Jill, who is co-president of Young Independence, said: “These people are the key to the future of our party, and that’s why I’m keen to give them as much support as I possibly can.

    “I hope that the Seymour Shield will, in some small way, encourage more people to come on board and show the true talents of our young people.”

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  • UKIP: The opposition party in waiting

    20160916_141546.jpgUKIP MEP for the South East, Diane James, has been elected as UKIP's new Leader, succeeding Nigel Farage MEP.

    In her acceptance speech Diane stated unequivocally that her aim is to make the United Kingdom Independence Party the UK's Opposition party.

    Speaking from the main stage of UKIP's Annual Conference in Bournemouth, Diane concluded her speech to UKIP's members in the hall and to those watching at home saying, "Under my leadership UKIP will confound our critics, UKIP will outwit our opponents, UKIP will build on its electoral success to date, UKIP will become the Opposition in waiting."

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  • North East MEP calls for investment in the region not more empty words

    Jonathan_Arnott_2.jpgThe latest unemployment figures for the North East - showing it is still the highest in the country - demonstrate the ongoing need for investment in the region, said local MEP Jonathan Arnott.

    “It is just not good enough for the government to keep muttering about the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ as if that is some magic panacea.

    “We need to see it put into action now - as these latest figures show. Empty words and promises mean nothing.”

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  • People across Europe would not endorse a European Army

    Making his second speech following the State of the European Speech UKIP MEP and EFDD Co-Leader Nigel Farage MEP said that people across Europe would not endorse a European Army - watch the full speech here: 

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