• This "deal" is no more than Cam’s sham - Farage responds to Schulz comments

    12688212_1085875928100963_2495378677127656533_n.pngUKIP Leader Nigel Farage responds to comments by European Parliament President Martin Schulz today: "The last thing that Cameron wanted was for me to leave that meeting and to express that there was a strong possibility that if the Prime Minister did win a referendum, it would be on a deal that would subsequently be scuppered by the European Parliament. There are many groups here who are spoiling for a fight.

    "The real truth is that this deal is not worth the paper it’s written on. It is subject to European Parliamentary approval and ultimately judgements of the European Court of Justice.

    "I am not sure that this ‘deal’ is the kind of second hand car that the British public will buy from the Prime Minister.
    There is no reason to trust him. This deal is no more than Cam’s sham. "

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  • Whittle slams opponents for ducking housing hustings

    PRW_2015_Photo.jpgPeter Whittle, the UKIP candidate in the London Mayoral race, has slammed Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan for ducking out of the only hustings that is focusing on housing.

    IPSOS Mori in October made it clear that housing is the key issue for Londoners, with more than half (54%) spontaneously raising it as their key concern.

    Whittle said, "Of course, neither the Tories, nor Labour are prepared to address the issue in any serious way. They promise to build, but building cannot keep up with demand, and demand, whether they like it or not is linked to the level of inward migration.

    "Latest ONS figures has London's population touching 8.5 million and projections are for a rapid increase to 10 million in a few short years. Unless this is addressed all the house building projects in the world will not deal with the ever increasing prices.

    "It is a sad fact that most Londoners will never be able to afford to live in London.

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  • Stop Chinese steel dumping - Farage meets British steelworkers in Brussels

    DSC_0014.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage today joined protesters from all across Europe in a march against Chinese steel dumping onto the European market which is pushing prices down and making thousands of European steel workers redundant. Whilst on the march Nigel Farage commented: "It is pathetic that the British government must go cap in hand to beg the European Commission to prevent dumping of Chinese steel which is causing huge job losses. In a nutshell, it encapsulates why we must have control of our own destiny and a government directly accountable to the British people rather than an unelected Commissioner in Brussels.

    "What people are forgetting here is that steel is a strategic industry. This is something in a time of crisis we need and if we lose it we’ve actually lost something fundamentally important."

    “Even if George Osborne was a British Chancellor that wanted to stand up for the steel industry it wouldn’t matter because we are in a minority here. The problem is we are lobbying an unelected European Commission that no one can vote for and no one can sack.”

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  • Brussels steel conference "ignoring the elephant in the room of energy prices"

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has lent her support to the steel workers protesting in Brussels but said they were "ignoring the elephant in the room".

    It is right that the steel conference should be taking place in Brussels where much of the devastating legislation and decisions have come from, but it is ridiculous to ignore green tariffs and higher energy prices which have made the UK industry less competitive," she said.

    "When the boss of one of the plants which has had to lay off workers firmly points the finger of blame at the high cost of electricity it is duplicitous of EU loving political parties and the unions to say it is only because of China's market economy status."

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  • PM chicken for dodging Brussels meeting

    dave_cancel.pngUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has accused the Prime Minister of being a chicken for dodging a planned meeting with him in Brussels tomorrow. The PM was due to attend a meeting with Nigel Farage and other EU parliamentary group heads to discuss the "deal" that he had put forward for reforming Britain's relationship with Brussels, however, it has now been revealed that Cameron will instead hold selected talks only.

    Nigel Farage said: "The Prime Minister is chicken. I received my official documentation this morning to say that I was one of several meeting the PM tomorrow morning and he has now run away scared.

    "Frankly I'm not surprised. Not only is the deal pitiful but he would not want me exposing the fact that even if he wins the referendum, the European Parliament will veto it.

    “UKIP won the European Elections in 2014. By refusing to meet me Mr. Cameron is insulting millions of British voters. He knows he’s losing.”

