• The UK needs you now!

    your_country_needs_you.pngA special message from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage:

    I have now been campaigning for the UK to leave the EU for well over twenty years. At last, the opportunity has arrived with the referendum on June 23rd. As you know this would not have happened without UKIP and all your hard work.

    This will be the only chance to vote to leave the EU that we will ever get and we must win.

    Ahead of the referendum there are going to be elections in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; two parliamentary by-elections and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

    May 5th is a big day. And if, as the polls predict, UKIP make significant breakthroughs, we will massively enhance our cause. Those votes will translate into the votes we need to win the referendum. Getting more UKIP candidates elected will mean more people making our anti-EU argument.

    To do this and to compete with the other parties we need to be in a strong financial position.

    UKIP needs to raise money for this referendum campaign as never before. This is the most important moment that there will ever be for our country and UKIP.

    I need your generous help to succeed. Please donate now and back me.

    We want our country back!

    Nigel Farage 
    UKIP Leader

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  • Mike Hookem – “Iain Duncan Smith absolutely right on Paris type attacks”

    Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP said he is “delighted” Tory cabinet minister; Iain Duncan Smith has “seen sense” and spoken out on how Britain’s membership of the European Union is damaging efforts to secure the UK from terrorism, saying “it’s an issue we have been highlighting for months”.

    Mr Hookem, who was threatened with a gun last August, while examining the security implications of the EU’s response to the migrant crisis, said, “Without the ability to control our borders, properly vet migrants and quickly remove people who pose a direct risk to UK security, this country remains extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks.”

    “Even while Mr Cameron shouts about how his worthless deal is ‘securing’ Britain for the future, the threat of a terrorist strike against the UK builds with every illegal migrant that makes it through our weakened border security”, said Mr Hookem.

    “You only have to look at how many of those who perpetrated the Paris attacks travelled freely through Europe to see the risks. And if it’s that easy for people to move across the continent unchecked, then it is equally easy to transport arms and explosive for the purpose of terrorism.”

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  • The starting gun has been fired

    Nigel Farage today welcomed the decision to hold the referendum on our membership of the EU.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, "The 23rd is our golden opportunity, let battle be joined. Mr Cameron keeps on telling us that Britain would be better in a 'reformed Europe'. But he fails to point out that there is no reformed European Union on offer here. The Prime Minister's EU deal is pathetic.

    "We must look forward to work with everybody who cares about our future, a future where the people of Britain controls her own borders, where we can make our own trade deals and make our own laws. We have the prospect of a free, secure prosperous and exciting future outside of the EU."

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  • David McNarry calls on local households in Northern Ireland to follow a simple Power NI checklist to save money on energy bills

    30.jpgDavid McNarry MLA is calling on local households in Northern Ireland to say good bye to standby and follow a simple Power NI to save money on energy bills. Power NI, Northern Ireland’s leading electricity provider has announced a 10.3% price reduction and their new handy list of energy saving tips will help households reduce bills further.

    UKIP's Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry said: “The simple fact is that most homes are not performing as well as they should be so energy will be wasted and money lost. By acting now you can save more of your hard earned cash.”

    “Getting your house in order doesn’t have to cost the earth, through wise spending habits consumers can ensure they buy better products and aren’t stuck with white goods which cost the earth.”

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  • UKIP welcomes AA apology over fuel price rumours

    Jill_Seymour_(1).jpegUKIP Transport Spokesman Jill Seymour has welcomed the public apology from the president of the AA after he back-tracked on claims that a British exit from the EU would lead to a hike in fuel prices.

    The motoring group waded into the Europe debate today by claiming costs at the pumps could rise by 18.7p a litre 'within days' of a Brexit vote.

    But AA president Edmund King later took to Twitter to apologise for the comments, admitting they had been ‘misinterpreted’ and were taken from on a report by banking group Goldman Sachs – known supporters of the ‘In’ campaign.

    Mrs Seymour said: “I’m delighted that the AA has now apologised for this embarrassing piece of scaremongering, and clarified its stance on the matter.

    “Goldman Sachs have a very vested interest in the EU referendum debate, so stating their claims as hard facts was a very unwise move.

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  • Business rates are a tax on the entrepreneurial spirit

    bigpic.jpgSmall businesses are being hammered by local government according to Government research. Official forecasts claim that Councils are coining in on the back of local businesses to the tune of £23.5bn per year.

    This comes only days after the CBI has warned the new policy on business rate in local government could see companies being squeezed to the point of collapse.

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  • UKIP oppose the Third Thames Crossing in Thurrock

    Jill_Seymour_(1).jpegJill Seymour MEP, UKIP's Transport Spokesman has called on the government to reject the proposed third Thames Crossing in Thurrock. She is the first national figure from any of the major political parties to call for the Thames Crossing proposal to be scrapped.

    UKIP Transport Spokesman, Jill Seymour MEP said: "Air pollution in Thurrock is already appalling high. According to Government statistics, 6% of deaths are attributed to air pollution and these proposals are only likely to worsen the situation.

    "Thurrock's roads network is already over stretched, in many cases the increases in traffic is putting Thurrock in a dangerous position if emergency services are required to cross the borough quickly.

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  • European Commission intervention in Libya could become EU’s Vietnam


    UKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has slammed moves by the EU to put European “boots on the ground” in Libya, saying, “involvement in this conflict will be used as a clarion call for the creation of a combined EU army”, but that it was more likely to be the “EU’s Vietnam”.

    Mr Hookem’s comments come after a secret EU document was leaked to Vice Alps and Wikileaks, which spelled out how the EU planned to expand ‘Operation Sophia’ in order to move ‘EU military assets' into Libyan waters and which could eventually include putting ‘EU troops’ on the ground.

    Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “We know from internal EU briefings that we are already at stage one of these proposals and that stages two and three are established, but not yet approved.”

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  • ONS figures reveal the real impact of uncontrolled EU migration

    Margot_11_(1).jpgONS figures reveal the extent by which British workers are put under pressure by continued uncontrolled EU migration. The employment figures show graphically that 50% of new jobs created in the last year went were taken by people not born in the UK. Even more revealing is that 90% of those jobs were taken by EU nationals.

    Margot Parker MEP, UKIPs Small Business spokesman said, "Recent figures show that despite a slow increase in wages across the board three groups have not seen an improvement in a decade. Young people, the low waged and the BME community. Its is these groups, already at the bottom of the pile that are suffering from migration, and particularly uncontrolled low skilled migration from the European Union".

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  • Bill Etheridge blasts “appalling” deal for the UK

    etheridge.jpgWest Midlands UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge launched another broadside at the EU following the release of figures from the Regional Development Committee on which he sits.

    The accounts show that between 2008 and 2015, the UK was awarded interim payments of just €4.3bn, in comparison to Poland who received a whopping €48bn. Estonia, a country of little more than 1.3 million people, saw investments in excess of €21bn.

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