• "Freedom of movement" is not required for access to the (EU) Single Market

    william_d.jpgWilliam Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade Spokesman, speaking today said; "The facts are clear, 'freedom of movement' is not currently required to access the Common Regulatory Zone, otherwise known as the Single Market.

    "Exports to the EU in 2015 from 35 countries without "freedom of movement" amounted to over £1.3 billion, are the European Council and the European Commission now going to embargo all imports into the EU from all of those countries? None of whom have a free movement requirement?

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  • James Carver condemns moral injustice against Chagossians

    5p8f4zNl.jpgUKIP Commonwealth Spokesman James Carver MEP has condemned the continuing moral injustice against Chagos islanders.

    The Supreme Court today has ruled against the Chagossian people's desire to resettle in the British Indian Ocean Territory. Families left the Chagos islands in the 1960s and 70s to make way for a US Air Force base on Diego Garcia, the largest of the group of islands. The Supreme Court has upheld a 2008 House of Lords ruling that the exiles cannot return.

    Following that verdict, James Carver MEP for the West Midlands and UKIP’s Commonwealth spokesman, stated; "I'm dismayed by the ruling. This moral injustice continues to be a stain on our history.

    "The 2015 government report, shows the Chagossians' return is entirely feasible. I believe this was reflected in the Supreme Court's narrow 3:2 majority in reaching their verdict today.

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  • Nigel and Juncker agree on Brexit timing, Euro MPs in denial

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage received a rowdy reception in the normally docile European Parliament today as he told MEPs they were in denial over Britain's decision to leave the EU.

    You can see Nigel's speech here:

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  • Welcome to Independence Day

    Britain awakens today, June 24th, to a future as a free, independent sovereign nation.

    In a history-making referendum result, the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union by winning 51.9% (17,410,742) of the vote (at latest counting) with 48.1% (16,141,241) choosing to remain on a turnout of 71.8%.

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  • Nigel tops Ipsos Mori poll of political leaders on eve of EU Referendum


    The pollster Ipsos Mori has released a poll today that has UKIP Leader Nigel Farage far and away top of the political charts when it comes to satisfaction.

    His figures are double his closest rival, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and more than four times that of Prime Minister David Cameron.

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  • Ford used European loans to relocate British jobs to Turkey with more potentially to go at Dagenham

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has called Ford "hypocrites" for encouraging workers to vote to remain in the EU by threatening job uncertainty, saying "what we do know for certain is that Ford used our money to relocate British jobs to Turkey."

    In a quote published by the 'stronger in' campaign on twitter, the letter sent to 14000 workers said they have "deep concerns about...the potential downsides" of Brexit.

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  • "Remain is for the very rich, Mr Osborne" says Jane Collins

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokesman Jane Collins has slammed the Chancellor's comments on Peston on Sunday as "the delusional rhetoric of a multi millionaire who has no idea about working people."

    "Even Lord Rose admitted to MPs that without EU's uncontrolled migration wages would rise - it's a basic supply and demand and what the EU and our government have done is make the minimum wage the maximum wage in many sectors.

    "For him to say Brexit is for 'the very rich' is a distortion of every single statistic on record when it's people like him who want to be in the EU for cheaper nannies and gardeners and have no idea about trying to live on the breadline.

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  • UKIP Defence Spokesman welcomes decision by Field Marshal Lord Guthrie to switch to Leave side

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has welcomed the decision by former British Army chief, Field Marshal Lord Guthrie to switch sides to the Leave campaign saying; "more and more former and serving military personnel are waking up to how developed the structure of an EU army already is and the dangers this poses to the UK’s security."

    Mr Hookem, who has been speaking out on the development of plan for an EU army since his election as an MEP in 2014, said, "I am very pleased that Lord Guthrie has realised his mistake in signing the Downing Street defence letter and spoken out over his fears on the development of an EU army.

    "Lord Guthrie joins a long list of distinguished former and serving senior military personnel who are extremely concerned that Britain’s armed forces could be swallowed up by the EU if the public chooses to remain.

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  • The tragic death of Jo Cox MP

    UKIP have issued the following statement following Thursday's events: The murder of Jo Cox MP has shocked us all deeply. She was clearly a highly talented and dedicated campaigner and a hugely popular Member of Parliament with a bright future ahead of her. Her death is an appalling and inexplicable tragedy.

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  • Major coach tour to crusade for Brexit

    thumbnail_image1.jpgA major coach tour, crusading for Britain to leave the European Union, is to travel parts of Wales, the North and the West Midlands to ensure voters are on the road to Brexit.
    UKIP’s vivid 45ft long ‘Project Fact’ coach is to take to the road on Thursday from Newport in Wales and will then travel to Monmouth, parts of the north and the West Midlands to as part of the drive urging people to vote for Brexit on June 23.

    West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP and fellow Party activists will take part in the grand tour which will stop off at a host of locations.
    From Wales the coach will travel to a host of towns and cities across the North and the West Midlands including Birmingham, Dudley, Walsall, Sutton Coldfield, Stourbridge and Wolverhampton. In the North areas such as Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale and Liverpool will also be visited by the coach in a effort to call on people to vote for leave and make June 23 UK Independence Day. The tour will take place from this Thursday until June 22.

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