• UKIP blasts IHAT for witch hunt against British soldiers

    Mike_Hookem.jpegThe former soldier said the Iraq Historic Allegations Team needed to "stop their witch-hunt of British soldiers, particularly ones who may well have saved lives by stopping attacks on British bases."

    "Here we have a crack shot, who neutralised a threat from nearly a mile away - well over the range where a shout could have been heard from - and we have civil servants and ambulance chasing lawyers trying to nail him for criminal charges.

    "He should have been mentioned in dispatches," he added.

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  • Outrage after Labour MEP brands female parliamentary colleague "racist" for expressing concern over migrant sex attacks in Cologne

    A British politician was labelled “racist” for expressing concern for women attacked and sexually assaulted by migrants in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. Labour MEP Mary Honeyball made the astonishing attack on her European Parliament colleague Margot Parker during a meeting of the EU’s committee on women’s rights and gender equality in Strasbourg on Monday evening.

    Debate was taking place about the incidents in Cologne on December 31 which saw over 100 local women attacked by more than 1,000 migrants. Police eventually described the attackers as being of Arab and North African appearance.

    Mrs Parker, UKIP MEP for the East Midlands, spoke up at the committee – also known as FEMM – stating: “This is what happens when you have an open door policy to countries and cultures where women are treated as second class citizens.

    “The EU is providing the perfect environment for cross-border criminals to traffic and exploit people.”

    She added: “The EU has no right to decide asylum policies – only elected and accountable national governments do.”

    In response, Ms Honeyball said: “It’s very easy and it’s totally wrong to blame refugees and migrants for what is happening.

    “I think we should stop doing this – it is essentially racist to blame the migrants and the refugees.”

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  • Council houses unsafe under a Conservative government

    Tim_Aker.jpegUKIP have blasted the Conservatives for welcoming the threat of homelessness for the most vulnerable in society. On Sunday Politics London Tory MP Matthew Offord said the tenure of council houses should be a maximum of five years and said no one should ever expect to stay in their house all their life.

    The Government's Housing and Planning Bill currently plans to limit all future Council tenancy to a maximum of five years but the Tory MP announced plans to go further.

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  • EU ban on anglers wholly disproportionate

    Yesterday UKIP Leader and keen angler Nigel Farage MEP called for a total rethink in the EU's approach to recreational angling. There are over 800,000 recreational anglers in the UK and a new EU regulation will not only massively restrict their rights as fishermen, but also harm the local coastal and fishing economy.

    Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg Nigel Farage commented: "What have we done with our declining bass stock? We put a total ban in place for anglers with, after July 1st, a derisory one fish limit per angler.

    "What you've done is wholly disproportionate and frankly we're punishing anglers who didn't cause the problem."

    "I hope that more than 800,000 UK sea anglers say damn the European Commission and vote for us to get back control and management of our own waters."

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  • UKIP condemns charity’s outrageous attitude towards our hauliers

    Jill_Seymour.jpgUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has condemned the founder of a British charity for claiming lorry drivers should ‘change their jobs’ instead of complaining about attacks by migrants in Calais.

    Clare Moseley, the founder of Care4Calais, outraged haulage bosses by saying it was 'not the end of the world' if British drivers were forced from their work, because they would be able to find other employment.

    “Her comments are naïve, irresponsible and frankly quite outrageous,” said Mrs Seymour, who has raised growing concerns at the escalating number of violent attacks on British truckers.

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  • Tata Steel job losses awful news for the industry and for those workers up and down the country who now face redundancy

    Margot_3.jpgTata Steel, the biggest steelmaker in Britain, will axe 1,050 jobs in the country, Sky News reported on Sunday, on top of the 1,170 cuts it announced last year due to low steel prices. The steelmaker said in October it would cut 900 jobs in Scunthorpe in Northern England and 270 in Scotland. On Sunday, Sky News reported the firm would cut 750 jobs at its Port Talbot plant in Wales and 300 at other British sites.

    East Midlands UKIP MEP and the party's Small Business Spokesman Margot Parker said: "This is awful news for the industry and for those workers up and down the country who now face redundancy and an uncertain future. The Government needs to step in and take action on the flood of imported steel into this country.

    "This is just another step on the path of de-industrialisation in the UK due to un-competitive energy prices driven by draconian EU environmental controls. This has a knock-on effect on businesses of all sizes as many of them are in the supply chain and are hit hard by these job losses."


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  • Steel industry job losses are death knell for industry if action is not taken

    jane_collins_MEP.jpgUKIP employment spokesman, Jane Collins MEP has slammed the government and the EU over the latest jobs cuts in the steel industry, branding them “another EU endorsed body blow to British industry” and demanding to know when “the government will take heed that the steel industry in the UK is about to disappear if action is not taken to tackle energy prices and green levies.”

    Explaining her anger at the job losses, Ms Collins said, “My heart goes out to those workers and the families affected by these job losses. The UK’s successes were built with British steel, but thanks to a government unwilling to challenge the EU over its ban on state aid; EU carbon caps and green levies; and the resulting high UK energy prices, the whole UK steel industry will soon pass into the pages of history.”

    Ms Collins comments come after it was revealed that Indian company, TATA – the UK’s biggest steel production company – was set to cut another 1050 steel jobs, many in areas already struggling with unemployment, including at its biggest plant in Port Talbot, Wales.

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  • Nathan Gill MEP responds to Tata Steel job losses

    20151027_EP-027008D_FMA_11.jpgTata has announced around 1,000 job cuts at plants including Port Talbot and Llanwern in South Wales, dealing a huge blow to the industry and the Welsh economy.

    Responding Nathan Gill, Leader of UKIP in Wales said, "It's yet another devastating blow to Welsh workers, Welsh heavy industry and to the Welsh economy and shows how impotent the Assembly Government and Whitehall is. It's so frustrating for me to look on while the Government is prevented from being able to do anything to reverse the situation, they can't offer state aid, they are limited in reducing energy costs and they can't act to prevent the dumping of cheap Chinese steel, all because of the EU, but it's heartbreaking for the workers who now face the worst possible news."

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  • Labour's defence team are playing poker without a full deck of cards if Trident hash up is anything to go by

    Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has described Jeremy Corbyn's Trident 'compromise' as "as pointless as a chocolate teapot," saying "There is no point in having a nuclear deterrent if it doesn't have any warheads on board."

    "Mr Corbyn's attempts to please everyone in the Labour Party by maintaining Trident submarines to stop job losses whilst keeping his holier than thou disarmament agenda is pathetic and unworkable.

    "Combined with a leader who has said he would never authorise the use of nuclear weapons Labour have presented the country with a shadow defence secretary who was involved with a company which made millions accusing British soldiers of atrocities implementing policies which are not only pointless but a complete waste of money.


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  • News that the NHS will no longer seek additional consent where a deceased person had joined the donor register welcomed by Louise Bours

    Louise_Bours_MEP.jpgBereaved families have vetoed the donation of organs from hundreds of registered donors in the last five years, new figures show, prompting transplant chiefs to announce that they will no longer ask relatives for consent.

    NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) data reveals that relatives blocked transplants in 547 - or one in seven - cases since 2010.

    The body said it would no longer seek a family's formal consent in order to reduce the number of "overrides", according to the BBC.

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