• Severe consequences to local services following the Conservative government's budget

    DavidSprason.jpgCouncillor David Sprason Chairman of the UKIP Councillors Association has warned of severe consequences to local services following the Conservative government's budget.

    Cllr Sprason said, "Following the chancellor’s autumn budget statement local government has taken the brunt of his funding cuts. Local government will see its grant cut by a further £4.1 billion - 29%, this will mean local government will have seen its grant reduced by a massive 79% by 2020. Transport is the other big loser, as this budget will have been cut by 70% if you take out the cost of HS2 the impact is huge. The only 3 departments that will see an increase are Health (not public health) +10%, Cabinet office +18% and International development (Foreign Aid) +39%".

    This will require, for example, Leicestershire County Council, to increase its savings requirement from £80 million to £140 million. The extra impact on the highways & transport department is yet to be understood. The areas that are likely to be subject to cuts are highways maintenance, rural transport, children’s centres, library & museum services, youth services, waste collection and the support to the voluntary sector. The other area that has had a reduction in its grant is the NHS Public Health service.

    Cllr Sprason went on, "The impacts of these reductions are yet to be realized but it is likely that prevention services will disappear & social care being furthered rationed leaving vulnerable groups at risk.

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  • Mike Hookem writes to the Secretary of State for Transport

    Sec_State_Transport_11_Let11122015-page-001.jpgUKIP Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP Mike Hookem has written to Patrick McLoughlin MP, the Secretary of State for Transport on behalf of a number of drivers and haulage companies in his constituency of who are concerned and angered about the fines placed on them should they be discovered to have any illegal immigrants in the back of their vehicles.

    I am not for one moment saying that the government should not be taking action on illegal entry into the UK; quite the reverse.

    But having experienced what the situation is like for drivers travelling through both the Port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel I feel that the government has 'passed the buck' and placed the onus of responsibility for deterring clandestines onto the drivers and the companies. This is unfair, given the drivers for inward migration to Great Britain is thanks to the draw of a generous benefits system and the Schengen Agreement which allows people to make their way from Southern Europe to France.

    Click the picture or here to see the letter in full.

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  • Why do we stand back and let our lorry drivers suffer?

    Jill_Seymour.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has accused the Government of turning a blind eye to growing security problems in Calais, where British lorry drivers are risking their lives running the gauntlet of migrants armed with guns, baseball bats, metal bars and knives.

    “The situation has disappeared from the UK news headlines in recent months, but for hauliers who are using the Channel Tunnel, the situation has never been more dangerous,” said the West Midlands MEP.

    “My heart goes out to these innocent drivers who are simply trying to make a living, yet finding their cabs coming under attack from increasingly organised and desperate gangs.

    “It is an appalling situation, and one which the British and French governments seem content to ignore. The way they are apparently turning a blind eye is absolutely appalling – a disgrace.”

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  • Gutless government lacks the backbone to tackle aviation troubles

    Jill_Seymour.jpegThe latest delayed decision over a possible third runway at Heathrow Airport shows the Government has no backbone to tackle the UK’s big aviation challenges, according to UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour.

    “Indecision and uncertainty is the enemy of business, and the Government’s dithering could cause serious damage to the UK’s reputation, and economy,” she said.

    “Not only that, but it is causing continued heartache for the many people, who fear they may lose their homes if this third runway at Heathrow goes ahead.

    “These people deserve an answer, one way or the other, so they can move on with their lives, and plan for their future. It is grossly unfair to leave them in limbo in this way.”

    Mrs Seymour added: “I’m opposed to the idea of building a third runway at Heathrow. We should be expanding capacity at all of our regional airports across the UK instead.

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  • EU Asylum figures leap

    Diane_James.jpgEurostat the EU statistics agency has released figures showing record hikes in asylum applications in the last quarter. These figures show 410,000 people have claimed asylum in the EU between August and September including a 60% increase for the UK.

    Diane James MEP, the UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman said, "These figures are enormous and extraordinary. They are a direct result of Mrs Merkel's siren call to peoples to come to the EU."

    "The equivalent of a 'Migrant's Pandora's box' has been opened and unleashed. The vast majority may well be genuine asylum seekers but there is clearly going to be a significant number masquerading as such.

    "Germany amongst other EU states have speedied up asylum processing to cope with issues at EU borders. This heightened the concerns as to whether all are genuine and sincere.

    "The pressure is now being felt by the UK. Cameron's pledge on migrant control and his agreement to accept 20000 Syrian refugees will now be severely tested. Once again one of his many pledges is in tatters and whilst he may express 'extenuating circumstances' he is now caught in the same trap as Merkel i.e. victim of his own policy and its consequences.