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  • EU rules stop us taxing Google

    osborne_google_Facebook2.pngOnly by leaving the EU will we be able to fairly tax firms like Google. EU taxation rules stop Britain from making multinationals like Google pay their fair share George Osborne has admitted. Speaking in Brussels at the European finance ministers summit (ECOFIN) on Friday, Osborne blamed EU taxation rules for his impotence. In particular the rules governing what are called 'Transfer pricing'.

    Talking about the EU's latest proposed to introduce greater transparency in reporting taxation, based on an OECD model Osborne said, "This directive, for perfectly understandable reasons it is not the right directive, does not address the transfer pricing issue. The transfer pricing issue has been one of the issues that has caused greatest concern. This is where companies artificially shift profits and therefore can not be taxed on where the economic activity took place that generates those profits took place. It is one of the most complicated areas of the international tax law."

    Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader said, "This is a devastating admission from the Chancellor. Current, and even proposed EU rules, will continue to allow firms like Google to stick two fingers at the British treasury and British taxpayers. It blows a huge hole in any argument that it is in Britain's economic interest to stay in the European Union."

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  • Rising security concerns for British forces in German migrant crisis deeply troubling

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has described rising security concerns at British military bases due to the German migrant crisis as “deeply troubling” saying, “the MoD and military leadership must take the threats posed by the situation seriously and fully address the concerns of troops and their families where necessary.”

    Mr Hookem spoke out after reports came to light of hoaxes at British military camps; threats to women walking dogs late at night; and assaults in Paderborn, which like many others Germany cities, has received an influx of migrants due to the on-going crisis in Europe.

    “Reports that members of the British armed forces and their families in Germany are being targeted by migrants are deeply troubling and every possible measure must be taken to ensure their safety”, said Mr Hookem.

    “The migrant crisis does not only pose traditional security risks to armed forces personnel, but also previously unforeseen threats to their families, especially women and girls.”

    “While the Royal Military Police are keen to downplay these incidents for obvious reasons, the wave of violence and sexual assaults that have swept Germany must be deeply worrying.”

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  • Busting the EU Myths

    BustingtheMyths.pngUKIP MEP Roger Helmer writes: If you’re undecided on the Brexit question, I hope this will help you to make up your mind. And if (as I hope) you’re campaigning for Brexit, this may help with some of the most frequently-asked questions.

    “If we leave, there’ll be 3½ million jobs at risk”. Not true. The jobs depend on trade, not membership, and the trade will continue. We buy far more from the EU than they buy from us – so if 3½ million UK jobs depend on EU/UK trade, it follows that five or six million continental jobs depend on it too. They need us. We should be worrying about the jobs we’re losing now, as a result of EU membership. Ask the steel workers, who lost their jobs because of the EU’s energy policies, and failure to counter Chinese dumping.

    “We need to be in the Single Market for trade”. Not true. The largest sources of imports into the EU are Russia, China and the USA. They’re not members of the Single Market – they don’t even have preferential trade deals. Yet they sell huge quantities of goods into the Single Market. Dozens of countries around the world trade successfully with Europe – and so will Britain after Brexit.

    “Even if we leave, we’ll still be subject to EU rules”. Not true. Pro-EU campaigners constantly talk about “the Norwegian model”. But Norway is a quasi-associate-member of the EU. After Brexit, the UK will be an independent nation, like Canada or the USA or China or South Korea. They don’t obey EU rules. Nor will we.

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  • Nigel Farage on Question Time tonight

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage will appear on BBC Question Time, BBC1 at 10.45PM this evening. Make sure you tune in to support Nigel and Tweet along using the hashtag #bbcqt 


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  • Cameron's Emergency Brake is #EmergencyFake

    UKIP has today released a new video which slams David Cameron's Emergency Brake as an #EmergencyFake.

    The video which includes UKIP Leader Nigel Farage's reaction to Cameron's renegotiation can be seen here:

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