• Hammond must rule out British troops joining EU Battlegroup

    Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has called on the Foreign Secretary to rule out British troops being sent to Libya as part of an EU battlegroup.

    Mr Hammond is under fire after MPs on a trip to North Africa were told that 1000 British troops were to be deployed as part of a 6000 strong international force against Da'esh.

    Mr Hookem, who sits on the European Parliament's Defence Committee, said the plans for an EU battlegroup in Libya were "openly discussed and part of a three stage strategy by the EU to deal with terrorism and people trafficking."

    "I have heard from senior members of the EU's military teams including the EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM) about their strategy for dealing with terrorism and trafficking, of which the third stage is 'boots on the ground'.

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  • Peter Whittle highlights the plight of local residents in South Acton who face being forced out of their homes

    12966582_10208497316606915_207385842_n.jpgOn a trip to South Acton today, UKIP Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle met with local residents in London’s biggest redevelopment who face being made homeless after reportedly being offered less than market value for their homes by Ealing Council. Peter Whittle,  was joined by David Kurten, number 2 on London’s Assembly list and other UKIP activists on his trip to South Acton.

    While the redevelopment of London's largest estate, South Acton, moves ahead, many of the current residents feel they are being left behind. Despite some of them having lived on the estate for a generation, they are being pressurised by the council and developers to accept well below market value for their homes which will leave them unable to buy anything in the redevelopment. There have been some reports of some residents receiving offers as little as 60% of market value and others who have been offered £100k less than the market value for their properties.

    Before the General Election Angie Bray, the then Conservative MP for the area, and Rupa Huq, the then Labour candidate and now MP for the area, were supposedly very interested in the residents’ concerns but since May the residents have not heard a thing from their new Labour MP, and the Labour council have also lost interest.

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  • The people's army will prevail over anti-democratic EU

    Speaking in the European Parliament today UKIP Leader Nigel Farage made it clear that he believes that the people's army will prevail over anti-democratic EU, and you can watch his speech in full below:

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  • Farage calls out the IMF - It's only protecting its own as it always does

    Nigel.jpgThe international financial institution that admitted that it broke all its financial rules to back up the failing Euro project has announced that the prospect of the UK Leaving the EU is so troubling to its ideas that the entire global economy could be troubled.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, "The IMF has been hijacked by the architects of the failing EU project, so of course they want the UK to remain.

    "This is all about the big banks and the establishment protecting their interests within a cosy EU cartel that looks after multi-national corporations and dismisses the democratic wishes of the average man, woman or small and medium sized business.

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  • EU rules allow job discrimination for foreign workers based on languages

    jane_collins_MEP.jpgThe European Commission has confirmed a legal loophole which allows employers and recruiters to demand workers for UK vacancies speak Eastern European languages as a way to avoid hiring workers from the UK.

    The response came in a reply to UKIP employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP who has raised concerns about British workers being barred from jobs in the UK by agencies wanting Polish or Romanian speaking candidates.

    These include vacancies for a painter and decorator in the South East which required Polish fluency, an estate agent in the north of England where Romanian was 'needed' and care workers in the South West where the vacancy was advertised in Polish only.

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  • France to cooperate on security and intelligence post Brexit says French Prime Minister

    Nigel_Farage.jpegUKIP Leader Nigel Farage and the French Prime Minister met for a meeting in the European Parliament today to discuss security at the European Parliament today. In the meeting the French PM, Manuel Valls, confirmed that relations will remain close between the UK and France in intelligence and security in the event of a Leave vote in the upcoming EU.

    Commenting on the meeting Nigel Farage said, "At a meeting this lunchtime with the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls he made clear and I quote "I believe in the European project". He called for the EU to have more "resources" by which he meant more power for the EU to deal with defence, security and the Eurozone.

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  • UKIP London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle unveils plan to put democracy back in the hands of the people

    CfwQLVIWEAAmNzh.jpgOn a visit to the London Borough of Sutton today, UKIP's London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle announced that when the Mayor is responsible for making major planning decisions, UKIP will give Londoners the final say through binding referendums, if 5% of the local population petition for such a referendum within three months.

    Peter Whittle said, "One of my key priorities if elected Mayor is to actually give power back to those who it belongs to, the people. I want to put democracy back into the hands of local people when it comes to large and controversial developments.

    "Recent polling has shown in stark detail that Londoners increasingly feel powerless over their built environment. This is why UKIP's policy proposes binding referenda, held by local authorities, on any new large developments, if 5% of the local population petition for such a referendum within three months.

    "This policy is a real transfer of power from the Mayor to the people and will help to protect the connection between Londoners and their city."

    Peter was speaking on a campaign visit to Sutton which included a trip to the site of the South London Incinerator, the Felnex site where the controversial District Heating Scheme is proposed to be started at the Phase 1 stage.

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  • UKIP welcome Treasury Select Committee study into economic facts in the Brexit Debate

    mark_reckless.jpgMark Reckless, the UKIP Economics spokesman has welcomed a request from the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee to provide them with all printed claims by the party to do with the economics of Brexit during he referendum campaign.

    "We are delighted that the Committee is planning to scrutinise the publicity produced by the various campaigning groups. We will be sending copies of all our publicity as we are confident that what we are saying is the unvarnished truth designed to give the people of the United Kingdom a fair and reasonable view in order that they can make their own minds up on this, the most important political decision in generations.

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  • UKIP's Jim Carver MEP says Roma must be included on the Holocaust Commission

    April 8th is International Roma Day, and as the only British elected politician of Gypsy descent Jim Carver MEP, the UKIP Commonwealth spokesman has written to the Prime Minister calling for a member of the Roma community to be included on the UK's Holocaust Commission. He will be handing his open letter on behalf of Britain's Roma communities to the No 10 at 13:00hrs today

    Jim Carver MEP wrote,
    "The Romani community, of which I am a member, have lived in the United Kingdom for many centuries, but always on the margins of society. Today my community faces increased difficulties which have been further exacerbated by recent changes in planning legislation redefining the legal personality of a traveller.

    I urge you to consider the appointment of one or more Roma to the Holocaust Commission, which you initiated. Our absence from membership, despite the Nazi genocide that cost some 500,000 Romani lives, is felt and perceived to be another instance of marginalisation and exclusion, yet one easily put right by such acknowledgement."

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  • Cameron's Referendum flyer opposed by Election Commission

    Nigel_Farage.jpegThe Election Commission has made its displeasure over the Government's plan to flood the country with a hugely expensive piece of propaganda telling journalists 'We don't think the government should have done it'.

    Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader said, "It is an outrage that £10 million is being spent on a pro-EU booklet and mailshot and I am glad that the Electoral Commission agree with me that it is wrong.

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