• To hear the news Toyota has pledged to stay in the UK even if we take Brexit dispels many myths we hear about our membership of the EU


    UKIP's small business spokesman has reacted to the news Toyota has pledged to stay in the UK even if the country pulls out of the EU.

    The company will keep manufacturing cars at its plants in Burnaston near Derby and Deeside in North Wales even if the UK takes Brexit and divorces itself from the EU.

    UKIP's small business spokesman and East Midlands MEP Margot Parker said: "This is great news - many, many small industries and suppliers rely on companies such as Toyota for jobs.

    "To hear the news Toyota has pledged to stay in the UK even if we take Brexit dispels many myths we hear about our membership of the EU.

    "Too often we hear these scare stories that trade will suffer when we are out of the EU - the opposite is actually true as this case proves."


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  • Jonathan Arnott urges Labour politicians to come clean over EU funding

    12557842_10208098670846102_1207620498_o.jpgA UKIP member of the European Parliament has urged Labour politicians to 'come clean' over EU funding. In recent weeks, there have been plenty of calls for the UK to apply for EU cash to help flooding victims and those who have lost their jobs in the steel industry, from two pots of funding known as the Globalisation Adjustment Fund and the Solidarity Fund. But UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott, who is a member of the European Parliament's Budget Committee, reveals that they're not quite telling the full story in either case.

    Jonathan Arnott said "The Labour Party are quick to say the government should apply for the cash, but in both cases they need to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The fact is, if we apply for EU funding for either of these worthwhile causes, the European Union will take two-thirds of the money off us by reducing our rebate the following year. For every £3 we apply for in funding, the rules say they will take £1.98 back off us. After considering that the money comes with strings attached, and the costs of applying for it, it's really a marginal call whether we should be asking for them to give us some of our own money back or not.

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  • Farage calls on Welsh First Minister to defy the EU to save Welsh steel ahead of major debate in Cardiff

    farage-v-jones-2_(1).pngUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has challenged Welsh First Minister Carywn Jones over his record in protecting Welsh steel, ahead of a major EU debate in Cardiff, as 16,000 jobs are at risk at the UK’s largest steelworks in Port Talbot.

    He has called on the First Minister to defy EU regulations that have seen energy prices soar, making production unsustainable, and also prevent mechanisms that could help to save heavy industry, such as using the vast Welsh coal reserves for cheaper energy supply, and blocking the UK government from providing any financial assistance.

    "Carwyn Jones has a duty to his electorate to ‘defy’ the EU if he wants to save the steelworks in Port Talbot, and the livelihoods of thousands of men and women in Wales who depend upon it.

    "There are 4,500 jobs at risk as the plant is reportedly haemorrhaging £1m per week, with 12,000 jobs in the supply chain dependent on using the steel produced on site.

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  • French authorities accept that they can't control their borders

    steven_woolfe.jpg“With Calais's jungle camp now becoming a semi-permanent structure to give shelter to 1500 migrants, this is an acceptance by French authorities that they can't control their borders. This camp is a staging post for migrants to try to enter England illegally and has potential security ramifications on the UK.  Only today, a former head of UK counter terrorism police said that the camp is may be providing refuge for jihadists who want to enter the UK. The UK government, as well as French authorities must accept that these migrant camps put extra and unnecessary pressure on the security services in both the UK and France. 

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  • Tories' NHS reorganisation an "abject failure", says UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours

    Louise_Bours.jpgNews that the NHS has paid out more than £90 million in redundancy payments only to almost immediately rehire the same staff has been greeted with “profound dismay” by Ukip health spokesman Louise Bours.

    Over 2,600 NHS staff have been laid off and then rehired in the three years from April 2012, with average payoffs topping £36,000 in some years, reports The Times.

    In total these staff received £92 million in redundancy payments, the newspaper says.

    It’s feared that figure may even be a conservative estimate since it does not include the cost of an additional 2,927 staff laid off and rehired before former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Act come into force in 2012, costing tens of millions of pounds more.

    Ms Bours, MEP for the North West and a member of the Europe for Freedom and Direct Democracy group in the European Parliament, said: “What an utterly appalling waste of money.

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  • UKIP calls on Energy Secretary to drop the playground technologies and get back to reality

    Roger_Helmer_portrait.jpgEnergy Secretary Amber Rudd has reportedly said that leaving the EU would have “unknown consequences”, for Britain’s energy security and energy pricing, and that “Britain would lose its influence on European energy markets”. She advances this as a reason to stay in the EU.

    UKIP Energy spokesman Roger Helmer MEP responded saying, "Energy Secretary Amber Rudd is hopelessly out-of-touch with the basics of energy pricing.

    "Is it possible that she can be unaware of the vast damage being done by EU energy policy, as the EU seeks to “lead on the fight against climate change”, oblivious to the fact that no one else is following? Has she not read of the “industrial massacre” which former EU Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani has so graphically described? Has she not noticed the steel plants closing across Britain, and across Europe -- caused in large part by high energy costs? And not just steel plants, but aluminium smelters, oil refiners, chemical and fertiliser plants, glass and ceramic and cement factories?

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  • Jonathan Arnott calls on Corbyn to apologise for insults to teachers

    Jonathan_Arnott_2.jpgA former Mathematics teacher and UKIP member of the European Parliament has called for Jeremy Corbyn to apologise after making comments which appeared to denigrate the work of all teachers in the UK.

    Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn – who as a teenager taught a little Geography in Jamaica - slapped down hard-working teachers up and down the country in the most appalling way: "I worked out what all teachers do. If you are a chapter ahead of the class you are okay - until you have a really bright kid, and then you have got a problem."

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  • Fury at disclosure that University students are being targeted by Islamic zealots

    PaulNuttall1.jpgA Daily Mail investigation has revealed that CAGE, the organisation that backed Jihadi John, was involved in at least 13 events last term at campuses across the country and is being given unchallenged platforms.

    “It is outrageous that these events at our universities are being used to encourage young Muslim students to sabotage the government’s anti-extremism policy,” said Mr Nuttall, MEP, who is also Deputy UKIP Leader.

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  • Nigel Farage's New Year's Message

    As we embark upon an exciting 2016, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage's New Year's message is now available to watch here

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  • UKIP clarification on Robin Hunter-Clarke's Vote Leave appointment

    UKIP continues to remain neutral with regard to the two Leave groups in contention for the official Electoral Commission designation until a decision is made by the UKIP National Executive Committee.  

    As such Cllr Robin Hunter-Clarke's recently announced role with Vote Leave as their National UKIP coordinator is in a private capacity as he is not an authorised delegate of UKIP.

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