• UKIP Commonwealth Spokesman welcomes comments from former New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister calling for Commonwealth free trade deal to be struck after Brexit

    James_Carver.jpgUKIP's Commonwealth spokesman James Carver MEP has welcomed comments by Winston Peters, a New Zealand MP who was the first Maori Minister for Foreign Affairs and leads the New Zealand First party, who has called for a Commonwealth free trade deal to be struck after the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union in the referendum on June 23rd.

    James Carver MEP said: "I'm delighted to support this refreshing call from the other side of the globe, which underlines how the world is far bigger than the 28 EU member states, and how the UK's influence is appreciated further afield."

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  • Nigel Farage has accused the Government of muddying the waters over the sheer scale of EU immigration

    UKIP_M0416.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, "Today the ONS has put out near record figures on inward migration to the UK with a net figure of 323,000 arriving in the country, of which 260,000 are from EU countries. But this masks the grant of National Insurance numbers to EU nationals which as Jonathan Portes of the NIESR points out that "Official immigration stats say EU (gross) immigration to UK was 260.000. But 650,000 National Insurance number registrations over same period".

    "That is treble the official Migration figures. They are pulling the wool over our eyes.

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  • Unemployed Brits' chances of finding work dashed by Brussels scheme

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokesman Jane Collins has said the ONS statistics showing the increase in young people not in education, employment or training released on the same day as MEPs voted to advertise all jobs and apprenticeships in the UK on an EU wide website "demonstrated how the EU has a negative effect on the prospects of young people in Britain."

    "There were 853,000 young people classed as NEET, up 5000 yet MEPs from the Tories, Labour and other UK parties will today vote through an extension of an EU scheme which has overwhelmingly seen UK jobs advertised and taken up by people from other EU countries.

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  • Another 323,000 migrants arrive in the UK - a city the size of Hull

    UKIP_M0416.jpgThe Office of National Statistics (ONS) has today released another record breaking set of figures. In the last year 617,000 people arrived in the UK, net 323,000 (up 31,000 from YE September 2014).

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage: "As I've said for years, we cannot control immigration into Britain while we remain inside the EU. The government pledge to reduce net migration to tens of thousands continues to be laughable.

    "I am pleased that there are now lots of voices agreeing with me, that we must leave the European Union to control our borders.

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  • Cameron's sham deal not even legally binding

    Today speaking in the European Parliament in Brussels UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP questioned the European Council President Donald Tusk over whether Cameron’s deal is legally binding and called for Britain to make the safe choice and leave the European Union. You can watch his speech below:

    Nigel Farage said, “But is this deal legally binding Mr Tusk? The ECJ rule in favour of the existing treaties until we get a new treaty. But who is to say there is going to be a new treaty? Any new treaty would trigger yet more referendums and would not be favoured by the big groups in this parliament.”

    “Is it safe to stay within an organisation whose own police boss tells us there are 3000-5000 terrorists that have now come into our continent through the migrant crisis or is it safest to take back control of our own borders and our own democracy? After much consideration I have decided to opt to vote for us to leave.”

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  • UKIP Transport spokesman welcomes confirmation from airline boss that leaving the EU would not necessarily trigger a rise in air fares

    Jill_Seymour.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour this afternoon welcomed confirmation from the boss of a leading airline that leaving the EU would not necessarily trigger a rise in air fares.
    Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary wants the UK to remain in the European Union, but admitted: "I don't believe leaving the European Union will cause airfares to rise."
    Mrs Seymour said: “We have been saying this all along. The only factor which really drives air fares upwards in Britain is our own Government’s travel taxation policy.

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  • UKIP Wales Leader welcomes announcement that Aston Martin will make new concept car in Wales as 'mythbusting Brexit scaremongers'

    Nathan.jpgToday's announcement that Aston Martin will construct it's new DBX concept car in St Athans, creating 750 jobs, has been warmly welcomed by Nathan Gill MEP who says it shows that global business is willing to invest in Wales, even if we leave the EU.

    "The fact that a global car manufacturer has announced it has picked Wales out of 20 other international locations really debunks the threats coming from the Remain campaign that big business will flee our shores were we to leave the EU.

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  • Campaign update from Peter Whittle

    With the historic referendum date less than 120 days away, UKIP Mayoral Candidate Peter Whittle gives us his thoughts on why your efforts to elect UKIP figures in May will give us an even better chance on June 23rd

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  • Referendum Campaign Promotion for William Dartmouth MEP and Diane James MEP

    UKIP_M0416.jpgA message from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage:

    "We have an important set of elections on May 5th in which UKIP can make some significant breakthroughs. But at the same time we have to fight a referendum campaign and our frontline spokesmen need to be free to comment and campaign on the main issues.
    "Accordingly I have made some changes to our structure today.
    "Both of our Deputy Chairs are candidates in the upcoming elections and this will limit any role they can play in the national referendum campaign.
    "So I thank Suzanne Evans and Neil Hamilton for their time as Deputy Chairs and announce they will be replaced by Diane James and William Dartmouth.
    "Diane will have responsibility for speaking on the issue of security in the campaign and William on trade and jobs. I know that both are free to campaign on a full time basis."

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  • Cameron's orchestrated letter from former defence chiefs is about cost cutting, not security

    6867871-large.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem has slammed the letter from senior veterans saying the UK would be safer within the EU saying it was "an utter inversion of the facts that Britain is more secure being run from Brussels," adding that "all that letter demonstrates is the government's policy for defence is making it less costly with the eventual aim of joining a combined European army."

    "I'm staggered that people who served this country in such a senior capacity in the military think we need an EU Army and our borders controlled by European Commission controlled paramilitary forces in Italy and Greece," he said.

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