• Former Conservative Mayor joins UKIP

    Jim_Carver_Bob_Dhillon___Alastair_MacBrayne_3(1).JPGIn a surprise move prominent Conservative member, Bob Dhillon, a former mayor of Warwick, has joined UKIP. Mr Dhillon, who served two terms as Tory councillor for Warwick West, has been involved with the Conservative Party since the age of 12 but now the father-of-three has decided to join the country’s leading Eurosceptic party. He explained that has become disillusioned with David Cameron’s ‘project fear’ campaign in the EU referendum.

    "David Cameron is wrong, he is not standing up for the British people and the deal he negotiated is not worth the paper it is written on. How can he expect people to vote to remain in the EU with such a lousy deal?" said Mr Dhillon.

    "He has lost the confidence of the general public on immigration, HS2, NHS privatisation through the controversial TTIP agreement between the USA and Europe and through destroying rural/urban areas with Conservative housing plans."

    Welcoming Mr Dhillon to the party Midlands UKIP MEP James Carver said, "The credit for the British people finally getting a say on the EU in the referendum is all down to the work UKIP has done over the years. For those who oppose our EU membership, such as Bob Dhillon, joining UKIP is a logical decision."

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  • This is what might happen to the UK armed forces' oath of allegiance

    With the threat of a combined EU Army looming, this video by UKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP looks into the future and at what could become of the British armed forces' oath of allegiance.

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  • Centralised EU tax system is one more step to a European Super-state

    StevenWoolfe_(1).jpegThe European Parliament today approved tax measures which would lead to a harmonised corporate tax base (CCCTB) as well as the introduction of tax ID numbers for every European citizen.

    UKIP’s Financial Affairs spokesmen Steven Woolfe MEP commented: “This is a shameless attempt to create a centralised EU tax system. By forcing an EU taxpayer ID - effectively a new continental National Insurance number - on every European the EU is laying the foundations for a European tax and making no apologies for it.

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  • Predictable but shamelessly quick - Sadiq Khan breaks his fare freeze promise

    DavidK.jpgIt has emerged that the cost of travelcards is to continue rising despite a promise made by Sadiq Khan during the London elections to freeze fares for the full mayoral term. In his campaign Mr Khan promised that Londoners would pay the same fares in 2020, when he’ll be up for re-election, as they did at the start of his mayoralty. However, yesterday Mr Khan told the London Assembly that his fares freeze would not cover travelcards, or daily and weekly Oyster and contactless card caps.
    Responding, UKIP's David Kurten, who sits on the London Assembly's Transport Committee said, "Sadiq Khan breaking his fares freeze promise was predictable but still I am astonished by how shamelessly quick it was.

    "We are sadly quickly becoming used to Sadiq Khan rowing back from his campaign pledges and promises. First it was in the area of housing, now it is transport - is there any area of his election manifesto that he seeks to honour? It's a good thing there is a revolving door at the entrance to City Hall as it looks to me that Sadiq Kahan's manifesto is using it.

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  • Nigel Farage beats David Cameron, wins over undecided voters

    Screenshot_55.pngAnalysis carried out during last night's ITV referendum special by a live Times Red Box pulse of voters shows that Nigel Farage won over undecided voters, with the UKIP Leader receiving an average rating of 63% amongst undecided voters compared to 29% for the Prime Minister.

    A UKIP spokesman said: "It is clear that last night not only did Nigel fire up Leave voters, he reached out and won over the vast majority of undecided voters as well. Indeed as the half hour progressed and undecided voters heard more from Nigel, his ratings amongst this crucial group increased throughout. The more those weighing up which way to vote hear from Nigel, the more they like what he has to say.

    "Nigel's patriotic message that we should not be bullied by the unelected elite who run the EU was also shown to be popular with female voters in particular.

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  • Brexit vote on June 23rd will spell end for entire EU Project

    Today in the European Parliament UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP stated that the June 23rd referendum is the biggest event in the EU's history and a Brexit vote would bring an end to the entire European project.
    He said: "We have in two weeks’ time what is to be the biggest event in the history of this project. It is the British referendum and it’s not just about whether Britain leaves the European Union because if we make that choice I’m confident many other countries will make that choice too."
    "I hope this is the last time I’ll be speaking in this parliament from a Member State and I hope that we are going to leave this union on June 23rd. So I’m going out now, I may be some time."

    Watch his speech below:

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  • Sadiq Khan's London Mayoral campaign was pure hot air

    DavidK.jpgCommenting on the Deputy Mayor for Housing James Murray's appearance in front of the London Assembly Housing Committee today, UKIP London Assembly member David Kurten said: "Simply put, the answers that James Murray gave to the Assembly Housing Committee today were illustrative of just how much of Sadiq Khan's London Mayoral campaign was pure hot air.
    "Ever since the election, Khan has been backing away from his pledge to build 80,000 homes per year, and today is the latest instance of him and his team rowing back from that target. In today's session James Murray repeatedly refused to commit to build even 50,000 new homes.
    "As my colleague Peter Whittle and I repeatedly said during the London election campaign, the housing crisis will not be solved by setting arbitrary targets which will never be met but only by addressing the demand side of the equation too.

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  • Euro court rules non-EU nationals illegally entering UK cannot be imprisoned

    steven.jpgUKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said in response to the ECJ's latest judgement that ruled non-EU nationals illegally entering UK cannot be imprisoned.

    said: "This judgement blows a hole in Cameron's argument that the EU makes us more secure. Only Brexit gives us control of who comes here and whether they can be deported at a time of our choosing.

    "To sum up – the euro court rules non-EU nationals illegally entering UK cannot be imprisoned. It is insanity to leave it up to the migrants whether they should leave promptly or not.

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  • Make sure you register to vote and help us make June 23rd our Independence Day!

    If you aren't already on the electoral register, you must register by midnight tomorrow if you want to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June.

    Click here to register, it only takes 5 minutes:

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  • BBC Bias claim as EU Monnet Professor presented as independent expert

    Patrick.jpgUKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn has accused the BBC Six O’Clock News of broadcasting an “extraordinarily biased” item about what would happen to food prices outside the EU and demanded the programme acknowledges its error.

    Mr O’Flynn spoke out after discovering that a supposed impartial “expert” featured in the item is actually an EU-funded Jean Monnet professor – a fact kept from viewers.

    “This was not just bad broadcasting, it was biased broadcasting. The whole item was fundamentally unbalanced. For a start the reporter, Emma Simpson, failed to explain the basic fact that the nature of the EU as a customs union means that food prices within it are higher than prevailing world prices.

    “Even worse, Professor Catherine Barnard was then presented as an impartial expert from Cambridge University when in fact she is a Jean Monnet Chair of EU law and as such has a strong vested interest in a remain vote.

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