• UKIP's Small Business Spokesman has backed more than 200 bosses of firms who have signed an open letter urging Britain to leave the EU

    Margot_3.jpgUKIP's Small business Spokesman has backed more than 200 bosses of firms who have signed an open letter urging Britain to leave the EU. East Midlands MEP Margot Parker said the letter - which urges people to vote for 'Brexit' proves the strength of feeling among small business owners, who are sick of being entangled in EU red tape.

    She said: "I was delighted to see the open letter published by small business owners - even more so when seeing the signatories came from a variety of sectors and industries. I know from speaking to small business owners all over the country how much of a burden EU over-regulation is to them. The needless extra administration, which can cost small businesses up to ten time as much per employee as it does a big company, stifles growth, discourages innovation and stops them expanding and creating jobs.

    "Only about 10 per cent of British businesses export to the EU but all have to comply with what the EU says. Free from the EU our small businesses, which are the back bone of the British economy, would be free to thrive

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  • The 'In' crowd admit that wages will rise on Brexit

    JaneCollins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP responds to Lord Rose, official chairman of the 'remain' campaign who told the Treasury Select Committee Brexit would increase pay but "That's not necessarily a good thing"

    "Contrary to what a multi millionaire, ermine clad member of the peerage said I can tell you that people across the UK would be delighted to have higher wages, particularly if that meant they did not need to rely on tax credits and could afford decent clothes and healthy food as well as paying the gas bill.

    "Because of mass migration wages have been pushed down to the very minimum and people are still choosing between heating and eating. That's without even going into those British people who have been desperately seeking work.

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  • UKIP responds to Dave's Dodgy Dossier

    william_d.jpgIn response to the Government paper on Brexit , UKIP Trade spokesman William Dartmouth MEP said: "A Cabinet Office report has examined several arrangements for trading outside the EU and claims that these alternatives would lead to higher tariffs than those faced by the UK as an EU member - and that such tariffs could be passed on to British consumers as higher prices.

    "But the facts are the opposite of what this report suggests.  On joining the then European Economic Community in 1973, the UK had to cancel pre-existing trade agreements that it enjoyed with the countries of the Commonwealth - which allowed the UK to enjoy low food prices.  Their cancellation via EU membership forced the UK to apply the EU's Common External Tariff - and as a result, drastically raised UK food prices.  Over the period 1973-2004, the price of flour in the UK rose 360%; sugar 650%; and butter 660%.

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  • Shocking figures on tariffs PROVE EU is killing off Welsh steel

    Nathan_Gill.jpgFigures comparing tariffs imposed on China by the USA and the EU for dumping cheap steel show exactly why the EU is killing off Welsh industry, says UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill. The US announcement of tariffs of 266% on Chinese steel contrast dramatically with the 16% levy Europe Union introduced last month, and will make matters worse as the far east diverts even more imports here.

    "We in UKIP have been joining the dots and pointing at the role of the EU in the destruction of UK steel, which is being constantly undermined by cheap Chinese imports.

    "As a member of the EU we have given up our seat on the World Trade Organisation and rely on the European Commission to prevent steel dumping by imposing strict tariffs. These figures show just how little the EU has done to help, as well as rising energy costs, largely due to EU carbon reduction objectives.

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  • UKIP's latest Party Political Broadcast on the housing crisis

    UKIP's London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle writes: "Tonight at 18.55 on BBC One (just before The One Show) and at 18.25 on ITV, UKIP's latest Party Political Broadcast will be shown. The short film looks at the impact that immigration has had on our limited housing stock.

    "I have spent the last few weeks as UKIP's mayoral candidate meeting Londoners and finding out what problems they have had in getting on the housing ladder, as well as seeing for myself some of the cramped conditions families are being forced to live in. This is unacceptable. While other politicians talk about the need to build more houses, none of them will address the primary reason why we’re facing a housing crisis: due to the unprecedented impact that uncontrolled immigration has had on Britain’s housing stock.

    "UKIP will continue to campaign for an Australian style points system to ensure that we can properly plan for housing, as well as healthcare, education and infrastructure as a whole."

    Watch the Party Political Broadcast this evening or by clicking below.

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  • Spring Conference 2016 - Speeches

    Nigel Farage MEP

    Paul Nuttall MEP 

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  • UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill says he is astonished by school rugby ban proposal

    Nathan_Gill.jpgUKIP Leader in Wales Nathan Gill has slammed proposals to ban tackling in school sports, calling it "a fundamental aspect of the game."

    “As a proud rugby playing nation, how will we develop a competitive first fifteen when Welsh school kids are being forced to play touch football in place of proper rugby? Tackling is a fundamental aspect of the game. I understand the importance of protecting childrens’ health and as a father of five I would be really concerned if any of my kids were being put at risk. But it’s the role of qualified Physical Education instructors to ensure school sports are played safely while talents are developed and skills encouraged. I am astonished that this is being proposed.

    "School kids have been playing rugby for generations. Why now is it suddenly being deemed a problem? It reflects an over protective nanny state that stifles innovation and progression."

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  • Labour Opposition Day Motion is cynical attempt by Labour to hide its impotence over steel

    Roger.jpgUKIP Energy Spokesman Roger Helmer MEP has called the Opposition Day Debate on steel “a cynical attempt to make the steel industry think the Labour party are prepared to do anything about their plight.”

    Roger Helmer who represents the East Midlands in the European Parliament, “Several EU policies – energy, state aids, anti-dumping action, or inaction, have converged to create an existential  crisis for the steel industry.  More generally, EU policies are impacting all energy-intensive industries and forcing investment and jobs out of the EU altogether.

    “The Tory government could campaign for market economy status of China to be removed, thus letting Brussels take short term measures to ensure a level playing field but they don't. The only long term solution is to take control of matters ourself.

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  • UKIP’s Peter Whittle says he’s the only Mayoral candidate who really supports London’s Black Cabs

    PRW_2015_Photo.jpgResponding to Sadiq Khan’s comments about Uber today UKIP’s London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle said: "What Sadiq says is pure hot air, as the UKIP mayoral candidate my support for black cab drivers is unequivocal and unlike fair weather Labour and Tory politicians such as Sadiq and Zac, I will not stint in fighting their corner.

    "Both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson presided over a surge in numbers of Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs), one in ten vehicles on London's roads are now PHVs, and this has hugely increased congestion and pollution

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  • UKIP Trade Spokesman demolishes PM's claim that potential UK-EU Trade agreement would have to have free movement of people

    william_d.jpgWilliam Dartmouth, UKIP's Trade Spokesman and newly appointed Party Deputy Chairman has demolished the Prime Minister's oft repeated claim that any potential post Brexit UK-EU trade agreement would have to have free movement of people,

    Speaking in Llandudno at the Party's recently held Spring Conference, William Dartmouth said, "The EU has - according to how you count them over 100 trade agreements. Only four of them, with the EFTA four countries, have a "free movement of people clause". 

    "Even in Europe the EU has trade agreements  with ten countries; including Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Turkey; without free movement of people.

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