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  • Wrightbus is a victim of EU regulations

    CV27gP-UkAAeAQv.jpgDavid McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, has said the key phrase in the Department of Regional Development’s explanation of why they did not award the Belfast rapid transit contract to Wrightbus was : “We’re bound by European legislation and we would be penalised if we didn’t go through this process.”

    He said: “The only logical conclusion to this is that we need to leave the EU and I’m sure the logic of this will not escape the directors and workers of Wrightbus or indeed the whole working population of Ballymena and its surrounding area, recently devastated by job losses. European regulation clearly ties the hands of the DRD. At least, that is their explanation.

    "UKIP says it’s time to put an end to these EU regulations by leaving the EU. We would be able to compete far more effectively in the world market place without EU regulations. It would lead to more work and more jobs. As net contributors, if we left the EU our own government would have far more money – some over £50 million extra every day – to help our own firms to win contracts. It would also protect existing jobs and build new jobs if we left.”

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  • PC stands for Police Constable, not Politically Correct

    LOUISEBOURS.pngNews that some police forces in the UK feel hamstrung by political correctness when dealing with so-called honour crimes is “deeply disturbing”, says Louise Bours MEP.

    Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has reported that three out of 43 forces are “completely unprepared” to deal with such crimes – and that only three across the country were prepared. The BBC reports today that honour crime “is the name given to offences carried out by people claiming they are protecting their cultural and religious beliefs”.

    Ms Bours, UKIP MEP for the North West, said: “I find it deeply disturbing that many of our police forces feel hindered by political correctness gone mad. I’m sure that for most people, if it was their daughter being mutilated, abused or sold off to the highest bidder, they would protect her by any means possible and to hell with what names people called them for doing so.

    “The police exist to protect people’s safety and welfare, not a misguided cultural ideology. They must start doing their job properly when it comes to abuse and violence of this kind. It is not good enough to say the police have been scared about being seen to be racist. PC is supposed to stand for Police Constable, not Politically Correct.

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  • Tusk has called Cameron’s bluff – Cameron must now campaign to leave

    paulspeech.jpgDavid Cameron has been told EU leaders cannot agree on his demand to ban EU migrants from claiming benefits for four years.
    In a letter to the European Council, the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said Mr Cameron had raised "difficult" issues in his demands to reform the UK's deal with the European Union.

    Responding Paul Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader and new Head of Delegation for the UKIP members of the European Parliament said:
    “President Tusk has called Cameron’s bluff. Britain has been told we will get no substantial change on welfare benefits for EU migrants. Cameron must now follow through on his threat to campaign to leave the EU as he has not received even the minor changes that that he asked for.

    "Given the refusal of those in Brussels to countenance meaningful changes in Britain’s relationship with the EU, the only honourable avenue left to David Cameron is to now campaign to leave. He put out that signal recently to EU leaders and must now follow through on his word.


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  • Paul Nuttall appointed Leader of UKIP MEPs in the European Parliament

    PaulLeaderMEPS.pngUK Independence Party Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall has been appointed to head UKIP’s 22 MEPs in the European Parliament.

    He becomes Head of the British Delegation of members of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group, of which all UKIP MEPs are members. Mr Nuttall, MEP for the North West since 2009, replaces his East Midlands colleague Roger Helmer in the role. He was appointed by his fellow UKIP MEPs.

    The 39-year-old, a previous UKIP chairman, said: “I am delighted to accept this role and look forward to carrying on Roger’s work. He has done a great job leading our MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg and I intend to build on that to the very best of my ability.

    “Last year British voters sent far more UKIP MEPs to the European Parliament than any other party, sending a clear message that they were fed up being run by Brussels bureaucrats. It is entirely because of that success, along with the nearly four million votes UKIP polled at the general election in May, that British people will finally get a referendum on our membership of the European Union.

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  • Report on Migrant effects shows Government’s housing and economic policies caught in ‘vicious circle'

    StevenWoolfe_(1).jpegNearly half of all new homes built in England in the next five years are needed to cope with the influx of migrants, official figures have suggested. The Government have forecast that high levels of net immigration will lead to the creation of 95,000 new households a year. But ministers have only set a target of building 1 million new homes in England by 2020, equivalent to 200,000 a year. This suggests that almost half will be needed to help accommodate the expected arrival of 217,000 migrants annually.

    UKIP’s Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe commented: “It seems that not a day goes by when the facts of real life encroach upon the Government’s fantasy views and policy response to the uncontrolled number of migrants who come to settle in the UK each and every day. Of course, we know from yesterday’s National Audit Office report exposing the huge holes in the UK’s Border Control IT systems, that the government doesn’t actually know how many legal and illegal migrant enter the UK each year. Nonetheless, today’s analysis of ‘official’ net migration statistics, shows that the government’s housing policies, like its overall public expenditure plans are caught up in a vicious circle of having to welcome additional migrant labour into the UK in order to build homes for the burgeoning migrant population already here.

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