• Blair's legacy will be one of a man craving power and influence over caution, advice and common sense

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has blasted former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair for his determination in taking the UK into conflict against Iraq saying his legacy will "always be one of a man craving power and influence over caution, advice and common sense."

    Mr Hookem added that Mr Blair was "a fool, blinded by his own self importance and slavish devotion to President Bush, as today's report makes clear."

    His comments came following the release of Sir John Chilcot's report into the 2003 invasion of Iraq which found the decision to take the UK to war was not the "last resort" it was presented to Parliament as, due to peaceful operations for disarmament not having been exhausted.

    Speaking from Strasbourg, former soldier Mr Hookem said "Blair's quest for personal prestige on the international stage, the failure of the intelligence community and the failure of MPs to properly research the UN's reasons for not backing military action led to the UK's Armed Forces being condemned to seven years of hell for which they were under equipped and not properly supported.

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  • UKIP urges councils to fly the Red Duster for our Merchant Marine

    bigpic.jpgCllr David Sprason, Chairman of the UKIP Councillors Association, is urging all UKIP Councillors on Local (parish and town) councils throughout the UK to support a campaign to raise public awareness of our island nation’s dependence on Merchant Navy seafarers.

    The charity Seafarers UK is asking councils to fly a Red Ensign - the British Merchant Navy’s flag - on Merchant Navy Day, 3 September.

    Free ensigns are on offer to councils that would otherwise not be able to participate. Suitable venues include flagpoles in public places, on civic buildings, museums, libraries, schools and churches.

    Cllr David Sprason said, "It is really important that we recognise the important role the Merchant Navy has in the past and continues to play for our economy. From those who fish our seas, to those who transport the goods that make this nation the trading nation it is we owe them all a debt of gratitude.

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  • Statement from Steve Crowther - Resignation as UKIP Party Chairman

    I gave notice to the Party Leader some weeks ago that I would resign from the Chairmanship in July, following the Referendum, regardless of the result. Yesterday the NEC received my resignation and approved Nigel’s appointment of Paul Oakden to fill the role from the first of August until the new Leader is elected in September.
    I agreed with Nigel a year ago, when it became clear that the Referendum would be coming sooner rather than later, that I would stay on until after the Referendum, to do whatever I could to help him achieve the great task of getting our country back.
    It has been an enormous privilege to serve one of the towering political figures of our age, and play a small part in the Brexit win. I will now return to the party’s grassroots and do what I can to help rebuild the public’s confidence in our country’s future, which has been seriously damaged by the destructive narratives of the Remain campaign.
    The UK is a great country, a world leader in many fields and a beacon of independence, tolerance and civil and human rights. We have an even brighter future ahead of us, now that we are once again able to chart it for ourselves. I hope that everyone – especially the young – will soon start to see the possibilities ahead, and embrace the future with the hope and enthusiasm it deserves.

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  • We need a mature discussion over a deal beneficial to everybody

    Speaking today in the European Parliament on the conclusions of the European Council meeting UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP said that the British people have spoken and now both the UK and the EU should work together to get the best deal possible.
    "The British people have spoken and threats and bullying are not the answer to the questions the UK leaving the European Union has thrown up.
    "The UK and Europe are joined by geography, culture, history and trade and that will not change. Therefore it is imperative on so many levels that we are good, healthy trading neighbours.
    "We owe it to the citizens of both the UK and Europe to conduct these negotiations in a grown up manner so we can get the best deal for everyone."

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  • Statement from Nigel Farage

    13555711_10154210982396341_1420975860_o.jpgI have decided to stand aside as Leader of UKIP. The victory for the 'Leave' side in the referendum means that my political ambition has been achieved. I came into this struggle from business because I wanted us to be a self-governing nation, not to become a career politician.

    UKIP is in a good position and will continue, with my full support to attract a significant vote. Whilst we will now leave the European Union the terms of our withdrawal are unclear. If there is too much backsliding by the Government and with the Labour Party detached from many of its voters then UKIP's best days may be yet to come.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you the membership for your extraordinary support and generosity over the many years, I could not have done it without you.

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  • "Freedom of movement" is not required for access to the (EU) Single Market

    william_d.jpgWilliam Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade Spokesman, speaking today said; "The facts are clear, 'freedom of movement' is not currently required to access the Common Regulatory Zone, otherwise known as the Single Market.

    "Exports to the EU in 2015 from 35 countries without "freedom of movement" amounted to over £1.3 billion, are the European Council and the European Commission now going to embargo all imports into the EU from all of those countries? None of whom have a free movement requirement?

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  • James Carver condemns moral injustice against Chagossians

    5p8f4zNl.jpgUKIP Commonwealth Spokesman James Carver MEP has condemned the continuing moral injustice against Chagos islanders.

    The Supreme Court today has ruled against the Chagossian people's desire to resettle in the British Indian Ocean Territory. Families left the Chagos islands in the 1960s and 70s to make way for a US Air Force base on Diego Garcia, the largest of the group of islands. The Supreme Court has upheld a 2008 House of Lords ruling that the exiles cannot return.

    Following that verdict, James Carver MEP for the West Midlands and UKIP’s Commonwealth spokesman, stated; "I'm dismayed by the ruling. This moral injustice continues to be a stain on our history.

    "The 2015 government report, shows the Chagossians' return is entirely feasible. I believe this was reflected in the Supreme Court's narrow 3:2 majority in reaching their verdict today.

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  • Nigel and Juncker agree on Brexit timing, Euro MPs in denial

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage received a rowdy reception in the normally docile European Parliament today as he told MEPs they were in denial over Britain's decision to leave the EU.

    You can see Nigel's speech here:

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  • Welcome to Independence Day

    Britain awakens today, June 24th, to a future as a free, independent sovereign nation.

    In a history-making referendum result, the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union by winning 51.9% (17,410,742) of the vote (at latest counting) with 48.1% (16,141,241) choosing to remain on a turnout of 71.8%.

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  • Nigel tops Ipsos Mori poll of political leaders on eve of EU Referendum


    The pollster Ipsos Mori has released a poll today that has UKIP Leader Nigel Farage far and away top of the political charts when it comes to satisfaction.

    His figures are double his closest rival, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and more than four times that of Prime Minister David Cameron.

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