• Brussels convoluted and backward after a €10 billion budget increase follows ANOTHER failed audit

    jonathan_arnott_1.jpgThe EU budget has been increased by €10 billion to €155 billion after an agreement was made by the EU ‘Conciliation Committee’. David Cameron has on several occasions called for the EU budget to be reduced however his government has overseen a 6.9% rise in this year alone.

    Jonathan Arnott UKIP MEP and member of the European Parliament Budgetary Control Committee commented, “For the EU to increase its own budget by a whopping €10 billion euros and yet preach austerity at the same time displays a laughable level of hypocrisy. Last week the EU once again failed to obtain a clean bill of health from the auditors. This week we see them gifting themselves a €10 billion euro increase. It displays perfectly the convoluted and backward way Brussels operates.”


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  • UK military action should be decided by the House of Commons not some backdoor EU treaty

    MH_Navy.jpgThe EU has opened the door to Britain sending troops or other specialists to France after an emergency mechanism was triggered for the first time in the bloc's history, the Daily Telegraph has reported. France activated Article 42, a distress call that compels other EU states to send military and other support. It is akin to Article 5, the NATO mutual defence pact.

    UKIP Defence Spokesman MEP Mike Hookem said in response: "I agree with the need to defeat Islamic State but any UK involvement should be taken with the approval of our elected MPs in Westminster, not via the back door of some EU Treaty no one has ever read.

    "We stand shoulder to shoulder with the French people who have suffered at the hands of extremism but we cannot have our military involved in a world conflict without any democratic accountability.

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  • It is clear from the events in Paris that we need to have a rethink

    Nigel_unionflag.pngLast night UKIP Leader Nigel Farage made the most important intervention from a mainstream British politician on the subject of Syria and the UK's security situation.

    He was speaking in Basingstoke as part of the ongoing Say No to the EU Tour and if you weren't able to be there or watch the livestream as it happened you can watch it here.

    Nigel Farage has also today written for The Sun saying that the EU's soft-touch approach of open borders and welcoming of all to our shores is now clearly imperilling the safety of our society.

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  • Scrap the tolls, to help solve rush-hour traffic chaos

    Jill_Seymour.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour today called for toll charges to be scrapped on the M6 to relieve growing pressure on the region’s clogged-up commuter routes. She was responding to a new Department for Transport survey which revealed that traffic on major A-roads in the West Midlands is now moving up to 20 per cent slower than this time last year.

    “Rush-hour traffic is down to a snail’s pace across many parts of the region, and is costing hauliers hundreds of millions of pounds in lost revenue,” she said.

    “The situation has become so serious that some businesses are deciding they have no option but to move away. It’s an embarrassing black mark on the heart of England, which has always marketed transport links as one of its biggest strengths to inward investors.”

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  • EU rules mean we can't treat British benefit claimants differently from EU job seekers

    jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has responded to the employment minister who said she would "make sure" British workers are "supported and protected" if the plans to strip EU migrants of their benefits goes ahead.

    Mrs Collins said Mrs Patel "knows very well that one of the basic rules of the EU is that we can't discriminate based on nationality, which means any cuts meant to target EU migrants will hit Brits."

    She said it "begged the question whether Mrs Patel is being disingenuous or she is unaware about how the European Union works."


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  • Emwazi strike sends a message to IS terrorists they are never 'safe' no matter where they are

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has welcomed news of a drone strike which is said to have killed Mohammed Emwazi, the terrorist know as 'Jihadi John', saying; "this sends a message to the terrorists and their supporters that no matter how safe they feel in their Syrian enclave, they can still be reached wherever they are."

    But he stated that he did not believe that the killing was 'self defence' which the Prime Minister claimed it was.

    "The only kind of self defence is to take out a target just prior to them launching action against your side," said Mr Hookem.

    "What happened here was anti-IS forces taking out an enemy combatant: Mr Cameron shouldn't use the 'Tony Blair guide to International Law' because it is notoriously faulty.

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  • UKIP pours cold water on plans for Police degrees

    James_3ba8f93ef5c350a6ebb0b02f02a31266.jpgPlans announced that call for all police officers to have passed a degree before qualifying as policemen have been queried by UKIP Home Affairs spokesman Diane James MEP.

    Ms James said, "Though the idea of better qualified policemen and women is laudable, one has to ask for what purpose? Is this an idea to support the further education sector and Universities rather than to actually improve policing?"

    "Of course there are thousands in the Force with degrees. But to make a career in the police dependent on a degree seems excessive. After all policing is almost a vocational career and that should not be wholly or otherwise dependent on educational achievement."

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  • 2015 NEC election results

    The following have been duly elected in this year's NEC elections:



    Victoria Ayling 


    Alan Bown 


    Elizabeth Jones 


    Richard Coke 


    Piers Wauchope


    Tomaz Slivnik 


    Party chairman Steve Crowther said: “I am delighted to welcome the 6 new members of the NEC including Alan Bown and Pier Wauchope who have been returned. I am also pleased to see that over 40% of the elected NEC is now female. This is an NEC combining experience and new blood. I look forward to working with them in continuing to modernise and develop the Party to meet its challenges as the UK’s 3rd major political force.”

    The Returning Officer, Adam Richardson, said: “All the results were clear and without dispute and I would like to thank the dedicated team of volunteers at Lexdrum House that assisted in a very professionally conducted count and would like to congratulate the new NEC members on their election.”

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  • UKIP Wales pledges to cut management and put money back into frontline policing and health

    CTsEW5qWEAAzvJb.pngUKIP has repeated its call for high paid management to be cut in Wales’ acute services in order to fund better frontline medical care and policing.

    A report by The Taxpayers’ Alliance has revealed that 2,620 staff in Wales police forces and NHS on six figure salaries, many of whom occupy managerial positions.

    A UKIP Wales spokesman commented: “We have seen increasing decline in standards of vital public services in Wales, particularly health, since devolution and it simply cannot be right that a large proportion of management are on such large salaries when investment is desperately needed at the frontline, particularly for cancer, stroke and dementia care.

    “UKIP would also close to halve the size of Health Boards from 18 to 20 to 10 to12 and would elect the non-executive majority on each board to make them more accountable to the public they should serve, not overpaid top managers.

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  • The visit of India's Prime Minister is to be welcomed but on trade, the UK's welcome is limited

    william_d.jpgUKIP Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth MEP has commented today on the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's three-day visit to the UK saying: “The visit of India's Prime Minister is to be welcomed. But on trade, the UK's welcome is limited by the fact that, as an EU member the UK cannot enter into a Trade Agreement with India - or for that matter any other country.

    “While we are in the EU, the EU diminishes the UK's place in the world and restricts our ability to pursue our national interest. We would be better off out. The visit of India's Prime Minister is yet another example why.”

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