• UKIP clarification on Robin Hunter-Clarke's Vote Leave appointment

    UKIP continues to remain neutral with regard to the two Leave groups in contention for the official Electoral Commission designation until a decision is made by the UKIP National Executive Committee.  

    As such Cllr Robin Hunter-Clarke's recently announced role with Vote Leave as their National UKIP coordinator is in a private capacity as he is not an authorised delegate of UKIP.

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  • Prosecuting British Soldiers for doing their job is an outrage

    Paul_Nuttall.jpegUK soldiers who fought in the Iraq War may face prosecution for war crimes, according to a BBC report this week.

    Here, in his own words, UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP explains why this is a travesty of “justice” and a complete betrayal of our armed forces.

    Most of us can only imagine the horrors of war.

    Sure, we see the clips of fire and terror on television. We hear the bombs on the radio. We read about the aftermath and the destruction.

    But we don’t actually live it, thankfully. Because we have an enormously brave set of men and women who do that for us in our armed forces.

    They don’t get paid a lot for it. And while those who survive and receive medals may be thankful, the memories of how they got them will forever be seared into their minds.

    It’s one – important – thing to buy a poppy every November. But it’s even more important to realise why you do it.

    It’s because you’re recognising and appreciating the commitment and bravery of the very people who help to sustain our way of life.

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  • Labour defence team chaos means UKIP is the only realistic opposition

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has slammed Jeremy Corbyn for his “weak” leadership on UK defence, saying, “rather than re-asserting his authority over his shadow cabinet, he has made it a laughing stock.”

    Mr Hookem, a former soldier, who has been UKIP’s Defence Spokesman since he became an MEP in 2014 said; “The UK faces a diverse range of threats at the moment, and with a party in power who pay mere lip service to our armed forces and national defence, now more than ever we need a strong opposition to challenge the government and force them to secure this country.”

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  • Stop turning our country into a concrete jungle

    Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgUKIP Housing Spokesman, Andrew Charalambous has escribed plans to wipe out a thousand acres of green belt in Basildon to make way for development as "appalling".

    "We do not have the right to deprive future generations of the marvels of the great British countryside for which so many brave British soldiers have sacrificed their lives to protect".

    UKIP are the only British political party committed to protecting a hundred per cent of the British countryside and green belt from residential development.

    Charalambous went on to add that "Unless we develop a sensible immigration policy the pressure for relentless house building will continue to be compounded."


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  • Banning political parties from having an all-male leadership is patronising and damaging to the cause for equal rights for women says Louise Bours


    Louis Bours UKIP MEP says "Banning political parties from having an all-male leadership is patronising and damaging to the cause for equal rights for women"

    The comment comes following an interview with the BBC where former Labour deputy leader, Harriet Harman, said the Labour party needed to change its rules to prevent another men-only leadership.

    She said: “We can't have a men-only leadership when we are party for women and equality.”


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  • Tunnel walker asylum win is a threat to national security

    Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP MEP, Mike Hookem has slammed British immigration authorities that granted asylum to a migrant who walked through the Channel Tunnel from Calais, calling the decision a “nonsensical threat to national security” and “a come on” to others migrants who would risk their lives walking through the tunnel to reach England.

    Mr Hookem, who spent the summer examining the migrant crisis in Northern France said, “This man broke numerous laws in both France and the UK to access and then walk through the Channel Tunnel; as well as risking both his own and the lives of others.”

    “Now, instead of prosecuting him and holding his case up as an example of what will happen to those who break the law, UK immigration authorities have seen fit to reward him with the ultimate prize of granting asylum.”

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  • UKIP on the up

    Nigel_Twitter.jpegRecent YouGov polling shows UKIP on 17%, up on the party's performance in the General Election as 2016 begins and ahead of elections this coming May.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "This poll shows us up from the General Election, despite what some commentators would have you believe."

    UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall: "It is clear that UKIP is not going away any time soon. On the 5th May voters in all four corners of the United Kingdom will have the opportunity to vote for UKIP and I have every confidence we can make a strong showing in London, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and in the English local elections as well as the elections for Police and Crime Commissioners."

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  • Jim Carver MEP writes to the Commonwealth Secretary-General

    James_Carver.jpegUKIP Commonwealth Spokesman Jim Carver MEP has written to the Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma expressing concern about the intemperate tone of comments made by religious leaders in the last few weeks and suggesting the Commonwealth should make as its priority to bring together political and religious leaders and provide a platform for dialogue and greater understanding. The letter can be read here, or by clicking the picture.

    In his letter Jim Carver, MEP for the West Midlands and UKIP's Commonwealth Spokesman, writes, “The Commonwealth is uniquely placed to undertake this role, and I hope, over the coming months, you, and your successor, will be able to take a lead and promote greater harmony amongst our religious and political leaders.

    “In 2007, the Commonwealth gave a lead with the Commonwealth Commission Report on Respect and Understanding; it would be opportune for the Secretariat to revisit and update this report, and ensure support from all member states. In this way, the Commonwealth can give a lead to the rest of the world, and help to diffuse the misunderstandings and misapprehensions that give oxygen to the extremist cause, whilst, at the same time, re-affirming the relevance of Part 4 of the Commonwealth charter, in relation to tolerance, respect and understanding.”

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  • Direct commissioning of a few building sites by government will do little to end our country's mammoth housing crisis

    Andrew_Charalambous.jpgUKIP's Housing Spokesman Andrew Charalambous described the announcement of the direct commissioning of a few building sites by the government as, "No more than gesture politics from a government without any kind of coherent or coordinated housing policy. This government is doing nothing to tackle the underlying causes of the housing shortage. The truth is less and less families can now afford to buy their own home, whilst statistics show that levels of people homeless or sleeping rough are soaring towards record heights".

    "If the government really wanted to do something radical in housing it should follow UKIP's proposals for a brownfield revolution. Bring back to use the seven hundred thousand plus empty properties in our country, and do more to release inert public land for residential development".

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  • New French ‘Super’ Refugee camp poses a threat to UK security

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP's Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has slammed French government plans to build a “massive” refugee camp near an existing shanty town in Grande-Synthe, Dunkirk, saying, the French were “kidding themselves” if they thought the new £1.1 million centre would “defeat people traffickers and protect truck drivers in the port region”.

    Mr Hookem, who was threatened with a gun in the nearby Teteghem refugee camp in August last year said; “Congregating migrants in one massive camp is exactly the wrong thing to do and will put extra pressure on police, port security, Immigration officials and truckers in the region.”

    “In fact these plans will essentially make the entire Dunkirk-Calais region an absolute no go area for British hauliers.”

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