• Brexit would mean a level playing field for football

    images.jpgSuggestions by Britain in Europe campaigner Baroness Brady that football clubs would be unable to sign continental players were today rubbished by Paul Nuttall MEP, the UKIP Deputy leader and former Tranmere footballer responded to the suggestions by the In campaign spokeswoman,

    "Baroness Brady is so badly mistaken I suspect she is just saying this drivel as a way of thanking Cameron for her peerage.

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  • Grassroots Out Launch

    Watch the highlights from the Grassroots Out Launch:

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  • Suggested VAT harmonisation will make EU the “Milk Snatcher Supreme”

    Diane_James.jpgAn EU official has said that a review planned for VAT across the European Union could threaten long-standing British right to waive sales tax on key items such as  food, medicine and children's clothing

    Responding UKIP Home Affairs spokeswoman, Diane James MEP said: “I find it disgraceful that an unelected European Commissioner would even consider effectively taking the food from childrens’ mouths and the clothes off their backs.

    "This is a logical consequence of being in a political union where EU central regulation and harmonisation is paramount.

    "When EU’s desire for uniformity is supreme, it’s clear British children will be the ones to suffer the consequences. It would appear the EU wants to be the Milk Snatcher Supreme.

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  • Banning newspaper rounds utter nonsense

    PaulNuttall1.jpgA suggestion that school children should be banned from having a newspaper round is “utter nonsense”, says Paul Nuttall MEP.

    The European Committee of Social Rights, which is part of the Council of Europe, wants children’s paper rounds outlawed as they believe it could harm their education.

    “This is ridiculous utter nonsense and as their findings are not binding on us I trust that the UK will do the only sensible thing and ignore it,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader.

    “It is one of the few ways that teenage school children can legitimately make a couple of bob and the responsibility it carries imbues them with a sense of self-worth. Far from harming their education it teaches them the importance of punctuality and hard work.

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  • No surprise at list of least integrated towns, says Jane Collins

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP MEP Jane Collins has said there should be "no surprise" that four Yorkshire towns have been listed in the ten least-integrated places in the country.

    Bradford, Batley, Halifax and Keighley were all included in the research by the Policy Exchange think tank making Yorkshire the region with the most number of entries ahead of Lincolnshire and Lancashire.

    “This is a clear signal that multiculturalism has failed and that we need to think again” said Mrs Collins.

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  • EU force the UK to put contracts for defence materials and construction out to tender


    UKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has branded the decision to import 5,000 tonnes of steel for use in construction of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers, while thousands of British steelworkers face a life on benefits, as “a national disgrace”; saying, “while Labour shout about job losses in the steel industry, their wholehearted support for the EU project reveals their true colours.”

    Speaking from the European parliament in Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “While it is infuriating that British warships are now being built with foreign steel, it comes as no surprise.”

    EU Directive 2009/81/EC on the award of contracts in the fields of defence and security, states, “all measures taken by Member States and contracting authorities/entities must comply with the fundamental freedoms and the basic principles of EU Law”; which in short means we cannot build anything for the British military without putting the contracts for materials and construction out to tender across the whole of the EU first.”

    “While the Labour Party talk the talk when it comes to protecting British steel jobs, they certainly don’t walk the walk.”

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  • UKIP on the rise in Local Government

    councilAsso.pngUKIP is a growing force in Local Government across the Country as our 500 Councillors are taking a bigger and more active role, and these three stories below are just some of the activities being undertaken by UKIP Councillors across the UK.

    We are fighting against the Conservative Group on Cambridgeshire County Council who are attempting to increase Council tax. Group Leader, Cllr Paul Bullen said it is "unfair and an unnecessary additional financial burden on the majority of council tax payers.” 

    In Havering, the Council, voting on a motion from UKIP Group Leader Cllr Lawrence Webb, became the first Council in the country to vote to support leaving the EU. The motion from Cllr Webb read: “Due to the negative impact that EU directives such as the agency working time directive and EU procurement rules have on the ability and cost of Havering Council to fulfil its obligations, this council agrees that Britain would be better off outside the European Union.” Havering Council decided by 30 votes to 15 to support the motion declaring the UK would be better off outside the EU

    And in Norfolk a hard-working UKIP Councillor was so busy attending meetings that his family reported him missing to police. Denis Crawford, who serves on Norfolk County, Breckland District Council and Thetford Town Council, had been reported missing by his family after leaving home at 7am on Monday. He arrived back at his house at 10pm only to set off again at 7am the following morning. Little did he know that his daughter had been trying to track him down and eventually grew so concerned she contacted police. 

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  • The TUC no longer represents British Workers say UKIP

    jane-collins.jpgThe TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady by her slavish endorsement of the European Union show s that she no longer cares about British workers. By supporting Britain’s continued membership of the European Union

    Jane Collins MEP, the UKIP Employment spokesman responded, "Britain's unions have shown their allegiance to the multinational companies who make money from cheap labour provided by the EU.

    “If they were really on the side of the British worker they'd be fighting for Brexit.

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  • EU Commission doesn’t fool Britain on Commission information/propaganda campaigning

    Ray_Finch.jpegRay Finch MEP pinned down European Commission Brexit taskforce official Jonathan Faull at a meeting today about the UK referendum on the EU.

    Mr Finch asked "Will the Commission's spending on 'information' rise in the referendum campaign and, if so, will the Commission register with the Electoral Commission?"

    Under UK law, all campaigning organisations have to register for money spent in support of a political party or in support of one side in a referendum. The European Commission has made clear its support for the UK remaining an EU member. Mr. Faull responded that the European Commission "is not a campaigning organisation", despite its support for one side. He also claimed that the Commission has no intention to increase its expenditure on information during the referendum campaign.

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  • Flooding tax condemned by UKIP Deputy Leader

    images.jpgNorth West MEP Paul Nuttall has reacted angrily to the possibility of council tax bills being hiked in flood hit areas.

    The idea of local authorities raising funds for flood defences through council tax, based on a Somerset scheme, is being supported by Environment Secretary Liz Truss.

    “Many people in my constituency, particularly in Cumbria, have suffered terribly from flooding problems in the last few months and with the awful prospect of even more potential problems in the next few days and weeks,” said Mr Nuttall, deputy UKIP leader.

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